What Is the PayPal Confirm Receipt Option? (Updated 2022)

PayPal Confirm Receipt Option
PayPal Confirm Receipt Option

PayPal makes every effort to assist and protect its customers. PayPal Confirm Receipt is one of the ways it protects the buyers and merchants. So, if you want to know about PayPal’s Confirm Receipt option and its working procedure, keep reading!

What Is the PayPal Confirm Receipt Option in 2022?

The Confirm Receipt option of PayPal allows a buyer to confirm that they have received and are satisfied with the goods or services they ordered. Using this function, PayPal sets a hold on the transaction used to acquire the goods or services. It releases the funds to the vendor after the order is verified.

What Exactly Is a “PayPal Confirm Receipt”?

Buyers may use PayPal Confirm Receipt to confirm that they have got their goods or service and that it is in good condition. When a merchant has to change the order status, this function applies to “intangible items.” Intangible items are untouchable objects or services that lack tracking information and delivery labels.

PayPal Confirm Receipt was initially used to protect both buyers and sellers. But it is primarily designed to protect buyers. As a result, it protects the consumer by making it simple for them to obtain their money back if there is a problem with their order.

Furthermore, this function protects merchants by holding the payment from the order. In this way, they are not able to spend the money until the problems with the order are resolved. It also permits the seller to receive their money before the holding period of 21 days.

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How Do I Confirm PayPal Receipts?

To confirm receipt, do the following steps:

  • To begin, open your PayPal account. You may use the app or PayPal.com to log in.
  • Navigate to the “Wallet” tab.
  • Select “Activity.”
  • After that, locate the payment for the goods or services.
  • Then, select “Confirm receipt.”
  • Finally, click “Yes” to complete the process.

It’s worth noting that the processes are the same across all PayPal platforms, mobile and online. But, you can only use Confirm Receipt option if the button is visible there.

Why Is There No Confirm Receipt Button on PayPal?

If you cannot find the “Confirm Receipt Button,” it means the merchant hasn’t yet changed the status of your order. The seller needs to change your order status to “order processed” to let you see the Confirm Receipt button.

Here are the simple steps to request the seller to change the status of your order:

  • Open your PayPal account. You can use either the mobile app or PayPal.com.
  • Navigate to the “Wallet” page and select “Activity.”
  • Select the transaction that needs an update.
  • Click the “Get your money” button.
  • Choose “Service or virtual product.”
  • After that, confirm the order status.
  • Finally, press the “Submit” button.

When the merchant changes your order status, PayPal will send you an email. The email informs you that the transaction has been processed. So, now you can confirm the receipt. PayPal will also add a “Confirm Receipt Button” to the transaction. This button allows you to confirm the order.

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How Can I Confirm a PayPal Receipt Within 48 Hours?

The PayPal Confirm Receipt process can be completed within 48 hours. The merchant can change the status of the order when the transaction for the products or service has been dispatched. At this point, it is on hold in the seller’s account. It will also allow the “Confirm Receipt Button” to show on the buyer’s account. Then the buyer can follow the steps outlined above to confirm the receipt in less than 48 hours. Once all the processes have been completed, all that remains is for PayPal to execute its part.

Remember that using the Confirm Receipt tool, you may need to wait for up to 7 business days to get your money.

Does the Confirm Receipt Button Appear On Mobile?

No, the Confirm Receipt button does not appear on Mobile. The confirm receipt button may be hidden in your PayPal mobile application. If you are experiencing this issue and the confirm receipt option does not appear on your mobile app, you should try checking in to your PayPal account through the desktop.

Is it necessary to wait 48 hours for PayPal to confirm the receipt?

Yes, it is because PayPal requires proof that the things provided to consumers are what they purchase or desire. PayPal will not disburse payments to the vendor until the buyer verifies receipt. The payment will be given to the vendor once the buyer confirms receipt.

Why Should I Confirm Receipt?

When you receive the thing you bought, you must click the Confirm Receipt button. It is because it is the only method for PayPal to verify that the services or items provided by a seller meet the needs of their intended purchasers. After that, they release payments to the seller after 7 days of confirming the receipt.

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PayPal’s Confirm Receipt function is simple and beneficial to buyers and sellers. It protects the buyer if there are any problems with the order and they want a refund. It also allows the seller to obtain their money sooner, even before the holding period of 21 days.

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