Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide: Tips for Surviving the Outlands

Apex Legends Beginners Guide
Apex Legends Beginners Guide

Battle Royales can’t feel any better than what you find on Apex Legends. The game is regularly updated with new legends, maps, stories, and a wide variety of weapons players can have fun experimenting with. So, despite being a beginner, if you’re not new to the world of battle royales, then you’ll have some fun.

Not so much, though. Since the game’s launch in 2019, several updates have been here and there. As such, you may face a hard time figuring out the rules. But use the tips we’ll provide in this guide for some headway in the Outlands. Also, we recommend you buy apex legends hacks to give you the much-needed “extra push.”

Apex Legends Beginners Tips to help you survive the Outland

Don’t choose your legend randomly

There are many legends from which players can choose in the game. Apart from giving players the excitement of choices, the different characters have unique abilities and corresponding playstyles. Your character choices should be based on how you want to play the game.

The different legend categories in the game are Defensive, Support, Recon, and Offensive. Since you’re yet to understand the combat mechanics in Apex Legends fully, we recommend not playing offensive characters. Play with Loba or Lifeline as a support legend instead.

Weapons are yours to choose

Beginners will have access to various weapons in Apex Legends, with many performing impressively. This leaves out a few guns, with the P2020 and Mozambique. We recommend experimenting in the Training mode for weapons you’d like to use.

Some guns that will give you fair handling as a beginner to further narrow your workload include the R-99, Volt, Charge, rifle, Prowler, and the R-301. Spend your first few matches determining which weapons you want and which ones you don’t want.

Avoid spamming your abilities.

Abilities are not like ammo in some mobile shooter games. They are limited and also have cooldown times. Lifeline, for example, has a Heal Drone that takes 60 seconds between reloads. The game has three main legend abilities: Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate. 

More importantly, you must know how each ability works. The most effective way to get the most out of Legends’ abilities is to choose a legend and stick with him. Once you’ve gained a fair knowledge of the legend’s abilities, you can move on to your next favorite legend. 

Knowing your whereabouts is important.

How well you know your surroundings will help you make some better decisions and also avoid some mistakes. This is more important in the final minutes of your battle. More importantly, you’ll need to know what locations are favorable for you to land.

In addition, you’ll need to know where the battles are hottest, so you can avoid them. These locations hold the best loot in the game, and you might want to revisit them when you’re tough enough for their characteristic fierce battles.

Get some weapon mods on

You’ll find yourself spitting several bullets at an enemy before finally getting the kill. But you can save yourself the stress if you have some weapon mods available. Mods on your weapons give your weapons additional boost and may also increase the damage they deal with shots.

Note that different weapons have specific modes compatible with them. The Purple Bolt, for example, buffs the fire rate of weapons. Some compatible guns for this mod are the Peacekeeper, EVA-8, and Mozambique. That’s just a shotgun mode – there are tons more for other weapon classes, including sniper rifles.


The Outlands has almost no distinguishing features from regular Apex Legends matches. As such, the same tips and tricks hold for all. Get in-depth knowledge of the map, the different legends, and their abilities. Spamming your abilities is not always the best thing to do.

This doesn’t mean you must save them for an ideal moment – which may never come. Also, you’ll be able to boost your weapons’ abilities with modes. So, find your preferred weapons and get corresponding mods and, more importantly, sufficient ammo.

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