How long does Goat take to ship? (Updated-October 2022)

How long does Goat take to ship

GOAT is an online global platform that provides sneakers, accessories, and luxury apparel. The Goat was founded in 2015 and had different brands like Gucci, Supreme, and Yeezy. It is the best Shipping and delivery platform that ships your order quickly. Due to the particular items it offers, it has attracted a lot of attention, as shown by the vast number of customers who make such purchases.

GOAT is a renowned brand. The goat deal with several dealers due to its high popularity. This enables the Goat to give its deliveries in only a few days.

When you order online from Goat, it takes some time, and you are worried about how long Goat takes to ship. In today’s post, you will learn about the time Goat takes during the shipment process and its delivery charges. 

How long does Goat take to ship

Goat is not fast as Amazon, but typically it delivers your order between 7 to 10 days with authentication. Specific items on Goat are delivered in 3 to 5 days. This type of delivery doesn’t require verification; that’s why they are shipped early. Goat wants to provide as soon as possible, but they deliver the item at the delivery time provided by Goat. 

Why are specific items shipped quickly? If you want to know this answer, then you must first learn about the Goat shipping process. The Goat provides two types of things instant items and non-instant items. 

  • Instant Items: Items marked “Instant” have already been confirmed and validated and will be delivered to you right away. It typically takes 3 to 5 days to deliver. This standard shipping order is before 11:00 PT to be delivered to a customer in the contiguous US. In this shipment, the seller directly sends you a product you order rather than Goat. 
  • Instant Items with Next day delivery :These orders are best when you want quick delivery. When you order at the Next day delivery, your item is received the following day. Because as you know that instant items are already verified, so they can b shipped quickly. 

Remember that If you order before 11 am, you will receive the order in 1 day, and if you order after that time, it may take two days to deliver. 

  • Standard/Non-Instant Items: The marked “Non-Instant/Standard” has been verified and validated and then delivered to you. It takes 7 to 10 days must for delivery. Before shipment, Goat’s expert team guarantees that the item is genuine and suitable for sale to you before shipment. They will then send the item personally to you.

But if you want urgent delivery, then it is possible in just 48 states. If you live in one of them, you get urgent delivery; otherwise, Goat excuses this. 

How much time Does Goat Take To Ship Internationally?

It takes 10 to 25 business days to deliver when you order at Goat internationally. Goat first verifies or processes your order in 2 to 6 days, and then the order is shipped. Sometimes, it may take a short time due to quickly processing. Because country-to-country shipments are possible, they might face delays due to the country’s problems. 

So before confirming your order, you must ask the goat dealer and then order it. Charges and taxes are also applicable to your order due to international ordering. It depends on the place where you are living. In Europe, you do not have to pay charges, and in China, you must have to pay additional charges. Some countries of charges are given below:

  • Canada: $30
  • EU (other than Malta and Cyprus): €15
  • Hong Kong: 78 HKD
  • Malaysia: RM 65
  • Malta and Cyprus: €25
  • People’s Republic of China: $25
  • Singapore: S$7
  • United Kingdom: £13
  • All other countries: $40

Buyers are not required to provide their country identity number or import taxes for any Autres international transactions. If applicable, customers are responsible for these responsibilities upon arrival.

How much time does Goat take to ship apparel and Accessories?

Some apparel and Accessories are first verified and authenticated by an expert Goat team, then shipped. It typically takes 4 to 6 days for shipment. And some items are pre-verified and don’t require validations, so that they can be sent to you directly by the seller rather than Goat. 

What Takes Place If The Seller doesn’t Ship At Goat?

The goat will cancel the transaction if a seller does not send their product within three business days (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) of the order being placed. When you don’t ship, the Goat will let you know. Goat may not accept your shipment if it arrives after three business days.

If 14 days have passed after the order was made or Carter received the shipping bill, and you have not responded, The Goat will automatically extend the deadlines on your behalf.

What cost does the goat charge on delivery?

For anything other than “Instant” items bought with the Next Day delivery, the cost of domestic US shipping is $14.50 for the 48 contiguous states and $15 for Hawaii and Alaska.

When “Instant” items are purchased with the Next Day delivery, the shipping fee is $25. Please note that purchases shipped to PO Boxes or military posts are not eligible for Next Day shipping; it is only available for “Instant” products with a delivery address inside the 48 contiguous states. A processing fee of up to 8% may apply to “instant” products; this fee will be included in the price.

How much time does goat take to ship in holidays?

The goat doesn’t allow their customers to order on weekends or holidays. You can order in business days because orders are shipped only in working days. Even if the order is placed on a weekend, it will be shipped on a weekday.

Is it possible to change the shipping address after placing the order?

Unfortunately, you cannot modify the shipping address after you’ve placed your order. If you find that you accidentally used the incorrect delivery address when placing an order, you should cancel the purchase and submit a new order using the proper mailing address.

How do I track my goat order?

You can track your goat order in two different ways:

Way 1: 

When your order is confirmed, you will receive an order confirmation mail with the order tracking number, open your mail and go to the Courier tracking website. Put your tracking number in the box and click on Track’s red button. Now you see the complete details of your order. 

Way 2:

If you didn’t receive any mail or you haven’t a tracking number, then you can track your order by the Goat Account section. Open the Goat app on your phone or visit the goat link on any browser. Then go to the My Account Page on the app. Now click on the My Order section. After that, tap on the Order Number link to view the status of your order. 

How does GOAT handle shipping?

The United States Postal Service handles all deliveries for GOAT USA (USPS).

Can GOAT deliver to APO?

 Yes, To APO addresses, GOAT does ship. If you require any more address help, kindly email [email protected].

How can I obtain a Goat refund?

 You can get a refund from Goat by canceling your order. From the day you receive the goods, you have three days to request a return (s). When you get your shipment, press “Request Return” on the GOAT app or contact the customer support of Goat, so you can quickly start your return process. The item(s) will be checked first when they get them and before your refund is processed.

From where does goat ship?

 The orders get from Goat are from the GOAT USA offices in Plainview, New York. This indicates that all shipments arrive at this location and are handled there. Also, distribution is limited to the United States, Canada, and other countries because it is very difficult to determine where items are coming from. 

Does GOAT offer genuine goods?

Goat aims to provide to only sell genuine, high-quality items by sourcing from the most renowned boutiques and stores in the world as well as through our carefully selected network of resellers. Their resale items are verified using techniques like artificial intelligence, digital authentication, an in-person inspection, or a combination of these.

Is selling on GOAT simple?

Selling your favorite items on Goat is an easy process that gives you peace of mind. Most importantly, both sellers and buyers love how simple GOAT is. Every feature is simple to use and offers convenience. Additionally, since the buyer receives the goods faster, you, as the seller, receive cash sooner.

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The goat provides various products. You order online and get your products in 7 to 10 days for standard items and take 4 to 6 days for instant articles. If you need your things as soon as possible, GOAT will attend to the demands of its most urgent consumers.

I hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any questions related to Goat, then put your questions in the below comment box. We are always here to help you. 

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