How To Keep Your Instagram Followers Happy

Keeping your Instagram followers happy is a big deal!

How to keep  your followers happy

You could be a big shot influencer, or you are just trying to get into the whole influencer business. If you view private Instagram accounts instantly, you will get the advice that you must know how to keep your followers happy.

They need content which is food for the eyes and soul!

Plus, they would also need some engagement from time to time!

Yes, maintaining all of it could be a very tiresome job. However, it is not something which will help you as well.

So, sit back, relax as in this excerpt below we will be talking about the different ways in which-

– You can understand what is going on with your following.

– Try to take their feedback into consideration.

– Post what they wish to see, &

– Overall, keep them happy.

If you are still worried that you will lose your follower count, and they are disappointed with your content.

Then let us first try to understand what you could be doing wrong.

What Makes Your Followers Unhappy

These are some of the biggest mistakes you can make because these will make your followers very unhappy.

What Makes Your Followers Unhappy

Increasing Instagram followers is your goal?

Then you have to stop making these mistakes!

Not Engaging: If you just haphazardly from time to time and do not answer questions or hold lives. All in all, you are not able to understand what people want and what is making them happy because of the lack of engagement.

No Consistency: There is no consistency with what you are doing. You are either overwhelming your followers with a post every day or not posting for a week. This inconsistency will make them unfollow your account immediately.

Avoiding Criticism: Yes, there are a lot of mean comments over the internet. However, there is a difference between mean comments and actual genuine criticism. Please try to take the criticism into account and work on them. Fulfilling customer feedback is very important.

How To Keep Your Instagram Followers Happy

Now that you know the pointers that can make your followers unhappy, avoiding them is the first thing you can do.

According to experts, look into the part that says what can make your Instagram followers happy. Have a look on10 simple ways to boost instagram engagement.

1. Creating An Instagram Community

You can take your most valuable followers and create Instagram groups. This will allow you to fulfill two purposes.

One, you will be able to understand your followers on a much deeper level.

Two, your followers will commend your effort in trying to grow meaningful relationships on a human level.

This is also an excellent way to attract more followers to your community.

2. Giving Them The Limelight

Whenever you post stories or have your live sessions, try to give your followers some limelight. Make them understand that they are not just numbers and that they are valued.

Give them random shoutouts, especially if they are trying to be an influencer as well.

Plus, you can share screens during live and allow them the stage.

3. Creating An Urgency For Their Needs

If they are commenting on a problem or personally telling you something, always ensure that you are making a mental note of it.

You must discuss these issues and solve the problem as soon as possible!

A responsible influencer is always a likable one.

4. Post Everyday

Yes, your followers want to see your content every day!

This doesn’t mean you are going to overwhelm them with posts.

Have a strategy!

Post something every day, at a consistent time. This will give your followers one new piece of content every day and ensure that they do not miss it.

5. Don’t Just Talk Business

If an influencer job is based on some business, you are associated with, or it could be your very own business.

However, it will look very technical and bland if you are just talking about business.

Your followers will think of themselves as some money machine, and that would definitely not help them.

Instagram Celebrity Only When You Listen To The Fans!

If you have quite a following on Instagram, then it is safe to say that you are definitely an internet celebrity!

These followers are your ardent fans, and you have some responsibility towards them.

This is why you need to keep them happy no matter what!

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