Where Is The Largest Target In 2022? (+Other Store)

Where Is The Largest Target
Where Is The Largest Target

Target can stock a wide range of goods in its large retail outlets. It is why thousands of consumers visit its stores each day. Given how massive Target’s shops often are, you may have wondered where and how big the largest Target in the nation is. Here are the details about the largest Target store!

Where Is The Largest Target In 2022?

As of 2022, the biggest Target location in the country is in Annapolis, Maryland. The area of this store is almost 200,000 square feet. It is larger than the regular Target store which has an average size of 130,000 square feet.

How Massive Is The Biggest Target Store?

The largest SuperTarget is in Hoover, Alabama. It is just over 191,000 square feet, covering approximately 4.5 acres. On the other hand, the biggest Target store covers approximately two lack square feet. The King of Prussia (Pennsylvania) Target store, which is situated in The Valley Forge Shopping Center, is almost 165,000 square feet in size.

In the early days, Larger Target locations offer more services and goods than typical stores. These locations were known as SuperTarget. To create a hypermarket experience that can compete with Walmart Supercenters, groceries were added along with more checkouts and facilities. But Target changed the name of every shop to just “Target” in August 2015. It declared, “Big or little, our stores have one thing in common: They’re all Target.” SuperTarget building signage may still be present in older locations. But newer stores are now just called Target.

What City Has The Most Target Stores?

With a total of 21 locations, Chicago, Illinois, is the American city that has the highest number of Target stores. California, Los Angeles, Minnesota, and Minneapolis each with 17 retail locations, are tied for second place. California and San Jose have only 11 Target locations. It means that these cities have the minimum number of Target stores.

If we talk about the states, the state with the most Target stores is Florida. It has 126 Target stores. The second state is Texas with 153 sites and the third is California with 310 locations.

Which Target Is The Smallest?

The smallest Target is situated in Wicker Park, Chicago. It is a small-format store with a floor area of roughly 12,800 square feet.

Around 2018, Target started building smaller stores to serve more metropolitan areas because these areas do not have space for larger stores. In the United States, it is now operating 140+ small-format stores. The majority of these are situated close to colleges for students.

These small shops give you a well-planned shopping experience. Target management typically conducts local market research to identify the best things to stock. Teams of personnel conduct research into other nearby establishments and gather data from local visitors. In this way, they determine what to offer in the Target store. Because of this, two Target stores that are only six blocks apart can be quite different from one another.

When Does Target Restock

How many people are employed by Target?

Target’s workforce has grown significantly throughout the years as the company has expanded. Target had 345,000 employees as of 2018. But by 2020, that number is anticipated to increase by 20,000. At the start of 2021, Target reported having 409,000 employees, an increase of 11.14 percent.

Why is Target so intent on establishing new, small stores?

To fit into urban areas, commercial districts, and college towns, Target has started shrinking the size of its stores.

Target started experimenting with small businesses in 2020 that were 6,000 square feet to confirm its efforts to penetrate urban regions. Target anticipates beginning with 15,000 square feet and launching 30 small-format locations in 2021. A small-scale Target’s size is almost 40,000 square feet.

To find the needs of the community, the study includes surveys of customers and other nearby businesses. This means that even though they are only six blocks apart, two Target stores may be radically different from one another.

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How Long Ago Were Target Stores Created?

The first Target store opened its doors in Minneapolis in 1962, combining quality, style, and customer service in one handy place.

What is Target’s Annual Growth Rate?

Target is consistently increasing its shares in the Market. Each fiscal year has seen a growth in Target’s revenues, which have been rising gradually throughout the years. In 2020, Target’s revenues increased by more than $15 billion, exceeding the business’s 11-year sales rise.

Sales in 2020 reached $78.112 billion (USD), up 3.63 percent from sales in 2019. But things don’t end there. By the conclusion of the 2021 fiscal year, Target expects its revenue to rise 19.75 percent from the previous year to $93.561 billion. This is why Target’s future appears promising.

What are the demographics of the target customers?

Target offers pricing that is affordable for the middle class and everyone, young and old. Every day, around 2 million people visit the retailer. About 409,000 people are employed by more than 1,900 retail stores and 44 distribution facilities at Target.

You can peruse smaller versions of other businesses at several Target shops. Examples include Apple, CVS Health, Disney, and Starbucks.

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The largest Target is about 200,000 square feet (around 4.5 acres of land). It is situated in Annapolis, Maryland.

To serve small towns and metropolitan regions, Target is also trying to increase the number of its small retail outlets across the US. 

Formerly named as SuperTarget stores, larger Target locations have been changed the names to “Target.” Depending on the location, older stores can still have SuperTarget inscribed on the building.

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