What Does “Delivered to a Safe Place” Mean on Amazon? Explained

Delivered to a Safe Place
Delivered to a Safe Place

You might occasionally receive a notification stating that your Amazon product has been delivered to a secure location. The delivery man has made every effort to prevent package theft. But what is the meaning of this message? And how you can use it? This article has plenty of information for you here, so read on!

What Does “Delivered to a Safe Place” Mean on Amazon

Suppose you receive an Amazon message stating that “Delivered to a Safe Place”. It means that it has been placed in a spot where the delivery person appears to be protected from theft and inclement weather. The package might be placed on a covered porch, in a garage, in a shed, or with a neighbor.

What Does Amazon “Delivered to a Safe Place” Mean?

Any delays might be frustrating and inconvenient when

you’re waiting for a crucial delivery from Amazon. Sometimes Amazon tracking indicates that a parcel has been delivered. But many individuals report that it has vanished. This happens occasionally when nobody is home to accept the delivery. So the delivery person will make an effort to hide it at a safe place. To help you locate the delivery site, they may take a picture of it. You may see the delivery picture on your Amazon account. But sometimes there will only be a notification stating that your package has been left in a secure location.

You can ask from the people around in case your product was delivered to a neighbor instead.

What Will You Do to Keep Amazon Safe

What if a secure location for delivery is unavailable?

Occasionally, there may be nobody home to accept delivery and nowhere safe to deposit the package. Amazon will then email the buyer and attempt three in-person deliveries for three days. If these efforts are unsuccessful, Amazon will receive the package back and provide the client with a refund.

What to Do When Amazon Says “Delivered” But you haven’t received your package?

If your package is delivered to a safe area but is not there, you have some options. You can follow some simple instructions on the Amazon website to locate your lost package.

First of all, you need to be aware that a package’s status on Amazon tracking may read “Delivered” even when it hasn’t been handed off. Almost 48 hours prior to the delivery date, a package may be listed as “Delivered.” But, it can arrive later the same day. Some delivery services stay open till 10 p.m. But here’s what you can do if you can’t locate your shipment even after 48 hours:

  • Cross check your mailing address on your online receipt.
  • See if you can find a notification of “Delivery Attempted” near the mailbox or the door of your house.
  • Look around the areas where you usually find the deliveries. It may include the garage front porch, shed, steps, and deck.
  • Ask your neighbors to know if they received the parcel.
  • Contact that company directly for assistance if a third party other than Amazon shipped your parcel.
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How Do I Pick a Secure Location for Delivery?

When checking out your order, you may select the secure location you want for deliveries. You will find the question “Where should we put your packages at this address?” under the “Add Delivery Options” link. There will be several choices listed, including:

  • the entrance
  • back entry
  • lateral porch
  • Garage
  • building entrance
  • or the personnel on the property

You can select a safe location from this list. Then your package will be delivered there.

How Come Amazon Photographs My Package?

Amazon will occasionally photograph a package that has been left for you. Locating your delivery is made simpler by Amazon Photo on Delivery. But when an address is marked as confidential, Amazon does not take images of it. By selecting “Don’t take photos of deliveries” in Your Orders or contacting Customer Service, customers can also choose not to participate in Amazon Photo on Delivery service.

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What Happens If the Wrong Address Receives a Package 

Call customer service at 1-877-586-3230 if Amazon accidentally delivers a package to your home. The package will likely be picked up by Amazon. If that doesn’t work, the business will give the consumer with a replacement or a refund. The law is on your side if you choose to keep a parcel that was accidentally sent to your home.

You are no Longer Permitted to Review Products on Amazon

What is the best way to locate your package?

Simply visit the Order History to double-check the most recent details regarding the whereabouts of your shipments, such as the delivery status and the postal address.

To determine whether it has been delivered, look about your home and building and ask individuals in the neighborhood.

How Do I Inform a Third-Party Seller About a Missing Package?

First, check the information for the specific lost shipment from the order history. From the problem menu, you will select “Where is my Parcel,” and after describing your issue, you will submit it to the vendor.

You always have the option of requesting a refund from Amazon if you try everything but still are unable to find your package.


It may be your porch, a shed, or a garage when Amazon notifies you that your box has been left in a safe location. Another option would have been to leave it with a neighbor to keep it secure.

You do have the choice to designate the location where you want the package to be left if you won’t be home to accept it.

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