Does Walmart Remove Watch Links in 2022? Explained

walmart Remove Watch Links
walmart Remove Watch Links

You might be curious if Walmart provides watch repair services. The reason is that they provide so many goods and services designed to help customers “save money and live better.”

So, you might be asking if Walmart removes watch links. Here is the answer for you. So keep reading!

Does Walmart Remove Watch Links In 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart does not remove watch links to make it a perfect fit for you. Previously, Walmart provided this service at their jewelry counters. But the service was discontinued due to little demand.

As an alternative, buyers can contact Kohl’s or Nordstrom for free watch link removal. You can also purchase DIY watch repair kits from Walmart to do this task at home.

What Stores Remove Watch Links?

Several retailers can remove watch links. Your best bet is a watch repair shop. But most jewelry stores and even key-cutting shops provide the service. However, there may be a price, particularly if you did not purchase the watch from the shop where it is being fixed. The cost will often be between $10 and $15. But the exact amount may depend on the business.

Here are several locations where you can typically avoid paying to have your watch links removed:

  • JCPenney 
  • Macy’s 
  • Kohl’s 
  • Nordstrom
  • Dillard’s

Does Walmart Sell Watch Repair Products?

Yes! Walmart still sells watchmaker toolkits. You may use them to take the links off your watch at home, even if it no longer removes watch links for customers in-store.

These kits typically come with a hammer, a watch band holder, and a tool to remove watch link pins. But, some of them contain extra repair tools. Some of the kits on the market have more than 100 pieces. These kits allow you to finish other typical watch repairs.

The watch repair toolkits from Walmart are available both in-person and online. You can also purchase kits from other vendors on the Walmart

How Can I Remove Watch Links At Home?

Removing watch band links can be difficult. That’s why many individuals choose to hire a professional to perform it. But if you have the necessary equipment, you can also remove watch links at home. You can buy this particular equipment at Walmart.

Depending on the sort of watch you are working with, there are many ways to remove the links from it. Different pins, such as round, flat, or screwed, will be used to create various watch bands. To modify the size, identify your watch’s pins and follow the link removal instructions in your toolkit.

Can I Buy Watches At Walmart?

Walmart offers both genuine watches and toolkits for watch repair. A wide range of timepieces is available for purchase in-store, either at the jewelry counter (if your neighborhood store has one) or on racks and shelves. On, there is an extensive selection. These include timepieces that are offered and delivered by third-party sellers.

You can be sure you’ll find a watch at Walmart, whether you’re looking for a sports watch, a watch for your children, or a designer watch from names like Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, or Fossil.

How do you know how many links to take out a watch?

Position the watch on your wrist how you like and remove the excess. It is the best method for determining how many links to remove. Next, determine how many further links there are. Just keep in mind that you should remove an equal number of links from either side of the watch to prevent it from sitting lopsidedly or unevenly.

Does it worth paying to remove links from your watch?

remove links from your watch

Yes, it is worth paying to remove extra watch links. The staff at the repair store or a professional jeweler will fix it without any damage. On the other hand, if you’re repairing it at home, you may damage its small parts.

What websites delete watch links?

You can visit the official website of Walmart to get more details about gift wrapping.

How do I make my Walmart watch smaller

Having extra links removed from your watch is the simplest way to reduce the watch band size. You can remove extra links with the right tools at home. If not, get your watch fixed at a nearby department store or jewelry store. Bring your watch back to the store where you got it; they’ll probably fix it for free.


You might need to alter the watch band if you purchase a used watch from a nearby consignment store or a store that sells items quickly for a profit. Walmart used to provide this service for a nominal fee or free. But you can no longer get watch links removed there.

The finest venues to get your watch fitted locally include department stores, jewelry and accessory stores, and watch repair stands. Take your watch to the same store where you purchased it if you want a free adjustment. For peace of mind regarding future adjustment and repair costs, you can also buy a guarantee for your watch.

Although it’s normally up to the repair staff’s choice, you might be fortunate to locate smaller jewelry stores or family-run accessory shops where links can be removed for free regardless of where you purchased them.

Costs for resizing watches are often determined regionally and vary by retailer. Depending on the complicated adjustment, you can anticipate paying anything from $20 to $150.

You can also perform your DIY link removal at home using items you already have. If you choose to accomplish this, be cautious to stop more scuffing or harming your watch by being knowledgeable about what you’re doing. How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting? and Walmart Camera Return?

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