Does Planet Fitness have Showers? A Guide to Showers & Locker Room

Does Planet Fitness have Showers

When it comes to buying a membership to Planet Fitness Gym, one of the most common questions that people have is:

Does Planet Fitness have a shower? And, if you are also one of them, this article is for you.

In this post, I have shared everything that you need to know about the Planet Fitness Shower including things they provide, their Planet Fitness Shower costs, and lots more.

So let’s get started without any further delay.

Does Planet Fitness have a shower?

Does planet fitness have a Sauna Steam Room?

Yes, Planet Fitness offers private shower facilities to its members, with an inclusive shower curtain and a separate locker room for your gym bag and essential items.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that they do not provide toiletries, so you will need to bring your own towel, soap, and shampoo.

But before you decide to use the showers at Planet Fitness, there are a few essentials you need to bring with you and some considerations to be aware of.

So let’s discuss about what are the things that you will get in Planet Fitness Shower. 

What to expect from Planet Fitness Showers and locker?

Firstly, there’s no denying that Planet Fitness, also known as PF, is one of the best gyms when it comes to offering high-quality services at an affordable price.

Additionally, the other good thing about the Planet Fitness Gym open 24 hours a day which means people who are having odd working time can also take care of their health.

Now let’s jump into facilities at planet fitness that you can expect to get from the planet fitness gym.

CleanlinessPlanet fitness takes cleanliness very seriously and their shower and locker room get cleaned frequently by their staff, so you don’t have to face any troubles while taking a shower.

Privacy – Planet Fitness respects your privacy and that’s why they have created separate locker and shower rooms for both men and women and each shower contains the shower curtain that you use to maintain privacy.

Shower quality at PF The shower quality of Planet Fitness can vary depending on the location but in general their showers are clean, functional, and well-maintained by their staff – you will get quality showers.

Amenities – As mentioned earlier, Planet Fitness only provides you with the shower curtain and locker room, and if you want to take advantage of the shower, ensure you bring your toiletry items

Judgment-free environmentThe best thing about Planet Fitness it provides a judgment-free environment which means no one will judge you whether you’re new to fitness or gym goers.

The other best thing about planet fitness is that no one will intimidate you in the gym, while you are working out – which means you will get the desired environment to exercise and build your muscles.

Now let’s see the process of showering at Planet Fitness, so you will get the best out of it.

How to get a shower with a Planet Fitness membership?

How to get a shower with a Planet Fitness membership

The first thing is that every Planet Fitness location has showers for both men and women that they use to freshen up after working out.

And, most of the planet’s fitness locations have clear signs and symbols that will help to find the shower room and locker room.

Once you find the locker room, here is the process that you need to follow to get the most out of it.

  • First head to the locker room and find the shower area, remember you will membership card to get in.
  • Planet Fitness has an individual stall for the member with the shower curtain, for privacy, now you have to find the empty stall ( if the lights are on, the shower stall is empty otherwise it’s occupied)
  • Now use the lockers and put all your essential items in the locker room before that make sure to gather all the necessary shower items including shampoo, soap, or shower towels.
  • Get into the shower stall and close the curtain or the door, on the shower and adjust it as per your linking – now you are ready to enjoy your shower at the gym
  • Once you have finished your shower, turn off the shower and get your essential items.

At last – Another thing that I recommend is to take your shower shoes, it will enhance your experience.

One of the things that I noticed is once you get the shower at Planet Fitness, you will feel more relaxed and calm.

Additionally, the good thing about taking a shower is it helps you in muscle recovery – so you can train better while working out.

Rules of lockers and showers at Planet Fitness 

Planet Fitness Shower Rooms

As you know Planet Fitness is good at providing the expectational services to their member and to maintain the quality of their services they do everything that it takes to make their customer happy.

That’s the reason they have created some rules that every Planet Fitness gym member, to follow and to get the proper guidance from their gym trainers.

If you are in the mood to take a shower on the planet Fitness, here are some of the rules that you need to follow.

  • Always be respectful to every other person at the gym
  • Don’t use the shower more than necessary take of the others as well
  • Make sure to clean the shower area and collect your items once you finish your shower.
  • Always respect the privacy of others by using the curtains or towel while showering or changing 
  • Changing in the shower stall is normal but be quick and avoid walking only on the stall

When you are taking the shower, it’s important to maintain cleanliness to ensure that everyone gets a positive experience, here are some basic clean guidelines that you need to follow.

  • Always avoid leaving any personal items or trash in the shower area.
  • If you dispose of any kind of trash ensure that to put it into the dustbin
  • Make sure to use the towel or matt to dry to prevent any kind of slips

Can I go to Planet Fitness just to shower?

Does Planet Fitness have Shower

Whether you can go to Planet Fitness just to shower depends on the card you have, like if you have a black card then it is possible to get just the shower, but if you have a classical membership then it would be difficult to just guarantee the shower.

However many Planet Fitness location gives the chance to the classical members but it is only possible when it is not the peak time.

Remember Planet Fitness does not provide the showers facility to the person who doesn’t have the membership cards.

How private are Planet Fitness showers?

Planet Fitness provides fully private showers, and to maintain privacy they have created separate changing rooms for men and women.

Yes, most of the Planet fitness clubs provide private shower facilities for their members, along with that they provide a shower curtain and a clean locker to store essential things.

However planet fitness does not supply toiletries items, so make sure to bring your toiletry items.

Can you use a gym membership just to shower?

Yes, you can use the gym membership just for the shower, but it’s only possible when you have a black card membership

However, it’s uncommon for the people for people just to get a membership for the shower facility only, primarily people join for working out at planet fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Soap?

No Planet Fitness does not provide any kinds of toiletries items including soap, shampoo, or towels, if you want to take the Planet Fitness showers, make sure you bring your own.

Does Planet Fitness provide towels for the shower?

No Planet Fitness does not provide towers in their shower area, member should bring their own.

What is the Planet Fitness shower price?

Planet services are usually given to the person who has the black membership which costs you $25 per month, in some locations classic membership also gets the shower facility.

Wrapping up: Does Planet Fitness have a shower?

Yes, all Planet Fitness locations have private showers for their member that you can use and each shower stall has a private that you can use to maintain privacy between their gym members.

They also provide you with a locker room that you use to store your essential items but make sure to bring your own lock, and not leave your items in the locker overnight, there might be chances of theft so it’s better to rank your items once you finish your showers or workouts.

If you still have any queries regarding the Planet Fitness showers, please let us know in the comment section.

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