What Is Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt? Fact Guide

Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt

You must be as enthusiastic about Easter. And the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt game undoubtedly heightens your excitement if you utilize Snapchat.

In 2019, Snapchat launched the Easter Egg Hunt. The game was created as a way to urge people to stay at home during the Covid-19 outbreak and celebrate Easter on the Snapchat app only. The Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt game was well-liked by all users. They also praised Snapchat for taking this step. Since then, Snapchat users anticipate the Easter Egg Hunt game every year. So, let’s discuss Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2022.

What Is Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt?

Every year on the occasion of Easter, the platform Snapchat hosts the well-liked Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt. Every Snapchat user appreciates taking part in the Easter Hunt because it is a fun event.

Easter Sundays are when the event is held. In Snapchat’s Easter Egg hunt, participants must find the virtual eggs that have been placed by the app and dispersed around local landmarks. This indicates that the game makes use of Snap Maps, which you must utilize to find the eggs in your immediate vicinity. It is similar to Pokemon Go. But in this game, you have to catch Easter eggs rather than Pokemon.

Will There Be a Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt in 2022?

Snapchat has publicly said that there won’t be an Easter egg hunt event in 2022. This was revealed after a Snapchat user asked about the Easter Egg Hunt this year. Snapchat customer support responded that the event had been postponed until 2022. For the Snapchat users who had been eagerly awaiting this year’s Easter Egg Hunt event, this was incredibly depressing.

Why Won’t There Be a Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt in 2022?

The first iteration of the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt took place in 2019 as the first wave of Covid-19 expanded around the globe. At this point, Snapchat decided to add a game on their platform so that users could enjoy Easter in their homes due to the lockdown.

The Easter Egg Hunt event was allegedly developed by Snapchat to urge users to maintain their social seclusion throughout the dangerous pandemic. It turned out to be a success. But now, the risk and restrictions have significantly decreased because the condition has vastly improved, due to enhanced Coronavirus protection methods and immunization. It’s likely for this reason that Snapchat no longer offers this feature to its platform so users can enjoy Easter.

When Is Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt Held?

When Easter rolls around, the Snapchat platform introduces the Easter Egg Hunt game. The Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt is hosted on Easter Sundays. On Easter Saturdays, the hunt starts at 2 p.m. and lasts until Sunday at midnight.

Where To Find Easter Eggs Hunt On Snapchat?

You must adhere to these simple instructions given below to participate in the Snapchat Easter Eggs Hunt:

  • Start your device’s Snapchat application.
  • Swipe downward from the main Camera screen to bring up the Snap Map.
  • You may look up eggs from all over the world here. Ensure that the location feature on your device is activated.
  • Go to find the eggs. Tap on an egg to add it to your basket when you discover one.

What Do We Get from Snapchat Easter Egg Hunting?

You receive one point for each egg you find during the Snapchat egg hunt. You will score 5 points if you discover a rare golden egg.

How Can I Find Golden Eggs On the Snapchat Easter Hunt?

On the Snap Map, golden eggs are typically discovered tucked away in little bundles of colorful eggs. These golden eggs can occasionally be discovered by themselves.

How long does the Snapchat Easter egg hunt last?

On Snapchat, the Easter egg hunt generally lasts a week.

Where on Snapchat are there the most eggs?

Armenia, France, and Luxemburg are a few of the places that are renowned for having a tonne of Easter eggs.

Where on Snapchat are there the most eggs?

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Every Snapchat user loves to participate in and greatly enjoys the spectacular game known as the Snapchat Easter Eggs Hunt. But, this function won’t be enjoyable for Snapchat users this year. You may have fun this Easter by playing a lot more intriguing games on Snapchat’s platform.

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