Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks 2022? (Terms & Condition)

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks 2022
Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks 2022

Are you trying to avoid going to the bank in order to cash your personal check? Walmart might have the answer for you if so. This article will explain how to cash personal checks at Walmart and suggest streamlining the procedure.

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks In 2022?

Walmart now accepts personal checks, but there are some important points to be aware of.

You must have valid identification with you when you visit your neighborhood Walmart. Your driver’s license, passport, or other forms of government-issued ID are acceptable forms of identification while cashing a check at Walmart.

Second, you should know that Walmart only accepts personal checks with pre-printed endorsements. Therefore, the store might be unable to process a check written by someone else by hand.

Finally, Walmart places a $5,000 daily cap on the amount of cash you can withdraw from a personal check. 

Although very adaptable, Walmart Money Centers have some restrictions. For instance, Walmart will not accept personal checks that have expired, checks that have been postdated, or checks that are older than 180 days.

Are There Limits To The Personal Checks Walmart Can Cash?

Walmart is only able to cash checks up to a certain financial amount. Walmart typically sets a maximum of $200 on two-party personal checks and $5,000 on business-issued checks, though this can differ by area.

Walmart routinely accepts checks up to $7,500 during tax season. However, it might save you time to call ahead to be sure your neighborhood Walmart can cash a check of that size before bringing in an especially large check.

How Much Does Personal Check Cashing Cost At Walmart?

Depending on the check size, the cost to cash a personal check might be anything from a few cents to $6.

Pre-printed checks that are not for personal use cost less than $4 for the first $1,000. The cost increases from $4 to $8 when the check exceeds $1,000, but it will never exceed $8.

You won’t need to carry any extra cash since the fee will be deducted when you cash your check at Walmart. Walmart makes it even simpler by not forcing you to carry any additional cash.

How To Cash a Personal Check At Walmart

The procedure is rather simple if you want to cash a check at Walmart. The steps to cash a personal check at Walmart are as follows:

  • When you visit the store, bring valid identification with you. Checks cannot be cashed at Walmart without identification.
  • In the Money Center at the front of the shop, hand the check to a Walmart employee.
  • Wait for Walmart’s system to receive the funds after they have been processed and transferred from your account.
  • Once the transaction is complete, take your cash from the associate.

They may ask for your social security number if you are trying to cash a check at Walmart for the first time to confirm your identity. You will only need to provide your SSN once, and you won’t need to do so again.

The only locations where you may cash checks in-store are Walmart’s Money Centers. Present a picture ID and your approved check to any Money Center cashier. The cashier will then check your ID and approve your cheque after that.

It’s also crucial to know that only New Jersey and New York prohibit Walmart from cashing personal cheques.

How Are My Funds Paid After Cashing a Check?

Walmart offers a MoneyCard that you may buy and fill with money if you’d prefer not to receive your money in cash. The cards are $1 each, and there is no reload fee if you reload them through check cashing.

What Types of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

What Types Of Checks Does Walmart Cash

Walmart will cash any pre-printed personal check with the store’s name and address, including payroll checks, tax return checks, insurance refund settlement cheques, and even MoneyGram money orders. It covers bank checks, credit union checks, and checks from other financial institutions.

Walmart will probably process the check as long as you have valid identification. Walmart’s Money Center will also cash the following checks: 

  • Business Checks 
  • Stimulus Checks
  • Payroll Checks 
  • Social Security
  • Government Checks 
  • Retirement Disbursement Checks 
  • Pre-Printed Checks 
  • Cashier’s Checks 
  • 401(K) Or Retirement Checks 
  • Two-Party Personal Checks (Up To $200) 
  • Out-Of-State Checks 

Are There Any Checks Walmart Doesn’t Cash?

The majority of personal checks can be cashed at Walmart, although some types of checks cannot be cashed there, including:

  • Handwritten Personal Checks
  • Postdated Checks
  • Third-party checks
  • Starter Checks
  • Check With Multiple Payees
  • Savings Bond
  • EFTs Checks

Get in touch with your neighborhood Walmart to find out if they will cash other checks that aren’t listed here.

The typical hours of operation for the Walmart Money Center are 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday. The typical opening hours on Sunday are 10 am to 6 pm. Even in the nearby 24-hour grocery stores, the Money Center hours are constrained.

Does Walmart Also Cash Two-Party Checks?

Yes, Walmart will accept two-party checks up to $200 each for a fee of $6.

Walmart is an excellent option for two-party checks because Most merchants and grocery stores charge up to $10 to cash a two-party check.

What Fees Will I Incur?

  • At Walmart, the maximum fee for checks having an amount of $1,000 or less is just $4.
  • Checks worth more than $1,000 will cost a maximum of $8 to cash.
  • The maximum price for two-party checks up to $200 is $6.

Types of Personal Checks cashed in Walmart

  • Business checks,
  • Payroll checks,
  • Social Security,
  • Government checks,
  • Insurance Settlement checks,
  • Retirement disbursement checks,
  • Tax Refund checks,
  • Pre-printed checks,
  • Cashier’s checks,
  • 401(k) or retirement checks,
  • Two-party personal checks (up to $200),
  • Out-of-state checks

Reason why Checks not Cashed at Walmart

In the past, Walmart does not cash personal checks. But now, Walmart offers this service. Walmart order never arrived.


The check cashing service at Walmart provides a quick and secure way to cash your check.

A Walmart MoneyCard has numerous advantages over other credit cards, including no interest fees, no credit checks, and discounts from partner retailers.

Walmart is an excellent choice if you want to cash your government check without opening a bank account. Walmart competitors.

Walmart is a fantastic option for cashing your checks due to its convenience, long hours, and holiday openings. Additionally, the process is even simpler if you already have a Walmart MoneyCard.

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