Necromancer Leveling Build Guide In Diablo 4 (Season 3)

When it comes to Diablo 4, there are many characters with different classes. Still, the necromancer is one of the characters that holds a special place in the hearts of many fans as it provides a captivating and enjoyable gaming experience.

But another question I get from many players is they don’t know how to level up the build and maximize the characters’ power.

If you are also one of them, then you are alone; a few weeks back, I was also in the same position, but after asking a few of my friends and watching YouTube videos, I could finally build for leveling.

Today, I will share everything you need to know about the levelling build for the necromancer in Diablo 4, from utilizing the power of blood surge to mastering the Book of the Dead.

So make sure you read till the end and dominate the battlefield with your necromancer Build.

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Overview Of The Necromancer Character

Before I jump into the nitty gritty and share the essential skills leveling journey, you need to understand a few things about the character necromancer.

A Necromancer is one of the characters of Diablo 4, just like any other character, but the good thing about the necromancer character is it possesses some unique abilities.

The first unique ability of this character is that they have the power to summon the undead minions, and they can also summon skeletons and the blood golem. They all will fight for the necromancer character instead of fighting for himself.

Ability Of The Necromancer Character

The surprising ability of this character is that they can use magic to cast the spell, which helps them to deal with the creepy elements. Not only that, but they can also sacrifice their minions and increase their power using the Book of Dead.

The other exciting ability that I like about this character is that they can sling the bones and suck the blood of the enemies, and they can also spread poison on them that can hurt your enemies.

Overall, I can say that the necromancer is the most versatile and lovable character in the game, and it can help you defeat enemies on the battlefield with its unique ability.

What Is A Necromancer Leveling Build?

The necromancer build is like another type for the game, which will help you gain points. This build is centred around one skill, Blood Surge, which helps you take advantage of the overpowered mechanics of the game and is very effective in the early stage.

But the main thing you need to focus on is mastering the core skill of the blood surge and the corpse tendrils, especially leveling the build.

Additionally, using the Book of Dead, you can increase the power bonuses and minion abilities, such as blog mist and the skeletal mages, enhancing your AoE damage output.

As you progress towards the necromancer endgame, you must also tackle the dungeons like fractured peaks; that’s why choosing the right skills and best necromancer builds for leveling is vital.

Essential Skills For Necromancer Leveling Build In Diablo

As of now, you have understood the Diablo 4 necromancer leveling build. Now, let’s see the essential skills you need to add to your build to increase the chances of maximum strength and damage output.

1. Raise Skelton

Raise Skelton is the first skill that you need to master. This skill allows the necromancer to summon the skeleton warriors and fight for them.

This skill is mainly used on the dead bodies of the enemies; they get a rise from their bodies and follow the instructions of the necromancer.

The real work of these skeletal warriors is to distract the enemies and damage them with their attacks, and they sometimes attack the enemies with their weapons. Hence, they play both roles, attacking the enemies and distracting them.

2. Reap

Reap is another skill that the people who have selected the necromancer character in Diablo 4 that allows the necromancer to gather the essence, which is like the power or the resources that you can use for the other abilities by scythe in front of the enemies.

This skill is in the game skills system and part of the necromancer skills tree.

3. Blood Surge

Blood surge necromancer leveling builds another skill of the necromancer character in Diablo 4 that allows the necromancer to suck the blood from the enemies’ bodies.

It is the primary source of damage for the enemies, but the problem with this skill is that it does not reach too far but can damage the enemies without adding special abilities.

The good thing about these skills is that you can upgrade to paranormal blood surge, which improves the ability of the character and unlocks the overpower effects, which is one of the best abilities for dealing with huge damages.

4. Blood Mist

Until now, we have seen the skills that help the necromancer character defeat and kill enemies, but these skills differ from others.

Blood mist skills are critical in leveling build in Diablo. 4 provides the ability of your necromancer character to defend yourself from enemies. Not only that, but you can also use this ability to damage your enemies and heal yourself.

As you use the blood surge skills to kill the enemies, these skills will help you cool down your character and help you to recover. You can use it mainly during the battle.

