Top 14 Android Apps That Pay You Real Money in 2022

Android Apps That Pay You Real Money

An average person spends 4 hours of a day on a mobile phone, and about 90% of people spend time on using mobile apps.

Nowadays you can do everything from buy to earn, banking to hoteling from your android cell phone so why you can make money from your phone.

In this article, I will talk about the android apps that pay you money. We bring apps that pay you real money, you can earn highest money from them.

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is loyal and reward-based website. You get paid by just free signing up and by doing different tasks on it. You collect the Swagbucks form the app by performing various tasks. 100 Swagbucks are equal to $1.

As many as reward points, you earn your payment will increase. The essential thing is your creativity and the period you need to fulfill a task.

You can fast up the growth rates by just creating a daily pool. Daily, complete a survey, or increase the friends for referring the app and getting wealthy. You can earn up to $264 per year from this app.

You can also take the help of a .net development company to develop apps that make your customer’s lives easier. .NET has tons of potential to make your business process easier, and you can get custom software set to streamline workflow.

Such companies help you design, develop, update, and maintain the software so that you get nothing but the best of your business. 

Tasks: The earning tasks are Shopping, Paid surveys, Voting in Pools, Playing games, Completing special offers.

2. Ibotta


Ibotta is another money-making app. You can earn from this app by purchasing a product. You can make money by just uploading receipts and by buying products from this app. Or by registering a store on this app.

Whenever you complete the task on the Ibotta, the earning automatically transfer in your account. You can withdraw $20 from this app, free and safe.

This app has a five-star rating and more than 50000 plus users. Whenever you download this app, it will give you a $20 free bonus. You can withdraw by using Paypal.

Tasks: The paying tasks are Purchasing products, Uploading receipts.

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another surveys sites. This app pays you for the surveys. You just have to build a profile and match it with specific companies. The companies pay you for successful polls. You can earn $2 to $75 per hour by doing the detailed surveys.

Your winning of money depends upon your demographics and the detail of surveys. Paid Surveys are not the only way to generate money. You can also earn money by joining a focus group. This app is an entirely original and real money-making site.

In Survey Junkie, the points system works. You earn points from the surveys, and the earning points vary for each survey, 100 points are equal to 1 dollar.

The minimum threshold for Surveys Junkie is $10, which means 1000 points, and you can withdraw money from PayPal.

Tasks: The one crucial thing about Survey Junkie it only provides you surveys, not any video or any other stuff.

4. Wikibuy


If you want to earn money quickly and safely, you can use Wikibuy app. You just have to purchase products from Wikibuy or refer this app to your friends, and you will get the rewards. Moreover, by promoting the coupons of Wikibuy on different sites, you can also earn money.

The basic principle of Wikibuy is to buy a thing at a low price. It means by using this app. You can save money and earn rewards. You can purchase gift cards by using these rewards, or you can buy things by using these rewards.

t means you can buy items at a low cost by using the coupons of Wikibuy and can get bonuses for shopping. Awards are not real money, but you can buy things by using these rewards.

Tasks: Purchase products from Wikibuy or refer this app to your friends.

5. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards

You can earn money from this app buy just purchasing the products from the store or uploading the receipts and referring this app to other friends. This app also supports coupons support.

You have to collect rewards from this app, and you get paid. Fetch Rewards provide you many ways to earn money. You can buy new products from the stores affiliated with Fetch Rewards and can earn rewards through it. The prizes are the points 100 points= $1. You can withdraw it. By promoting the coupons of Fetch Reward, you can earn real money.   

For the first two purchases, you get more than 1200 reward points. Earn 200+ plus points for referring a friends 3000+ extra points in a minimum threshold for Fetch Rewards it means you can withdraw $3.

Tasks: Purchasing the products from the store or uploading the receipts, Referring this app to other friends. Supports coupons also.

6. Nielsen


Nielsen is a company that measures the TV rating and also tracks the popularity of a website. You can make money from this app by joining the panel and surveys on this app, can make $1000 in a month through Nielsen.

Nielsen pays you $50 per year just for keeping their app on your mobile phone. You just have to fill the surveys of the Nielsen. Nielsen surveys are straightforward, and you can earn $5 to $7 for each survey within a few minutes.

Nielsen company’s working principle is they track your internet activity and disclose it when you uninstall their app.

They provide you surveys which you have to complete. The primary objective for monitoring your internet activity is to keep aware of modern trends. They do not track sensitive data. You just have to install the app and start earning.

One crucial thing about Nielsen company, they have an eligibility criterion for$ 50 rewards. That is your location. If you are from the US, Australia, or any Spanish speaking country, you will easily qualify. The important thing is your ambition and honesty.

Tasks: Surveys only.

7. Google’s Opinion Rewards

Google's Opinion Rewards

Google’s Opinion Rewards is a reward-based program which is developed by Google. It is a simple surveys base app, and you can get money by just complete the surveys.

