how to connect external monitor to MacBook air
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How to Connect External Monitor to MacBook Air? (Step By Step)

Hassaan Khan

When I do my office work on my MacBook Air, I have to open a lot of Browsers, Windows, applications ...

does snapchat have a dark mode
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Does Snapchat have a Dark Mode? How to Turn it On?

Hassaan Khan

I use Snapchat a lot, especially at night. But after using Snapchat for some time, its bright white light starts ...

scan the thinq qr code on the product
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Scan the Thinq QR Code on the Product: Smart LG Appliances

Komal Nawaz

As a busy mom trying to keep up with managing my household, I’m always looking for ways to make appliance ...

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What is App Selector? (How to disable it)

Hassaan Khan

I bought a new Android mobile 1 month ago, so while checking all its features, I found “AppSelector“, I had ...