Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiments – All Locations Guide

A few days one of my friends was playing Spiderman 2, and as a gamer, he was always in a rush to complete every game but this time he got stuck with a task called EMF experiments and could not complete it.

But after reading a few blogs and watching YouTube videos and trial and error he finally completed the EMF experiments.

I know many of you are also in the same place – where you are confused and don’t know how to find and complete the EMF experiment’s location.

But don’t worry about this I have shared the exact steps and some bonus tips taken from my friend that will help you to find the EMF experiment location and complete it without any hurdles.

Now before we jump into the steps of completing every EMF experiment it’s important to understand the meaning of the EMF experiment.

What are Spider-Man 2 EMF experiments?

If you are playing Spider-Man 2, most probably you have heard about the EMF experiment – so let’s understand the real meaning of the EMF experiments.

The Spiderman 2 EMF experiments are science-based side missions that include some dramatic experiments such as riding bikes, collecting flowers, or annoying birds, most of this experiment involves the scientific process.

Once you complete it you will earn the reward along the way and to complete this experiment you have to pick a character named Peter and help the emily-may foundation.

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How to Unlock EMF Experiments in Spider-Man 2?

Unlocking the EMF experiment in Spiderman 2 is not a big deal, you simply need to head over to the “healing the world”  and complete the missionand once you complete the mission you will see the EMF experiment visible across the city there is a total of 9 EMF experiments that will appear on the EMF experiments map and all you need is to find them and once you will complete all the trophy you will receive the foundational trophy for completing all emf.

Now let’s talk about how to complete the EMF experiment 9 and solve the EMF experiment puzzle and the things that you should consider.

How to Complete the EMF Experiment Puzzle?

As mentioned above each experiment involves different tasks and objectives that you need to complete to see the progress in the game this section is the EMF experiments walkthrough that will help you understand each and everything about each experiment.

To complete the experiment the first thing that you need to start with with finding the Emily May Foundation Kiosk receiving the instructions from the pre-recorded messages and completing the given task in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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Walkthrough of EMF Experiments Map locations in spider-man 2

Completing the experiment is not a big deal but before that, need to know about all the locations of the experiment that will appear on our map.

Here are the locations of the eight experiments and the steps that you need to know to complete all the EMF experiments.

1. Central Park: Energy

The first location from which you can start your experiment is the central park and for this mission, you will ride bike through Central Park as a peter but for that, the first thing is to take borrow the bike at the tent in the central park.

Once you get the bike you need to ride through each checkpoint of the park, but at some point, your bike will start to spark which indicates that you have limited time to finish the checkpoint.

But when you cross the ninth checkpoint, you will be able to apply a speed boost to the R2, when you return the bike to the charging station, you will done with this experiment.

2. Brooklyn Heights: Energy

It is another experiment where you will deploy the turbines and to use it you will need to glide using web wings to reach the high altitude.

But here the things using the wings alone is not enough to take you high, in this case, Peter will let me know that wings are not enough and recommend you to the special map.

Now enter into the recommended spot that you will get into the wind stream that will help carry you high in the sky.

Once you are high enough you can deploy the five turbines using the square button – now you will receive an alert about one of your turbines being in trouble use the L1 +R1 to web throw it.

3. Little Tokyo: Plant Science

To complete this experiment, you will need to follow the steps I have shared below.

  • The first thing you need to do is find the crop specimens. Head over to the nearby plant bed, then follow the vines to locate three crop specimens.
  • The first one is along the west fence, the second one is on the east side, and the third one is by the south-facing wall of the building.

 Once you find the crop specimens, you will need to modify the plants. Collect three specimens and return them to the EMF kiosk, You can skip the puzzle from the pause menu without any problems. The final step is to fix the water leaks.

  •  Head over to the water tower located north of the kiosk. Use the web pull (L1+R1) on the valve to turn on the water. You will notice leaks in the pipes in specific places:
  •  One leak is in the garden, blocked by a cart (use web pull to move it).
  • Another leak is covered by boxes and a pallet (use an attack or web throw to uncover).

Fix all the leaks using your web shooters (R1). Once you fix them, the experiment is completed, and you are done with emf experiments.

4. Portside: Plant Science

In this experiment Peter needs to help EMF to create more resilient plants here are the steps that you need to follow

  • The first thing that you need to do is to analyze the water near the EMF kiosk and eliminate the corrupted atoms and you can scan with R3 to clean the corrupted atoms.
  • Once you clean the water you need to catch the fish for that you need to head southwest to the water and if you want to catch the specific fish you can use the web pull (L1+R1).
  • Another thing that you can do is to land on the wooden beam and scan using the R3 to find the right fish.
  • After catching the fish return it to the EMF kiosk and solve the science puzzle now you need to solve a couple of the science puzzles or you can also skip it if you want using the pause menu.

If you follow the above steps carefully you will able to complete this plant science EMF experiment.

5. Two Bridges: Plant Science

It is another experiment where EMF needs help to make their planet grow faster, and the best part is that Peter already knows exactly how to make it grow faster. Here are the steps that you need to follow to get the plant:

  •  Find the greenhouse and go to the objective marker to access the greenhouse that got messed up.
  • Follow the pollen trail to track down the plant that the thieves took with the trail of pollen.
  • Once you have tracked it down, you will reach the rooftop hideout of the thieves.
  • Now you can deal with them however you want and take the plant head back to the kiosk to finish the mini-science game.
  • During this process, you will get attacked, so you need to fight off the attacker and finish your experiment.

Finally, you have successfully finished the Plant Science track of the EMF Experiments!

6. Central Park: Bee Drones

Once you interact with the kiosk at this location, you will enter the bee drone mode. This means that now all you have to do is fly around Central Park and destroy the holographic targets.

It is much similar to the “Heal the World” mission. Pilot the drone through the yellow holograms to finish, and once you have done it, you will complete the mission.

7. Queens Apiary: Bee Drones

This experiment is located in the place known as Odessa. In this experiment, you take control of the bee drone, and your task is to make the drone aim better.

To achieve this, use the R1 button to shoot and destroy the fake enemies. However, a real problem arises – a bird. To deal with the bird, press the Triangle button to switch to Sonic Mode. Chase the bird back to its habitat.

 The best part is that the bird will be marked on your screen and the mini-map. Once you reach the bird’s habitat, simply destroy the wood propping the door open. This will trap the bird, and you will finish the experiment.

8. Prospect Park: Bee Drones

This is the final EMF experiment in which you have to interact with the kiosk in the location to enter Bee Drone mode. Fly the drone in the park and shoot the 10 targets before the power runs out, and the power level will be represented on your screen.

  •  Interact with the kiosk in the location to enter Bee Drone mode.
  • Fly the drone in the park and shoot 10 targets before the power runs out. The power level is shown on your screen.
  •  Use the bee drone to eliminate holographic targets in Downtown Brooklyn.
  • Navigate the drone through the yellow holograms.
  • Check the power level by looking at the ring around the target in the center of your screen.

After completing these, proceed to the next set of steps:

  •  Find and confront the abductors.
  • Connect with the drone and save the bees using Sonic Mode.
  • Once you save them, it’s time to defeat the criminals.

After defeating them, you will finish your last experiments on the locations in Spider-Man 2.


Once you finish all the EMF experiments in Spider-Man 2, you will unlock rewards along the way. However, one thing to consider is that you will not be able to access this reward until you have completed the main story.

 If you have completed all the EMF experiments and the main story, then the one last EMF experiment will appear on your map. This experiment will take you back to your home, and you will receive your reward.

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