7 Beginner Tips for The Cycle: Frontier

Beginner Tips for the Cycle
Beginner Tips for the Cycle

Have you just started your gaming experience in The Cycle: Frontier? Well, first of all, great choice, it is quite an exciting game that you can spend hours playing without noticing the time. Sure, it is a game that can be pretty confusing for beginners as many elements are part of the gameplay. But you will adapt to it quickly and start destroying the field without any issue.

You can follow the below-listed tips with hacks from Battlelog for a smoother gaming experience.

Be extra careful while evacuating.

While you would like nothing more than to shoot down your opponents and stand atop the kill list, that is not the game’s objective. Your mission is to gather the resources from the abandoned planet of Fortuna III and then trade them at your base. But that is not to say you would not see any action. You need to be extra careful when you are nearby the evacuation point, as this is where you would find other players just waiting to strike and take all your looted items. You cannot even trust your allies, as backstabbing is a standard part of the game.

Gear up

With so many elements in the game, it would not be surprising if you forget to gear up for your exploration of the Fortuna III properly. But it is something you can ill afford to do. The gameplay is too challenging for a player, even with all the necessary gear and weapons at their disposal. You would not want to discover what it is like to be without them. So double or even triple-check your gear before your foray into Fortuna III.

Keep one eye on your stamina bar.

This is something you might not be very familiar with – a stamina bar. Most other online PvPs do not have such a concept in their gameplay, but The Cycle: Frontier is different. Here you would find a stamina bar at the bottom of the screen indicating your character’s stamina at any given moment. It must always stay optimal, as your stamina could impact your movement and responsiveness during combat. The trick here is to avoid sprinting in the game unless necessary.

Make the daily jobs your priority.

As mentioned earlier, this game has many elements – a perk of being an open-world game. But one thing that must be at the top of your priority every time you boot this game up – completing your daily jobs. Whatever you do in the game after that does not matter, but make sure you put all your energy into finishing the daily jobs first. Reason? Because you will get massive rewards and those crucial experience points in the beginning stages of the game. DO NOT miss out on them at all costs.

Stock up on your ammo

You are misplaying this game if you do not have your inventory filled with ammo catches. Since you would be faced with adversaries at every turn in the game and not just from the other players, you would burn a lot of your ammo in the gameplay. If you do not want to be in a sticky situation in the middle of combat, we advise you to stock up your ammo as quickly as possible; you would need it.

Try to avoid getting into a battle with two enemies at once

The Cycle: Frontier is a fast-paced game that requires your complete focus during the gameplay. You cannot afford to be half-assing the game and then expect a favorable result; it does not work like that. So, why would you risk getting into combat with multiple targets? It is incomprehensible. You are only inviting added risk to your character. Your priority should be to avoid such a scenario and get away from there as quickly as possible.

Watch out for the fall damage.

Yes, there is fall damage in The Cycle: Frontier, which might come as a bit of a surprise to many online PvP players. But it is something you need to get used to as soon as possible. If you are not careful, you can take a lot of damage, possibly even fatal, if you are not cautious about your jump. So, if you are planning on jumping from a high-rise building in The Cycle: Frontier, we advise you to reconsider. You would not want your journey to be cut short in the middle, do you?

If you are new to The Cycle: Frontier, the tips mentioned above will help you enhance your gaming skills. Use such tips and be a pro gamer. 

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