Does Walmart Wrap Gifts? Ultimate Guide

Does Walmart Wrap Gifts
Does Walmart Wrap Gifts

At a reasonable price, many items are available at Walmart, including jewelry, toys, and technology. You can easily buy an ideal present for someone you love.

If you want your gift to look different, you might wonder if Walmart wraps gifts

Does Walmart Wrap Gifts In 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart will only be able to wrap and personalize gifts online for a limited selection of products. Customers can use the Walmart gift finder to locate items for gift-wrapping.

The phrases “gift eligible” and a little icon of a gift box will be used to identify items that can be wrapped.

How Can I Get Gifts Wrapped At Walmart?

In any Walmart location, gift wrapping is not available. However, you have the option of having your online purchases gift-wrapped.

Look for the “gift eligible” icon under the item you want to purchase, whether you shop for gifts on or using the Walmart gift finder. It implies that the item may be packaged before being dispatched.

Any item you ask to have wrapped will be delivered in a Walmart gift box with a customized note you create before you pay for it.

If your recipient wants to return or exchange your present, you can also opt to send them a digital gift receipt.

How Can I Send Wrapped Gifts From Walmart?

Go to your cart and choose “My order is a gift” after choosing the appropriate goods for gift wrapping on the Walmart website.

You will be prompted to choose a delivery method and input the recipient’s email and delivery address. After that, you can decide to include a special note with your gift. From this point onward, check out as usual. The cost of packaging and personalization will be waived for eligible products.

What Gifts Will Walmart Wrap?

For many of its online purchases, Walmart provides gift-wrapping services. You can find items in each sector suitable for gift wrapping if you want to send a loved one food, home goods, beauty products, or other items.

However, using Walmart’s online gift discovery tool is your greatest option for discovering items that can be wrapped as gifts. You can use this function to sort your search based on a variety of categories:

  • Age
  • Price
  • For him
  • For her
  • Product Type

A gift-wrapping option will be available for many (but not all) items you can look for in the gift finder. When browsing, you can limit your search to only things that qualify for gifts by choosing the corresponding option in the sidebar.

When Did Walmart Stores Stop Wrapping Gifts?

After 2015, Walmart stopped providing in-store gift-wrapping services. At just $3.88 for each item you had wrapped, their in-store gift wrapping service was among the most reasonably priced of the major shops and supermarkets. A blue box with a white ribbon would be used to package your things.

Walmart no longer offers gift wrapping services. But you can still buy various wrapping paper and accessories online and in-store.

Where Can I Go To Get Something Gift Wrapped?

There are several shops that offer the service if you want your gifts to be wrapped for you. Although some shops will give the service for free, most do it for a nominal price. These consist of:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Nordstrom
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Sephora
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Williams Sonoma
  • Bloomingdale’s (if you’re a loyalty member)

The average fee for gift wrapping at locations that charge will be no more than $5 per item you have wrapped. Keep in mind that the majority of retailers who offer gift-wrapping services will only gift-wrap things you have bought from them.

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards and Products Online?

No, Walmart does not offer Amazon gift cards. Walmart does not offer Amazon gift cards because it sees Amazon as a direct rival. Instead, customers can purchase Amazon gift cards from merchants like Sears, USPS, Walgreens, and Staples.


Where is the gift option on Walmart

No Walmart location offers gift wrapping services. You can, however, choose to have your online purchases gift-wrapped.

When shopping for gifts on or with the Walmart gift finder, look for the “gift eligible” icon next to the item you wish to buy. It suggests that the product might be packaged before being shipped.

Any item you request to have wrapped will arrive in a Walmart gift box with a letter you design before you make a purchase.

You can also send your recipient a digital gift receipt in case they want to return or exchange the gift.

After selecting the right items for gift wrapping on the Walmart website, go to your cart and choose “My order is a gift”.

The recipient’s email and the delivery address must then be entered, along with a delivery method.

Then you can choose whether to add a special note to your gift. Check-out will now proceed as usual. For qualifying products, packaging and personalization fees will be exempt.

Where is the gift option on Walmart

Does Target do gift wrapping

As of 2022, Target offers a year-round gift-wrapping service accessible online at Unfortunately, Target does not offer in-store gift wrapping.

Target charges fixed pricing of $5.99 for gift wrapping for online orders. Orders with multiples of the same item will be bundled and wrapped together for the same flat rate of $5.99.

How much do gift wrapping services near me cost?

Some stores do it for free. While others will charge a nominal fee. The average fee for gift wrapping at locations that charge will be no more than $5 per item you have wrapped.

How long does it take to wrap a gift at Walmart

It doesn’t take too long. It will take the same amount of time a normal order will take.


Only gifts you order online and are qualified for Walmart’s gift-wrapping service will be wrapped for you. Any gift you order from Walmart will be delivered to the recipient in a blue gift box with a handwritten note. Walmart Camera Return?

Previously, this service was also offered in-store (and at a very reasonable cost!). But regrettably, in 2015, Walmart stopped doing it. How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting?

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