Armor of Uninhibited Kushigo In Baldurs Gate 3 – The Ultimate Guide

 Are you also trying to find the clothing in Baldur’s Gate 3 named Armor of Uninhibited Kushigo? If so, this post is for you.

First of all, I know finding special gear like uninhibited kushigo is an uncommon and can bit tricky, but don’t worry !!

In this post, I have shared my method for finding the uncommon clothing piece that usually gives protection from the enemy and the good news is that this post also covers the steps to get the armour of uninhibited.

So make sure you read till the end and get your kushigo set.

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Overview Of The armour Of Uninhibited Kushigo

Before you jump and grab your kushigo set it’s important for you to have an overview of the armour of uninhibited kushigo, so let me first explain the meaning of armour of uninhibited kushigo – The armour of uninhibited kushigo is the special piece of cloth that gives the unique ability to person who wears it and this unique ability is called kushigo counter.

There is a story behind the name of this cloth there was a warrior named Kushigo who used to wear this massive suit which is made with plate steel armour which gave the Kushigo warrior an advantage over his enemies on the battlefield and in most cases, it also helps them to win the battle over his enemies.

Another important thing that you need to consider is that you will obtain this uncommon clothing after completing the Find the Missing Boots quest in Act 1.

Features Of Armour Of Uninhibited Kushigo

First of all, there is no doubt that the armour of the uninhibited is a special armour that gives you protection and special power in the game that can help you win over the battlefield, now let’s talk about some of the features of the armour of uninhibited kushigo that you need to know.

Light and flexible – As mentioned before it is special armour which means that it’s not as heavy as regular armour instead it is light and flexible which allows the person to move easily and adapt to the position on the battlefield without any issues.

Unique Appearance – Compared to the other special gear this armour has a unique appearance that looks cool and stylish and the best part is it is made with a plate of metal that protects you as well.

Kushigo Counter – The special ability of the armor is that when the person wears this armor and takes any defensive stance called “Patient Defense”, and if they get attacked while in this stance, instead of defending they can turn things around and hit back really hard.

These are the features of the armour of uninhibited kushigo that you will get if you wear the armour on the battlefield and fight with enemies now let’s move into the most important part which is getting the armor of the uninhibited kushigo..

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How to Get Armour of Uninhibited Kushigo in Baldur’s Gate 3?

To get the Armor of Uninhibited in Baldur’s Gate 3, the first thing that you need to do is to “Find the missing boots “ in the quest, and to do that you need to locate the Duergar Slave-Hunter named Gekh Coal or a Deep Gnome named Thulla, and both of them are interested in acquiring the boots of speed.

There are two ways to get the missing boots – Using the Thulla’s Route and Gekh Coal’s Route 

Thulla Route – The First Way Of Finding The Missing Boots

Your first task is to find the boot of speed, and for that, you need to go to the Underdark using the feather fall once you reach there you will find a character named Thulla.

She is in trouble and poisoned and if any person will not help her she will die but he has the speed boots and she will give the boots to you if you agree to help her and cure the poison using the lesser Restoration.

The best part is that once you cure the Thulla, she will willingly give you the boots, your main goal should be to obtain the boots.

Gekh Coal’s Route – The Second Of Finding The Missing Boots

 Another method that you can use to find the speed boots is from geth coal he is another important character of the quest and you will find him once you reach the decrepit village he might surprise your group and start a conversation.

During this talk, you can use persuasion, intimidation, or religious skills and you need to try to convince him that you are a true soul and one thing that you can do is to avoid getting into the fight and don’t bring you gult (Mycoid Colony involved in another quest).

And once you ask the geth for the reasons for being that area they will start about the sergeant thrinn’s quest that what you need and tell him that you will help them to find the missing boots and if you already have the boots tell the Geth to know that you will return them to Sergeant Thrinn.

These are two methods that you use to find the speed boat but this is not the last for completing the find of missing boats these are just the steps to get the speed boots and now let’s see the steps that will help you to find the missing boats.

How to Complete Find the Missing Boots? (Guide)

Once you have the speed boots it makes it easier for you to complete the find the missing boots quest and get the boots of speed from thulla as we mentioned you can obtain the boots by helping or you can wait till she dies and you can pickpocket her.

Now let’s see the steps to complete the missing boots quest, below are the steps you need to follow.

  • Start by going to a place called the Underdark.
  • Find Thulla in the Myconid Colony and find the character name thulla 
  • Once you find her, you will see she is sick you have to make her feel better and cure her of poison.
  • Now find another character named Geth Coal to help him by bringing the Boots of Speed to someone named Thrinn.
  • Travel to Grymforge, and try not to be involved in any fight
  • Once you arrive at Gyrm Forge, head to the place called Abandoned Refuge. There, you’ll find Thrinn and give him the Boots of Speed.
  • Now Thinn will be thankful to you and can help you choose the reward that is “Armor of Uninhibited Kushigo.”

Completing the find missing boat is not a difficult task you have a clear idea about the steps that you need to take above the steps that will you complete find the missing boat and get your Armor of uninhibited kushigo.


Now you have the proper idea about the meaning of the armor of uninhibited kushigo and how to get it, as per my experience getting the armor of uninhibited kushigo is not rocket science and you can get it easily if you the right steps that I have shared in this post.

But if you still have any questions related to finding the Armor of uninhibited kushigo, or using it battlefield, you can let me know in the comment section.

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