Is A High Snapchat Score a Red Flag? Complete Guide

Is A High Snapchat Score a Red Flag

Social media usage patterns can reveal a lot about a person. Snapchat stands apart because its Snap Score feature allows you to see how much a user has used the app. In fact, by observing how much it increases over time, you may even determine how frequently it is being used right now. Some people have used this to decide whether or not someone is worth dating.

Is someone who has a high Snapchat score to be avoided because of this? Keep reading to know!

Is A High Snapchat Score a Red Flag?

A high Snapchat Score could indicate many different things, not all of which are necessarily red flag.

While it does indicate that a person has spent a lot of time on Snapchat, it does not imply that they are involved in several relationships with both ladies and boys or that they are a “player” or otherwise unreliable.

Causes of A High Snap Score

Let’s take a closer look at some of the possible reasons for a high Snap Score so that you can feel more at ease when speaking to someone new.

1. Sending a Lot of Snaps to Your Friends

Sending and receiving Snaps are two of the most popular ways to raise your Snapchat Score.

Sending 50 Snaps to 1 person or 50 Snaps to 50 individuals has no bearing on your Snap Score. So it’s likely that they swiftly raised their score by mass-sending the same Snap to a large number of recipients. Some people purposefully Mass-Snap celebrities to raise their scores for fun.

2. Receiving several photos from other people

Receiving a lot of Snaps from other users can help you increase your Snap Score. Even if they don’t reply to them, this could still happen. Some people simply have pals on their list who enjoy sending Snaps to everyone at once. Although they don’t use the app all that much, some people consistently notice an increase in their Snap Score in this way. Even when you are aware that a Snap has been sent in bulk to many people, it might be challenging to resist the urge to open it. We might still decide to open them all because curiosity gets the better of us.

3. Using the App to Talk to Friends

A high Snapchat Score can often be obtained by just chatting with friends on the app.

Even if someone’s Snap Score is rising quickly, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are engaging in multiple instances of flirtation or infidelity. Your score will quickly increase if you utilize Snapchat to communicate with your buddies.

4. Snap streaks

When you start a snap streak, you don’t want to stop because it’s a great way to interact with others.

Even if they don’t truly intend to become that close friend with them, it’s not uncommon for people to keep streaks with dozens of people. People who are still in school and who may have streaks with many of their classmates find this to be more popular. But it isn’t necessarily a warning or an indication that they have romantic feelings for that person. However, if someone has been keeping streaks for a while, their Snapchat Score can rise quickly.

What Is the High Snap Score for a Girl / Guy?

You might be asking what number indicates a high Snapchat Score. Although there are no precise figures, most people concur that a Snap Score of over 200,000 indicates that the user has used the app significantly more than the average user. But, it is impossible to discern whether something is a red signal because it is impossible to know when a person’s account was created or what factors led to their Snap Score. Even individuals who have a Snap Score of one million or more might have done so on purpose, going out of their way to boost it for enjoyment.

It is advised against becoming overly fixated on someone’s Snap Score. It doesn’t signify anything. But if you stress about it, you can encourage others to try to hide their Snap Score.

Snapchat Red Flags

People often ask what are some things you may watch out for now that we know a high Snap Score isn’t always a warning sign.

Here are a few warning signs to watch out for when chatting with someone on Snapchat.

1. Someone is Snapping You Only When They Want Something

You should cut off anyone who engages in this kind of manipulative behavior altogether from your life. Someone who only contacts you when they need something is the worst.

It’s advisable to remove and forget about those who only communicate with you when they have some type of ulterior motivation (like expecting you’ll give them improper images).

2. Commenting On Your Location

All of your Snapchat friends are visible on the Snap Map, at least those who have the feature enabled. Some have experienced abuse and surveillance because Snapchat friends can see where they are.

A big warning sign would be if someone commented where you were and asked why you were there.

3. Never Talking with You Outside Snapchat

Last but not least, it may be a warning sign if someone solely communicates with you over Snapchat and denies offers to speak with you elsewhere.

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There are a number of reasons that can increase your Snap score. These include sending and receiving snaps frequently and having long conversations with your friends. Snap streaks are also one of the reasons for a high Snap score. In short, we can say that an individual who has invested a lot of time on Snapchat has a high Snapchat score. However, it doesn’t necessarily imply that there is a red flag. 

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