How To Get A Virtual Phone Number [All Facts & Tricks]

Many Internet users still do not know what a virtual phone number is. That is why in this article we will tell you what such a number is, what types it is, what it can be used for, what are random real phone numbers, and also how to get a virtual phone number.

What is a virtual number?

In short, a virtual number is a regular phone number that is not tied to any physical SIM card or a specific device. At the same time, the number itself is quite real, you can use it to make or receive calls, and send or receive SMS messages.

Under normal conditions, the Internet is required to work with a virtual number. If you don’t have access to it yet, you can easily set up redirection from a virtual to a real number and receive calls as usual. Many services even use their own websites to display messages or transmit them to a messenger.

The most pleasant thing about a virtual room is that it can be issued and closed without leaving home, using one of the many services. Moreover, some of them are offered by mobile operators themselves. The numbers may belong to other countries of the world, allowing you to bypass unpleasant locks.

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Advantages of a virtual number

From a technical point of view, a virtual number is a SIP account (an IP telephony user account). You can call this number (and from it) from any phone (home, mobile, etc.). It differs from the “traditional” phone:

  • The absence of wires. Everything works via the internet.
  • Multichannel. Several managers or operators who will receive calls can be assigned to one virtual number. At the same time, the room will always be free.
  • The absence of binding to a physical address. If a traditional phone can only be installed at a specific address, then a virtual number is characterized by mobility. You can receive calls and make calls from it from anywhere in the world.
  • Work with any devices: traditional phones, IP phones, softphones (programs for PCs and other devices), and even mobile.

There are a huge number of sites on the World Wide Web where you can do everything — from creating drawings of industrial facilities to the ability to write or call to any corner of the globe. Some online services are completely free and do not even ask users to register. 

Others, on the contrary, are forced to register accounts, otherwise, it will be impossible to use the services. And still others oblige users to confirm accounts using a mobile phone. There are sites where it is impossible to confirm an account without linking a phone number in a certain country. 

In such situations, the services of buying or renting virtual phone numbers come to the fore. Thanks to them, you will be able to register on any website, program, or service and not with one account, but create as many accounts as you wish or financial opportunities allow.

How to choose a virtual number service?

At first, any beginner in choosing a high-quality phone number rental site chooses the first service and search that comes to hand. But very soon, when he fully understands the mechanics of providing services and his needs, he regrets his choice very much. In order not to make a mistake, below we will tell you the criteria for selecting a truly high-quality service for buying virtual phone numbers.

A flexible choice of tariffs allows you to purchase both one-time numbers to conduct a single registration in any service, and a number for a certain period. It is worth noting that it will be most profitable to purchase virtual numbers for a long period.

Round-the-clock technical support ensures the stable operation of all users of the service. All user requests are considered no longer than 20 minutes.

A huge database of numbers will allow you to buy a virtual phone number from anywhere in the world: from the North to the South Pole of the planet.

What is important to remember when buying a virtual number?

A virtual number greatly facilitates registration on various resources, saves time, and keeps your data safe. And all this is either free or for a nominal cost.

But it is important to remember some nuances. The virtual number is given to you only for a short time, and then it can easily fall into the wrong hands. Although many ensure that they do not pass the used number on the second round, there is always a risk. This means that you can lose your account without the possibility of recovery if you registered it to a virtual number. Therefore, you need to register only those accounts for virtual numbers that you don’t mind losing.

When you know all the nuances, it is easier for you to choose a reliable service for providing a virtual number. Choose wisely and use sites with good reviews and favorable conditions. So, you will protect yourself from wasting time and money and will be able to quickly create profiles on the sites you need.

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How to get a virtual phone number: the best services for virtual phone numbers

1. eSIM Plus

eSIM Plus is a popular and proven service with a convenient connection and an application for tracking the number of days and traffic.

A service that provides a virtual number with multifunctional use. That is, using the number, you can make calls, forward SMS, use the mobile Internet, etc. This versatility is suitable for both travel and business, as well as for one-time registration on any website

The service has a huge database of numbers and countries (more than 120) in which online connection and use of the number is possible. There are many tariffs to choose from with a limited number of days of use, or with unlimited. In addition, you can select several countries of use at the same time

2. OnlineSIM

Here users can choose numbers from more than 90 countries around the world. Moreover, to register only on one service or website, you can choose a one-time SMS reception to the number. If the phone is needed for a longer period, the service provides a long-term rental of 1 day.

The service uses its own equipment, in which SIM cards are installed. When a message arrives on it, OnlineSIM proprietary software transmits it to the interface, well, you can read it. 

The most important thing is that if the number you bought is used for registration on some website or in an application, it will no longer be used for these purposes. This means that no outsider will get access to your social network or messenger.

3. Zadarma

If you need full-fledged work with a virtual phone number, including calls and text communication, a cloud telephony service called Zadarma is perfect for this.

In addition to conducting, in fact, voice calls, it allows you to keep statistics of conversations, record them and offers an answering machine function. 

Unlike operator services, virtual numbers in 100 countries of the world are offered here for users to choose from, including numbers starting at 8800, and simple integration with the largest CRM systems and messengers greatly facilitates working with the service. 

And although the service is mainly designed for corporate use, ordinary users are also actively working with it.


A virtual number is useful if you are going to register for some service or while traveling. It can also be used to communicate on dating sites when submitting an ad for the purchase or sale of some goods. 

It will also help if you want to differentiate between work and personal life but do not want to register a separate SIM for this. A business can use a virtual number to connect several employees to it. For example, those who work remotely.

In other words, there are a great many ways to use virtual numbers.

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