How To Find Lae’zel After The Ship Crash In bg3?

If you have been playing the Bladur Gate for a long time then you must have heard about the character named Laezel, but have you ever wondered where the Laezel is after the incident of a crashed nautiloid ship?

If so, you are not alone I have been there searching for a companion is the real deal and it can be a daunting task but fear not.

In this post, I will share my personal method for finding the laezel of your companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 after the crashed ship this post also covered the ways to find the laezel and identify the location.

So make sure you read till the end and get your companion without any hassle, now I share the steps to find Laezel it’s vital to know the background of Laezel.

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Who is laezel in the Baldur’s Gate?

Laezel is the origin character of the game and you can choose this character to play the game to give you more information about the laezel.

She is Githynaki which is a different world, but she belongs to a place named crèche K’liir, you will find her at the start of the game on the ship called Nautiloid and I talk about nature she is very loyal to her queen fact to prove herself in the front of the queen.

She will do whatever it takes to end the terror of the Illithid and she will serve as a companion in the game you can recruit her at the start of Act 1 and along with that she can romanced with any character or gender due to her nature.

Appearance And Features Of Companion In Laezel

Before we jump into the steps of finding the laezel it’s vital for you to understand the features and appearance of the laezel, so let me first talk about her appearance

In terms of looks she is different from humans, she has yellowish-green skin with black markings and scars on her face and especially a big one on her nose to her chin which makes her look tough.

About the hair, she has brown and straight hair & a small bun on the back and she is stronger and confident.

Features Of The Companion Laezel

There are many features of using the laezel as your companion and some of the features are given below that you can consider.

Expert fighter and loyal follower – The first thing about the Laezel is that she is a really good and competitive fighter and she can use big weapons like a longsword and the glavies along with that she is a loyal follower of the Lich Queen Vlaakith and she can do everything to prove herself.

Driven by Purpose – The best thing that I like about the laezel is that she is driven by the purpose in the game she wants to get rid of the mind flayer parasites and make their queen proud and gain the trust of the queen.

Potential Romance – Another thing to consider about the character Laezel is that she is one of the romantic characters and if you choose to be romantic with her you will get to know the other side of her personality.

How to find Lae’zel after the ship crashes in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Once you start the game you will meet the laezel in the game on the ship named Nautiloid sometimes your ship crashes and you get separated from the laezel and to find her again you have to head off to the northeast from the Roadside cliffs waypoint on the map.

Now you will see that Laezel is trapped in a cage and surrounded by tiefling, you have two choices either you can fight and defeat the tieflings or you can convince them to let her go if they agree it is good otherwise you have to use the, the bow and shoot the cage and free the laezel and in case if you don’t have the bow there is one bow on the ground you can use that as well and get rid of the tieflings.

Now once you find it and are taken from the tielflings, you can recruit the lazel and make the companion of your team, so now let’s look at how you can recruit after a crashed ship.

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How to recruit Lae’zel after get rid of the tieflings?

The first thing that you need to understand is that you can only recruit the laezel once you get rid of them from tieflings and here are the ways that you can use to recruit the laezel on your part and make it your companion.

Talk to the Laezel – Once you get rid of the tiefiling you can initiate the conversation by clicking on her, you can usually do it by right-clicking on her character.

Offer Recruitment – Once you start the conversation you will have the dialogue option specifically and you can ask Laezel to join your group now you can select the option to formally invite her to join the conversion.

Answer the questions – The other ways that you use to recruit you can inquire about the character’s intention, goals, or beliefs, and if you communicate effectively and answer the question in the right way, and can convince her she will join your team.

Acceptance or Decline – There is no doubt that in the end whether she will join your team or is in the hands of your laezel and if she agrees with your dialogue and conversation she will join your team and you can control her during the game but if she declines you can reload the previous save and try some different dialogue.

These are some of the ways that I use to convince her and recruit them to my party and the best thing is that once you are recruited your chances of killing the enemies increase as mentioned before she is a strong and skilled fighter.


From the above post, we have found that to find the laezel you need to head off to the northeast from the Roadside Cliffs waypoint on the map, and once you find the location you have to take the lazel and help her to get rid of tieflings and once you took it from the tieflings you can use the above ways to recruit your party add the new and another strong fighter in your team.

If you still have any confusion regarding finding the laezel after the ship crash, you can let me know in the comment section I will assist with your queries.

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