How to Tell if Someone Turned off Their Location on iPhone? (IOS 16.1)

Turned off Their Location on iPhone
Turned off Their Location on iPhone

It might be beneficial and occasionally beneficial to track your friends or loved ones. When they are in danger, it aids them. Sometimes, these tricks can save someone’s life. However, it is always preferable to only disclose your whereabouts to those you are somewhat familiar with. Otherwise, that can cause you problems. Methods for determining whether someone switched off their location are provided below.

So let’s verify if you discover that someone you track isn’t visible on the map. What should you do next, then? You might decide to look into the potential causes stated in order to determine the true cause of your inability to discover them.

How to tell if someone turned off their location on iPhone

It is possible to tell when a person has disabled their location.

If someone else has disabled their location when you using an iPhone, you will see a notice that says “location not discovered” or “location not accessible.” Various than that, there are various techniques to detect location deactivation.

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The location might not be available.

If someone has disabled their location tracking when you try to find them, you will get the message “location not detected.” This message could be available on iMessage or the Find My Friend app.

Location Isn’t Shown on Find My Friends’ Map

When a person’s location is turned on yet you are unable to locate them on the Find My Friends map. They may have disabled their location on Find My Friends as a result. Therefore, in order to find the person you’re looking for on Find My Friends, they must be online and have location enabled.

The iMessage location feature is not visible on the map.

iMessage is a great tool for finding out where someone is. Someone must have switched off location tracking if you are unable to locate them on iMessage. You can use iMessage to locate someone if you know where they are.

Check to see whether the place has been switched off.

It’s possible for people to forget whether they have switched on or off their location. Therefore, it is preferable to ask them if their location is turned on or off if you are trying to trace the individual and are having trouble doing so. Their location may be inaccurate since they have turned off their phone or internet.

Find out whether other people can see their whereabouts.

Find my App enables you to view your device’s position or the place it was last seen. To determine the precise position of your gadget, you may alternatively utilize a different device. You may use the Find my buddy app to view the device’s precise position and see the name of the app.

If no one appears on the map, you can ask them to disclose their position in relation to what is indicated on the map. It will also help you determine whether either you or they are having any issues. 

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If You See “You Stopped Sharing Location With,” Check Your App.

Your phone might not be able to share your location with others due to privacy concerns. Therefore, you may choose to disclose your location to anyone at any time. You may even give someone access to your whereabouts for an extended period or always. As a result, the best approach to determine whether someone has switched off location sharing is to ask them if they have ever gotten the message “you stopped sharing location with.” This will reveal the truth.

Can someone disable their location temporarily?

Yes, you may turn off your location temporarily. There are several techniques you may use.

Stop using Location services by deactivating your location until you put it back on, you may disable the location services from the app settings.

  • Open Settings first.
  • Choose the Privacy option after that.
  • Select Location Services next.
  • Eliminate Location Services from your device.
  • iPhone-toggle-off-location
  • Limiting Some Apps’ Ability to Use Location

You can only provide certain applications location access using Location Services settings.

  • Locate Location Services > Settings > Privacy. Turn Location Services on.
  • Scroll down and choose the app. Then select Never to limit access to your location.
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How can you know when someone turns off their phone?

There are a few reasons that a person has switched off their phone. The most evident sign is when neither the phone nor the notification light is on. Examining the battery % is another approach to determine. The power percentage will be 0% if the phone is off.

Timed location sharing: What Is It?

Establishing timed location services is another method for someone might cease sharing their location information. People may choose precisely how long they want to disclose their position to others using this feature. The Messages app or a contact can be used to set this up.

Can You Check Someone Else’s Location And Tell?

On the Find My app, you may see who has given you access to following them. As a result, you may check someone’s whereabouts at any time. They won’t be able to tell who checked their location, which is a plus.

Does not finding a location imply that they quit sharing?

It varies. If you’re using the Find My app to track down someone and it says “No Location Found,” it’s possible that they have disabled their location or are in a distant place without a network.


These are several techniques for determining whether someone has disabled their location. Any of the aforementioned techniques should help you locate your buddy and learn where they are. Hopefully, the above information will help to find responses regarding location. Feel free to post any further questions in the comments section below.

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