Most importantly, it will help you build up, fortify, and increase the value of overpowers of the blood surge. It is a great skill to defend yourself on the battlefield and help you deal with the enemies’ damage, making your character even stronger.

5. Iron Maiden

It is a unique ability that necromancer characters have in the game, and they use this ability to put curses on the enemies, which makes them weaker in some way; after that, it becomes easier for you to defeat them.

As you progress in the game, this ability will also help you become more powerful and give you the edge to fight and survive longer on the battlefield.

Another benefit of using this ability is that it helps us to quickly build our essence without spending any resources, and later, you can use this essence to activate the mighty bonus, such as amplifying damage, which will enhance powers. You can deal damage on the battlefield.

6. Corpse Tendrils

Another skill or ability that comes to our list of leveling builds in Diablo 4 is the corpse tendrils; it is the skills that enable you to pull the enemies and stun them down for a few seconds, and this skill belongs from the necromancer skill tree, which is mainly designed for the necromancer characters.

Regarding skill, active skills can be ranked up to 5, which means you can enhance their power, upgrade their skills, and make your character even more dangerous and powerful.

7. Army of Dead

The last active ability of the summoner necromancer is to summon a group of skeletons to attack the enemies for a specific location. These enemies look like pets, but they can also cause a lot of damage to the enemies when they come in contact with them.

Army of the Dead is a skill that is primarily for the necromancer character, and it belongs to the ultimate cluster of the skill tree; this skill can rank up to 1, and you can still maximize its potential by upgrading it with the skill points overall it is great for the build.

These are the active skills that you can use to build a Necromancer level for leveling in Diablo 4 to become powerful enough to defeat enemies.

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Passive Skill For Necromancer Leveling Build

Now, let’s talk about some of these build guide passive skills or abilities that provide unique effects on the character without actively triggering anything.

These passive abilities also help you maximize the various aspects of the necromancer character, like an increment in the movement of the speed or in generating the resources.

Overall, the best skills vital to enhance the bonus points give the player more customization options for playing effectively in the game.

Here are some essential passive vital skills you must consider for your build.

1. Death Embrace

It is the first passive ability on our list, and these passive critical skills increase the damage you deal and cause to the enemies close to you, which means that when the enemies are near you, this becomes even stronger when you attack them.

On the other hand, this ability will also reduce the number of attacks you receive, as that doesn’t hurt you much and lowers the amount of damage you take from the attack.

Adding this passive skill to your list can be a good option, as this ability will provide you the power to deal with enemies, especially when they are close to you.

2. Fueled By Death

Fueled by death is another passive ability of the necromancer character. These skills consume the dead bodies’ corpses and give you an instant increase in the damage you can deal with your enemies.

Once you consume the dead bodies or corpses, you become more robust and powerful for hurting the enemies, but you need to keep in mind that you will not get the instant boost for a shorter period.

Most importantly, you have to invest your points and increase the total damaging ability of the character, which is even more helpful for the players.

3. Stand Alone

As mentioned above, in the game, many players choose to summon the skeleton and the minion to win over the enemies. Still, some people give up on this ability to raise their read and make themselves stronger.

As per experience, sacrificing the ability to summon makes the player strong, but using the stand-alone ability can make it even harder to defeat on the battlefield.

This key passive skill increases the player’s ability by reducing the damage they can take, but when it gets upgraded, it increases the damage reduction by 18 %.

But there is one case that you need to remember: if you have summoned any minions, then effective damage reduction will get reduced – so you can use this skill if you have not summoned any undead companions.

4. Grim Harvest

If you have been playing the Diablo 4 with the necromancer character for a while, you know that this character heavily relies on using the corpses to defeat the enemies.

However, in some cases, the character necromancer consumes the corpses to get the instant enhancement of their powers for fighting the battlefield. They usually consume them, generating the necessary essence because you need them to use the active skills.

With the help of this passive ability, you will increase the percentage of the essence of the corpse, which will eventually help you fight better with the enemies, win over them, and level the build.


From the above post, you got the idea of leveling build in Diablo 4 and the leveling process, and apart from that, I have shared the best build for leveling that you can add to your character and make it stronger and more effective.

From my experience , adding the necromancer leveling build for your character is not a big task, but if you still have any issues, please let me know in the comment section.

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