Will Petco Accept Apple Pay? (Updated 2022)

Will Petco Accept Apple Pay

Apple Pay has risen to become one of the most extensively used modes of payment in the US. The reason is that it is directly linked to the customer’s phone. 

Many people ask if Apple Pay is available at Petco. Read on to find out!

Will Petco accept Apple Pay in 2022?

Petco uses Apple Pay in its physical locations but will not accept it for online transactions until 2022. To your surprise, Petco is one of the first stores to accept Apple Pay as a contactless payment method.

Is Apple Pay accepted at Petco?

Apple Pay is accepted by Petco in-store. When Apple Pay was launched, Petco was one of the first firms to offer Apple Pay at its stores. According to Petco’s CEO at the time, the firm was fast to implement

the technology since it allowed it to focus on speedy service without

jeopardizing the security of its clients. So, now customers can easily make transactions at Petco checkout terminals using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. It is included in some mobile phones and credit cards.

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Is Apple Pay accepted at Petco online?

Petco does not support Apple Pay online. But, there is an alternative way that allows you to use Apple Pay on Petco’s online platform using a third-party program called Zip. It was previously named as Quadpay. It creates a virtual Visa card at the time of checkout that can be used once in the transaction. It helps you keep your real debit card number safe during online shopping.

Follow these instructions to use Apple Pay at Petco online:

  • Download the Zip app on your iPhone using App Store.
  • Navigate to the “Cards” menu after opening the app.
  • Select “Get a card.”
  • Go through the terms and conditions carefully. Then click the checkbox to agree.
  • Add Zip to Apple Pay to link your accounts. 
  • Open the home screen of the app again.
  • In the retailer list, find “Petco.”
  • Complete your shopping as usual.
  • At the time of checkout, choose “Pay with Zip.”
  • Complete the transaction to end the process.

Is Apple Pay accepted at Petco for curbside pickup?

For curbside pickup, Petco does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Curbside pickup is available when you place an order through the official website of Petco. As we know, Petco does not accept Apple Pay online. So, you will not get curbside pickup with it.

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What Payment Methods Does Petco Accept?

Petco offers the following payment methods:

  • Credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
  • Cash
  • Paypal
  • Personal checks
  • Petco Pals Rewards Dollars in increments of $5
  • Physical and electronic gift cards from Petco

Following its recently announced cooperation with Klarna, Petco offers a buy now, pay later option to the customers.

How Do I Insert My Petco Card Into My Apple Wallet?

You are not able to connect your Apple Wallet with your Petco Card. It is because Apple Wallet does not support it. However, you can get help from a third-party service to do so.

Pass2U Wallet is a program. It adds different cards using a barcode to your Apple Wallet whether it is supported or not.

Here is the procedure to use the Pass2U after installation:

  • Allow the Pass2U to access the camera of your phone.
  • Focus the camera at the barcode. It will be scanned automatically. If it does not, you may manually enter the number by clicking on the pencil symbol towards the bottom.
  • When a confirmation box opens, touch “Yes.” It will convert the barcode to a format that can be transferred to Apple Wallet.
  • Select “Generic” or “Store card” from the given pass formats.
  • Choose your card name.

After completing this process, your card will be added to the Apple Wallet. You may further personalize it with choices like a logo, colors, and more, but all of this is optional.

Pass2U will not restrict you to make an account in order to use it. So you are allowed to use after you finish installing it.

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Is it safe to use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is designed to be both safe and secure. Moreover, the phone includes Touch ID technology. It ensures that only user itself can make payments for purchases at different stores.

Apple Pay also has two crucial security features: 

  • Warnings and notifications for each transaction made using the system
  • Built-in fraud protection

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Petco

  • Apple and Petco have made it easier for consumers to perform transactions.
  • You may receive discounts by connecting the Debit Card to Apple Pay.
  • Using Apple Pay, you don’t need to carry several credit cards.
  • Apple Pay drastically shortens the checkout queues and minimizes the reliance on cash.
  • Apple Pay uses one-click for the whole payment process.

Can I receive cashback at Petco if I use Apple Pay?

On using Apple Pay Card, you will get cashback. Each transaction may give you 3% cashback. 

Is Apple Pay accepted in all stores?

Unfortunately, not all businesses accept Apple Pay payments. Even though Apple Pay appears to be safer, you cannot be confident that a specific store will take payments using Apple Pay. Thus, you must check if a store accepts payments via Apple Pay using the Apple Map App.

In other circumstances, you might consider using your credit or debit card, as these are the most generally accepted payment choices in most stores.


Petco allows the use of Apple Pay in-stores but not on its website. It means you won’t be able to utilize Apple Pay at Petco for curbside pickup. Petco also accepts PayPal, credit and debit cards, rewards points, and gift cards as payment methods.

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