Google pays you for these surveys. You just have to fill the paid surveys, and you can earn $1 for a short 1-minute survey. This app is available in 22 countries. Google’s opinion pays you for their surveys. You can earn from $0.1 to $1 for each survey.

It varies from survey to survey and the number of questions in the surveys. The earning policy is reward-based; you earn rewards and get paid. One hundred points are equal to $1.

An important thing about Google’s is it pays you on the judgment and the effectiveness of your surveys. So keep honest and always provide the right answer to earn rewards.

Tasks: Surveys only.

8. Perk App

Perk App

Perk app is a platform for earning. You can make money by just Watching videos, Filing Surveys, Website searching. Perk app provides you multiple applications to earn money like Perk TV, Perk TV Live, Perk Pop Quiz, Perk Word Search.

The earning is just in the sense of rewards. The most exciting way to make from Perk is Perk T.V you can earn money by just watching the videos form Perk T.V.

This is an effortless way to earn money from your android phones. The minimum threshold for Perk App is $20.

You can earn points by just playing games on Perk Word Search. You can either earn tokens or rewards by using the different apps of For the single video, you can earn 3 points if you are from the US and 1 point if you are from any other country.

The working principle of is the same as the working principle of Swagbucks. But it allows you to run multiple devices. You can earn $4 to $6 daily by using the applications of 

So don’t waste your time and install the apps of Perk and start earning today. You can withdraw the money from PayPal.

Tasks: Earn from Perk TV, Perk TV Live, Perk Pop Quiz, Perk Word Search by getting points after watching videos and completing quizzes.

9. MooCash


By just sharing the MooCash app with friends, you can earn $5 daily. You can enjoy free talk time, balance and you make money from this site by sharing it or by doing their tasks and by completing surveys.

It also pays you for new downloads and also for watching short videos. Stop wasting time in useless scrolling and start earning. MooCash pays you with their paying system known as gems, and $1 equals to 1000 gems.

You can use it at mobile screen lock, and by opening and closing the your phone, you can earn gems. If you refer this application to another person, you will get 20 gems.

Tasks: Watching short videos, Refer earns $5.

10. Diet Bet

Diet Bet

Diet Bet gives you two challenges. One is a four-week challenge in which you have to reduce the %4 of your body weight and transform your body. The second plan is you have to lose 10% of your body weight in six months.

The working principle of this app is bet phenomena. For example, When you achieve your task you get back your original bet price and win a $5 bonus. You can participate in three Kick-starter plan.

Task: Betting on completing the challenge.

11. Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage is another app that rewards you whenever you complete the tasks. You compete with a team of five or seven people. If you complete the job and become a winner, the Healthy Wage pays you to reward.

Tasks: Weight Loss Challenges.

12. Playment

Playment is also a useful platform for earning. You can make money in a short time by just completing tasks on Playment. Playment provides you with paying campaigns on your social media platforms, and it pays you.

It gives you coupons for promotion and paid surveys. The one thing about this app is it pays you a tiny amount for tasks.

Tasks: Surveys and coupon pormotions.

13. Cointiply: Earn Money in Bitcoin


Cointiply is a trusted app that provides you with BitCoins and Doge Coins. You can make money from the Cointiply by downloading the apps, performing tasks like web searches, Surveys, etc. You collect coins from the different functions on Cointiply and enjoy a lot.

You can sell these BitCoins to the other user, or you can trade from these coins. Even if you are new, one Cointiply provides you free Bitcoins to start your journey. It’s fantastic to use Cointiply.

Task: Web searches, Surveys.

14. Make Money from Images

In the modern era, there is a lot of mobile phones having amazing featured cameras. You can sell your photos to the different apps having a business of photos.

You just have to upload your favorite photo, and they pay you based on ratings earn from the audience. In the list below I told about the most photo apps to make money:

  • Bylind
  • 500px
  • Dreamstime
  • EyeEm
  • Foap

Highest Paying Apps 2020

Here a few apps through which you can earn money:

  • Trusted Housesitters.
  • Airbnb.
  • Foap.
  • Fluid Truck Share.
  • Field Agent
  • Inbox Dollars.
  • Swagbucks.
  • Pincone Research.

The Best Money Making Apps 2020

Best money making apps in 2020 are

Ebates: Best for Bargain Shoppers.

Shopkick: Runner-Up, Best for Bargain Shoppers.

Ibotta: Best for Automatic Payment.

Foap: Best for Photographers/Video-graphers.

Google Opinion Rewards: Best for Surveys.

iPoll: Runner-Up, Best Survey App.

Acorns: Best for Investors.

Slidejoy: Best for Passive Earning.

Final Words

So in the modern period, you can easily earn money from your android cell phone. Avoid time wastage on your mobile phone and start to make money from these money earning apps.

If you are a photographer, then you can online sell your photos and earn money. Secondly, if you are a bodybuilder, you can also make money from your cell phone by completing workout tasks.

Even if you cannot do anything, you can also make money by watching the videos or filling the surveys. There are more earning ways like Best Travel Affiliate Programs if you have vast traffic. If you have any query then do comment at the comment section.

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