Can You refund Your Fortnite Account? Updated 2023

Epic Games lost its legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission back in December 2022. The implications for Fortnite users went beyond just some exciting news. Epic was not only required to pay more than $500 million but just little more than half of that amount will be used as a fine. The other half might assist players with Fortnite account refunds.

The FTC estimates that $245 million of the total pot will be distributed to players who were wronged in this case. But it doesn’t follow that everyone can start giving their Fortnite account to Epic Games for cash. There are some ways to do it if you meet the requirements.

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How to Refund Your Fortnite Account with the FTC?

Each Fortnite account receives three standard refund tickets. These tickets can be used for most products within a short period of time. For example, you can use this ticket when you have made an unwanted purchase. But the disputed account refunds are distinct from them and must be completed via the FTC website.

A lawsuit against Epic Games was filed over the company’s alleged use of deceptive business tactics and breach of children’s and teens’ privacy. Dark patterns of deception against users were also mentioned, which helped Epic lose the lawsuit. In light of this, there are specific requirements that gamers must fulfill to receive a refund. You may qualify if you’re a parent of a youngster who bought something they shouldn’t have. You may also be authorized for a Fortnite account refund if your account was ever suspended due to a dispute or if you made unintended transactions between 2017 and 2022.

In the future, these complaints must be sent via an FTC form, where they will evaluate the situation and issue players with reimbursements as necessary. 

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