Best Solar Panel Monitoring Apps for Android & iOS

Best Solar Panel Monitoring Apps

Solar panels are one of the sources of energy in the modern world. Now people have learned not only to enjoy the sun but also to use it for their own purposes, giving businesses, residential buildings, and other objects “living energy”.

In our country, this option is only gaining momentum in development and distribution. But in countries that boast a large number of sunny days, efficient solar panels are the norm for life.

Modern technologies make it possible to look at solar companies nearby and independently analyze their work, appearance, parameters, and reporting on energy generation. Many companies even provide excursions to the territory.

It is very difficult to control such large structures, so experts have created solar panel apps with which you can monitor the operation of solar panels. Now there are a large number of solar panel monitoring apps. This article introduces the best solar panel apps that Android and iOS systems support.

1. MySolarEdge

Want to get the best solar monitoring software? Then this application is exactly what you need. It allows you to monitor the power of your solar system from any device – phone, tablet, or PC. All you need is access to the Internet through Wi-Fi. Application benefits:

  • You can track your electricity consumption online.
  • Viewing the state of the solar battery.
  • Configuring the connection parameters with the solar battery.
  • The possibility of improving the performance of the device.

2. Solar.web

The application is easy to use – create an account and connect it to the solar panel. The application allows you to:

  • Monitor charts for days, months, and years.
  • Have access to the amount of generated electricity.
  • Control emissions of carbon dioxide into the air.

Dark Mode makes it comfortable to use even at night.

3. PV Calculator

This is solar monitoring software that provides information using a well-known calculator. With it, you can find out the potential of production and the following:

  • Solar panel size.
  • Energy consumption in a separate area.
  • Calculate the amount of energy needed per day.
  • Update of up-to-date information during each application opening.
  • tips to improve the use of solar panels.

4. Solar Mobile

With its help, you can find the most profitable “add-ons” to solar panels that will improve performance. This is a kind of store in which all the necessary goods are collected. Advantages:

  • A wide range of offers.
  • Full description of positions.
  • Options for different battery models.

5. Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 3

Here your panel will always be “in front of our eyes”. Simple and user-friendly design makes it easy to use:

  • Regular updates for better performance;
  • A separate sheet with your individual settings;
  • Quick access to solar panel data;
  • Daily news from the “world of solar panels”.

6. Enphase Enlighten

All the necessary information for the owner of solar systems is collected in one application. Features are as follows:

  • Regular testing of all battery systems ensures that everything is working as it should.
  • You can check the working productivity for a certain period of time: hour, day, month.
  • Get usage tips based on weather conditions.
  • Monthly activity reports are also available in the app.


An interesting application that offers a wide range of features, namely:

  • Graphs in the application give a complete report and statistics of energy production and absorption.
  • Forecast on energy production for the current moment and for the near future.
  • Tips for saving production, manual or automatic control – all this makes it easy to know what is happening in your solar panels.

8. SolarCT Solar Calculator

In terms of parameters, the application is very similar to item 3 from our list, but there are still some differences:

  • Calculation of solar panel requirements.
  • Tilt setting.
  • Appliance consumption.
  • Stress calculation.
  • Notification on reaching a certain temperature.
  • Map with the most suitable places for solar installations (based on your geolocation data).

9. Solar Panel X

Solar Panel X

It is a free solar monitoring software, the design of which is as easy to use as possible. The application has collected all the most simple but necessary functions that you will need if you are the owner of a solar panel:

  • Installation assistant.
  • Forecast calibration.
  • Graphs that show the amount of “produced” energy for the next three days.
  • Daylight maps.

Installing such an application greatly simplifies life and control over the system.

10. My Solar Panel Lite

My Solar Panel Lite

Suitable if you have purchased the first solar battery and plan to quickly and efficiently understand its operation and control over it. The advantages are the following.

  • Based on your location, the application will determine the best installation location, tilt angle and other installation functions.
  • Allows you to set personal settings and provide reports on the work for the time you have chosen.
  • Calculations with the prospect of energy savings will give an idea of the need to purchase additional panels.

11. Solar Tracker


Without it, it is impossible to predict the amount of solar energy produced. An application that shows the position of the sun at the time of the request and provides information on the following parameters:

  • Time and date.
  • The position of the sun in relation to your location.
  • The intensity of the sun’s rays.
  • The most advantageous installation of solar panel angles.
  • time of sunset and sunrise.

This is not an exhaustive list of all applications used to control panels. But in any case, everyone will find something that will make “cooperation” with the solar panel comfortable and without unnecessary negative situations. It is important to remember only one rule – this is an understanding of what you want from the application and, based on this, approach its selection.

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