Mastering The Flanking Strike Macro Sod Wow

If you have been playing the WOW (World of Warcraft) for a long time – then you must have an idea of how important it is to make the right move in the game in order to win over the enemies on the battlefield.

But the sad part is that many of the players fail to make the right move ended up getting damaged by the enemies -but not anymore.

With the help of Flanking Strike Macro Sod, you are not only able to make the right move but also increase your chances of winning over your enemies.

Today in this post I will share everything that you need to know about mastering this macro sod, increasing the damage output, and enhancing your gameplay experience.

What is a Flanking Strike Macro?

In the world of Warcraft of Flanking Strike Macro Sod is a tool that is used by the hunters in the game and this tool gives them the ability to attack the enemies from the side and deal with their damages – overall it helps you perform better in the battlefield.

The major benefit of using use flanking strike is that it gives the command that automates the repetitive action and enables you to perform the complicated moves in the button of a single click and the tactics that are automated with a macro.

And when this tactic is automated with the micro it becomes one of the effective moves in close combat situations.

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Importance of Flanking Strikes in Wow Classic

Now before you start using this move you need to understand the reason behind using it although I have shared some of the reasons in the definition itself, let’s see a few more points to consider using it.

If you have been playing the game for a long time then you how important it is to use the right moves in the correct position that will help you win over your enemies.

Here are some of the reasons for using it while you encounter enemies on the battlefield.

  • If you use these flaking strikes and attack from the side enemies you will get the extra advantage as the attack from your enemies will not damage you especially if they attack from the side.
  • This flanking strike is very useful if you are fighting with multiple enemies at once in tough times.
  • The best part is that you can give the command and perform multiple moves at once.

Using this strike helps the hunter’s overall to increase thier efficiency and power to fight enemies and the good news is it’s easily accessible.

What are the Benefits of Using it?

When it comes to using the flanking Strikes micro sod there are many benefits that you need to improve the gaming experience and here is a list of some of them which I like the most.

Increased Damage – In the heat of battle it’s very important to manage the effectiveness of the flanking strikes and with strategic positioning, you can utilize this strike very smartly as it increases the damage potential.

Improved Efficiency – With the function of the single keystore or command it enabling players to execute the repetitive moves at once and you can fight seamlessly.

Strategic Position – This strike provides you the 360 nature views which help you see the the enemies and target our current target without any hassale.

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Setting Up the Flanking Strike Macro SoD WoW

Till now you have understood the importance and benefit of the flanking strike steps that the Flanking strike macro requires to create the macro and utilize it on the battlefield.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to unleash the effectiveness of hunters in World of Warcraft.

  • To access the macro interface you need to press the “ESC” key and open the main menu
  • Once head over to the main menu you have to choose macros, or you can simply type “/macro” on your keyword.
  • Now to create the new macro, you need to click on the new button under the micro interface – once you click it will open the window called the macro editor.
  • It’s time to give the name to your macro you can name it flanking strike.
  • Now in the macro editor window, you will get some code – all you need to paste the provided code this contains your character that you use Flanking Strike effectiveness and attack on the enemies and kill your target.
  • Once you have entered the code, click on the “save” button and save your created macro.
  • Now you can easily use your created macro, this makes gameplay accessible.

I know creating the new macro can be a daunting task but if you follow the right steps that I have shared above you can easily create and utilize the flanking strike with strategic possibilities.


From my experience mastering the flanking strike macro sod can be a complicated task but if you all the steps that we have shared in this you will surely be able to create your macro and enhance your overall gaming experience.

As mentioned in the post that the best part about this strike is with just one command you can execute the complicated process in a single click but if you still face any problems related to the flanking strike macro sod, please let me know in the comment section

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