What Is An Air Gap Computer? All You Need To Know About Air Gap Computers!

Do you have any experience with air gap computers? It is a machine that is isolated from the internet and open networks. In other words, it doesn’t have a LAN, WiFi, office extranet, or any other type of connection to the outside world. Your computer seems to be separated from everything else by a wall of air.

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What Is an Air Gap Computer?

A computer system insulated from unsecured networks is known as an air gap computer. It doesn’t have a direct connection to the internet or any other internet-connected system. Data can only be transmitted to it using removable media, such as a USB or Firewire connection to another computer or device.

However, some businesses that advertise having an air-gapped system may have just used a software firewall to isolate their network from the internet. They are not actually “air-gapped” because these systems are not entirely isolated from the internet.

Why Is Air Gaped Computer Important?

An air-gap computer is used to guard against cyber threats. The computer is shielded from typical threats like malware, viruses, and hostile attacks by cutting it off from the internet. Even if the office employee unknowingly downloads a file from an unsecured website, there is no longer a risk. Since data cannot be exchanged remotely without physical access, an additional advantage of an air-gap computer is the prevention of data breaches.

However, a real air-gap system has no network connection at all which is not always feasible. Instead, some systems use an air gap between several systems or inside a single network. In this case, it’s crucial to limit access to authorized personnel only.


Concisely speaking, air-gap computers can offer more security and safety. But keep in mind that this is not a perfect approach. No system can provide 100 percent protection against cyber threats or physical breaches.


What is an air-gapped computer?

A computer system that is air-gapped is isolated from insecure networks, has no direct access to the internet, and is not connected to any other internet-connected devices. These systems are used as a security measure to guard against physical, digital, and cyber dangers.

How does an air-gapped computer work?

A machine that is physically air-gapped is not connected to any network, including the internet. Only physically movable media, such as USBs or Firewire connections to another computer or device, can be used to physically transfer data to it. Because there is no internet connection, it is impossible for cybercriminals to attack and steal the data in any way.

Can an air-gapped computer still be hacked?

Air-gapped computers may offer more defence against cyberattacks, but they are still susceptible to hacking. Cybercriminals might be able to access the machine physically, for as by USB or removable media. Threats could also reach the system through authorised users, including remote access. As a result, it’s critical to exercise caution and recognise that air-gapped systems are not always reliable.

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