Does Planet Fitness have Showers, Towels & Lockers? Explained 2022

Does Planet Fitness have Shower

Does Planet Fitness have showers? Here I’ve explained that do they provide shower, towels and locker. Planet Fitness is American chain of fitness club for people who wants to try working out in a gym environment without discomfort and judgment.

While most gyms target bodybuilders or those who want to become stronger, planet fitness began with a quest to target the rest of the population. The gym’s founders wanted to encourage more people to be active by creating a low-cost, commitment-free gym and aiming to be judgment-free.

Does Planet Fitness have Showers Towels & Lockers?

Since then, Planet Fitness has become synonymous with an affordable fitness center in a friendly environment.

People are working in Planet fitness claim that wherever the buildings or branches of Planet fitness are located, all contain showers and locker rooms. If people want to have more information about showers and locker rooms, they can have a free tour in local clubs that contain shower stalls.
Does Planet Fitness have Showers

To keep your things safe, you must bring your locks, and if you want to use lockers, you need to get your toiletries and towels. Let’s move on to the description of Planet fitness of locker rooms. The locker rooms are painted purple, and if you talk about a specific locker room like males’ locker rooms, you will see purple paint, but you will also smell a spicy and musky odor full of men’s sweat.

They usually have unclean bathrooms, due to which I avoid touching faucet handles and locks of bathroom doors. Many attendants do clean bathrooms, but you won’t see any difference whether they have cleaned or not. Because of this, I feel uncomfortable walking barefoot or naked inside these unsanitary bathrooms.

So, I decided to transfer my membership to a new location of Planet fitness. And I am comfortable with the new place as the locker rooms and showers are far better than the previous location. Now I can say that it is easy for me to take a bath in Planet fitness shower rooms without thinking about any uncleanness. Get know about What Does Whiskey Taste Like.

Does Planet Fitness have Showers and Lockers in 2022?

Planet Fitness Locker Room

Well yes, they have Showers and lockers in 2022 probably in their all branches. In fact, I would like to share my story about it when I was a member of Planet Fitness. One I went for a shower, Somebody left their shots and underwear on the tower, Paul.

They were on the shower floor when I came back. Although they threw it in the trash, individuals are so awful. I ordered the staff to clean those places, but nothing happened the locker rooms are so much way better. After every workout, I take a shower. I am glad they’ve rebuilt the new facilities at the planet fitness usually go to.

There are 60 or more full huge lockers, each with three books and a shelf. You must bring your claim bolt to secure your stuff in a safe. They also had fixed benches. Hence showers, one of which is accessible over from a tower, maybe a little changing stall for security.

There’s a TV playing a music video. I have been in some of the other planet fitness centers; also, they had a blend of half stature and full stature locker, but you’ll secure things together with your possess log; not all areas have private changing stores. All were decently clean.

How are the Planet Fitness Showers?

For those people who are in a hurry after the gym, the planet fitness’s showers are a good option for them and those who want to save gallons of water bill of home. Also, who like a shower after a workout or regular exercise. Although they may not provide some extra items such as towels, butt still planet fitness goes above and beyond as its members have a good experience.

Because the club enforces the shower rules and ensures that showers are a clean and welcoming place. Planet fitness showers room located at the large side. It’s a tent to be like home showers. People face privacy and item lost or stolen problems in public space.

The club has curtains for privacy and a locker so you can keep your things safe while showering. According to the staff, many locations are being open 24/7, have shower facilities, and clean it every night.

What are the Shower Rules in Planet Fitness?

Although the planet fitness official website doesn’t provide any information about the exact rule of showering. There are some signs before showers that tells people proper showers etiquette. Anybody can find and understand these signs with common sense. You must respect the person who is showering also their belonging.

If you get out of the shower and find out that some items are missing. You should contact planet fitness staff they will be helpful as possible. Be aware company will not be liable for lost or stolen items.

Does Planet Fitness have Showers and Towels?

All planet fitness locations have showers and locker rooms; however, one has to bring his locks for the lockers, towels, and toiletries for the showers. All the shower rooms are large as compare to the other gyms and most homes.

Keeping in view, the privacy of people’s shower rooms has thick curtains, and you can always keep your items in a locker if you are worried about them while you are showering. It is better to bring your bath towel if you plan to shower after a workout at planet fitness because most locations only sell small workout towels, not bath towels. Where available, the price ranges from $5 to $10.

Does Planet Fitness have Shower?

Yes, the one I go to just remodeled their locker and shower area. There are 4 private showers and then a “changing room” for those snowflakes that are embarrassed to be seen naked.

Before the remodel , there was a steam room that was not in use. I wish they would have made the “changing room” into a steam room. Nothing like relaxing in a steam room and breathing that nice warm moist air. Maybe too much M2M contact. Makes me wonder if any PF has a steam room .

Does Planet Fitness Provide Towels?

Planet Fitness Towel

Planet Fitness doesn’t provide you any towels after taking shower. You have to bring your towel own for personal use. It is an obvious step after a shower to use a towel to dry off. Therefore, important to note that the fitness club doesn’t provide free towels.

Like showers, Planet Fitness’ official website doesn’t provide information about towels. But there is an article written by Autumn Jones on the official website that recommends a pack of towels by your own.

It also states that towels are essential and excellent for wiping sweat off your body and for cleaning machine after work out. But the important thing is that writer does not mention towels for showering. I ask this question to many people who go to different planet fitness location. The answer is that the fitness club does not provide any shower towel.

But in most location there is towels available on the counter that you can purchase. However, available towels are small in size. The writer tells that towels are essential and only used for sweat swiping or machine cleaning. Therefore, towels for purchase usually small in size. So if you have a shower plain after work out, then bring your own towel. Some center also has a massage chair, and body sprays.

