Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay? ( 2022 Updated)

Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay
Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a well-liked payment method. It is accepted by merchants worldwide. 

Many fast food businesses also accept Apple Pay. Therefore, placing an order is simple and quick. However, you should check to see if this method of payment is accepted at Dairy Queen before placing an order. Keep reading to know if Dairy Queen accepts Apple Pay or not!

Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay

In 2022, Apple Pay will be accepted at many Dairy Queen locations as it has updated payment methods and software. But it depends on each franchise location.

It is possible that some sites haven’t upgraded their systems yet. You can call to find out if the neighborhood restaurant accepts Apple Pay.

Do contactless payments accepted at Dairy Queen?

A lot of Dairy Queen stores have modified their payment methods to accept contactless payments including Apple Pay. Now you can quickly proceed the payments at DQ stores. It also makes it simpler to pick up your order by placing and paying for it.

How to Use Apple Pay At Dairy Queen?

You should be able to access your Apple wallet when paying at a Dairy Queen by double-clicking your iPhone’s home or power button. This procedure may depend on the model of your Apple device.

Before you can use the digital wallet to make a payment, it will require your Face ID, finger ID, or passcode. Otherwise, just hold your phone close to the screen or scanner at the payment terminal when paying for the purchased products. Your phone will take care of the rest and complete the transaction process.

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Can I Use My Apple Watch to Pay at Dairy Queen?

The payment procedure of Apple Pay on your Apple Watch is the same as it is on your iPhone. Firstly, activate your digital wallet. After that, you can easily pay for your order using the Apple Watch Dairy Queen outlets.

Using the Apple Watch to pay means you don’t need to have your phone nearby. It is advantageous in the case when you’ve lost your wallet and phone.

Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay In The Drive-Through?

Yes, Dairy Queen accept payments through Apple Pay at the drive-through. It is due to the enhanced technology that the majority of Dairy Queen outlets have implemented after 2010.

The advantage of Apple Pay in the drive-through is that you may quickly and easily pay for your order. You don’t need to search through your wallet for the right payment card.

How Does The Dairy Queen App Work?

The official Dairy Queen app is available for download. Use Google Play Store for Android mobile and the App Store for Apple device for downloading. After downloading, create your account. After that, you may search for nearby Dairy Queen locations, place an order for pick-up and payment, and start earning rewards points. Moreover, the app offers you special discounts.

What other payment methods does Dairy Queen accept?

You’ll want to know about the other payment methods available if you find yourself at a Dairy Queen restaurant without an updated payment system. Dairy Queen gladly accepts all significant credit cards, debit cards, and cheques.

You can use the Dairy Queen’s official app to make payments. But the problem is it might not function in places that don’t accept Apple Pay.

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What Advantages Do Dairy Queen Customers Get When They Use Apple Pay?


It is safe for your iPhone to share information with the payment terminal. Each transaction is encrypted using your special passcode when you use Apple Pay.

Special Offers: 

You are enrolled in Dairy Queen’s rewards program when you pay with Apple Pay. As a result, you will start to accumulate points each time you make a purchase at Dairy Queen or via their mobile app while using Apple Pay.


Dairy Queen has pledged to make ordering quick and simple. In other words, you can place your order without any problem or delay.


Using Apple Pay eliminates the need to carry cash or utilize a debit or credit card. You may easily and quickly make transactions using your iPhone.

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What Are the Drawbacks Of Apple Pay At Dairy Queen?


Currently, Apple Pay is only supported by the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch.

Setup is Required: 

Before using Apple Pay, your device needs to be configured. On your iPhone 6, navigate to the settings menu, and scroll until “Passbook & Apple Pay” is highlighted, and then click it. To store your debit or credit card information, select the option to add a virtual copy of your card or a payment source on the next screen.

How can you tell if a particular place accepts Apple Pay?

You can learn about a specific store’s acceptance of Apple Pay by visiting their website. Most shops will provide a list of the payment options they accept. If Apple Pay isn’t displayed, it could not be a choice at this merchant.

Which technology does Apple Pay use?

The NFC technology found in the Apple Watch, iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and iPhone 6 Plus is used by Apple Pay. 

When you tap your NFC-enabled device on an activated terminal, wireless payments are made possible.

What are some security measures in place for Apple Pay?

Every step of the payment process has security measures in place. For instance, you can’t use Apple Pay without your mobile phone. A special code issued for each purchase protects your transactions.

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What do stores using Apple Pay need?

An NFC-enabled payment terminal is required for stores that want to provide Apple Pay as a payment option. 

What are the benefits for merchants that accept Apple Pay?

Increased security is one advantage, as it is far more challenging for hackers to obtain customer information when no card information is transferred during the transaction. The convenience factor also drives more people to the store. So retailers profit from higher sales.

Is cashback available when using Apple Pay?

Apple Pay will give you cashback. You are eligible to receive up to 3% cashback on each transaction.


The majority of stores now accept Apple Pay. Dairy Queen corporation also upgraded its payment infrastructure in 2010 and 2014. Now, you can use your iPhone or your Apple Wallet to make a purchase at Dairy Queen once you’ve loaded your Apple Wallet with your preferred cards.

You can use Apple Pay both inside the store and at the drive-through at the majority of DQ franchise locations.

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