Does Planet Fitness have Showers? Answered

Planet Fitness Shower Rooms

Planet Fitness’ plan of action points to offer participation to individuals they know will not go to the office. The objective is to have 70% of the paying individuals never or once in a while appear.

If you’re going to the fitness center, you are not who Planet Fitness needs as a part. It relies upon the day. At this moment, it should all be quite occupied on account of those fresh new goals. Yet, on the off chance that you need to know a particular time on a specific day. The off chance that you google and type in planet fitness hours gives you a rundown of the least to the vast majority.

What is Planet Fitness’s dimwit alert?

I’ve seen a lot of recordings where muscle heads go in to look at it. It is by all accounts a caution that sounds off when an individual makes an excessive amount of clamor lifting.

Can you Still Shower at Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can shower at the planet fitness center. According to the staff, most locations are 24/7 and have a shower facility. But they don’t provide towels after a shower so bring towels with you—shower tent to be a wide place compared to another gym. The best thing is that they have a specific gym locker for items.

Most people don’t know that club have showers. They have signs in the shower area which tells the rules of showering. Also, if you don’t understand the rules, simply ask any staff member. If you lost any item during showering, you should contact to club counter. Staff will help you as much as they can.

Can you have your own locker at Planet Fitness?

Planet fitness has a large locker room separately for men and women. You may bring your lock to secure things and after completing your workout just remove it and make it empty by taking all your things. If you forgot to remove it then it will be removed or cut. I have a membership of this chain of fitness club for many months, I noticed that their locker policy is strict they don’t allow you to have your own locker.

Lockers are provided to store your gym gears and personal belongingness. If personal belongingness is left at the locker then the lock will be cut and your personal things will be considered as lost property. You do not get a locker assigned to you like high school. There is a locker room and anyone can use any locker. You must bring your own lock to secure your items.

They will not take any responsibility if you do not lock up your stuff. Their policy also states that any locks left overnight will be subject to being cut off the locker.

Planet Fitness locker room policy

You must agree on the locker policy of the PF to get membership otherwise they won’t allow you to use the locker room.

  1. Lockers are provided to store your personal items.
  2. You must bring your own padlock.
  3. Even if you have your stuff locked up, theft or damage to your property can happen.
  4. A supervisor has the right to open your locker if they have a reasonable excuse that you are using your locker to store other things than your clothes or gym gears.
  5. If you leave your stuff in a locker overnight, management is able to cut your lock and hold your belonging as lost property.
  6. Always watch your stuff.
  7. If your stuff gets stolen, or damage, Planet Fitness will not pay for your stuff.
  8. It is your responsibility to have your personal stuff covered by insurance.

Anyways, do not let the locker’s police stop you from making a membership at Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness membership is $10 a month. It is worth it!

What is Meant by Planet Fitness “Lunk Alarm”?

Lunk Alarm” is a loud siren that goes off when somebody breaks the rule of PF. The Lunk alarm is used to aware the guilt party that they are breaking the rules. But it disturbs all bodybuilders who are working out because of one person. It usually goes off when someone grunting, slamming, or dropping off weight consistently.

I already have told you about the Lunk Alarm just visit that and read more if you are interested to get to know about that.

Does Planet Fitness have Showers Towels? Guided

Planet fitness has showers and lockers in all their locations; however, you have to bring your locks for the vaults along with the towels and toiletries because they do not have any available at the gym.

They are standard shower rooms, nothing special in them; however, they smell sometimes and are not that clean. But again, this is not the case for all of the locations, so you do not have to worry.

When is the Best time to go to Planet Fitness (To avoid many people being there)?

At whatever time you need you can go. The morning seems to be the best because several research supports this idea. If we all believe this, something we all do, then the gym would be at its peak from 6 am to 9 am without much thought. And in the evening, from 6 pm to 9 pm. These are the time zones you should avoid. During the weekdays, either early in the morning (before 7), between 1-4 pm, or after 8:30 pm.

Fridays are typically empty during the usual peak hours of 5-8 pm. If your gym has big exercise classes, it’s best to go when no classes are in session. Like most organizations, Planet Fitness is typically occupied between 4 pm-7:30 pm. This comes from the authority gift Planet Fitness individuals ought to get when joining.

Additionally, you can check google for explicit Planet Wellness areas and their active occasions! The center of the day (10 am-2 pm) on a workday. The most exceedingly terrible time is after 5 pm on a workday and between 9 am-3 pm on the ends of the week/occasions.

Conclusion – Does Planet Fitness have Showers?

At the PF I typically go to, there are sixty or more full-height lockers, each with three hooks and a shelf. You must bring your own lock to secure your stuff in a locker. There are benches affixed to the floor. The shower area is in a separate adjacent room. There are four showers, one of which is accessible. Across from each shower is a little changing stall for privacy. Also, there is a TV playing music videos.

I have been in a couple other Planet Fitness gyms, also. They had a mix of half-height and full-height lockers, but you could secure your items with your own lock. Not all locations have the private changing stalls. All were fairly clean. It depends on location really and what the “owner” wants to provide. space available, etc.

For example I have 2 close PF’s in my area. the shower stalls are the same design, cheap vinyl shower curtains, but it’s odd cause the “bigger” PF I frequent does not provide shampoo/bodywash dispenser in the shower lol but my more “local” PF does which is kind of nice, if I happen to run out or forget my shampoo/bodywash. Though back to the “bigger” PF (bigger in that they have more sq.ft. and a lot more equipment, higher level free weights, etc.) they provide a hair dryer in the mens room lol.

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