Text Mail Subscriber: How do they Scam you?

Text Mail Subscriber

This happened a few days ago, as usual, I was doing the office work and focused on completing it – but suddenly I got a phone call from an unknown number, and before I received it gets disconnected.

I received a pop message on my phone “The text mail subscriber is not available” – When I called back I got a voice mail of the text mail subscriber’s unavailability.

I got worried and I started researching the mail subscriber message, after reading a few blogs, watching YouTube videos & talking with friends.

I came to know they also have been the victims of this and that’s the reason I am creating this post to make you aware of the text mail subscriber scam.

So make sure you read until the end – as we have shared everything you need to know about these anonymous text messages.

Let’s first start with an understanding of the – What is a Text Mail Subscriber?

What is a Text Mail Subscriber and its Scam?

“The text mail subscriber” refers to a person who sends text messages via web service or internet phone services instead of using normal portable phones or any other landline services.

The bad news about this is you cannot call them back and if you try to call them back either you receive the same text message that the text mail subscriber is unavailable or in various cases, it found that you will not receive any response at all.

At the same time, these text mail subscribers will get a notification that informs them that someone is trying to reach them and it has been found that several times people send these text messages to promote their products in the hope of getting a sale from it but most of the time it’s a sign of a scam.

Why do people take a Text Mail Subscription and send a Text Message?

Now the other question that might come to your mind is: why do these text mail subscriber voicemail random people & what is the benefit of sending such messages using text mail?

Let’s understand these things in detail – so let’s first start with the benefits of text mail


Many companies use these kinds of text mail service to reach directly to their customers and most of the time these companies use the automated system of sending such kinds of a text messages or emails

The main motive of these companies is to advertise their product and services and let the customers know about their new promotions offers and discounts.

The bad thing from the customer’s perspective is that they cannot provide direct feedback in these messages which makes it even more convenient for the companies to send the offers and avoid negative comments about their offers.

Cost saving 

If I talk about the other aspect of sending such text messages is cost saving and yes you heard it for the companies sending a text message by using a text mail subscription is a lot cheaper than advertising on the billboard or in any TV channels.

Maintaining Privacy 

As mentioned before most mail subscriber uses web services or internet phone services and generate numbers to send these messages – which makes it difficult for the common people to track anonymous text messages.

How does Text Mail Service Work?

The text mail services work by putting a call to an application like Google Voice or Text Now – that places your number to make the calls – but the bad news is that you cannot respond to these calls as they are initiated using different IPs.

As said before many companies use this text mail service to send promotional and discount offers to their customers with convenience and also save their cost.

Now you have an understanding of text mail subscribers and their benefits, let’s talk about how people use it for scams but before that first understand what is text mail subscriber scam.

ow can I Find out Who Sent me a Text from a Text Mail Subscriber?

Find Out Who Sent me a Text from a Text Mail Subscriber

Save the number from where you get these kinds of messages. And make a Google search and try to look that if this number is linked to any social media platform. If it is available, contact them and ask them to reveal themselves. When it becomes serious, and when you are receiving text messages again and then report to police they’ll help you.

What is a Text Mail Subscriber Scam?

As said before, a text mail subscriber isn’t a scam but it’s a tool to reach customers, it becomes risky when it goes into the wrong hands, many times the scammer uses a text mail subscriber to send you fraudulent messages.

Most of the time they do this by hiding their identity with a text mail subscriber number so they use text messages to scam the people.

Example of Text Mail Subscriber Scam 

Now let’s discuss some of the examples of text mail subscriber scams – The one thing that I noticed many times in these scammers:

They will send you an anonymous text message pretending that they are from a reputable organization or they are an authority person and in most cases, they will ask you to take immediate action such as clicking on linking and sending them your personal document information via text.

The bad thing about this: many people send their personal information in greed of receiving something and losing their money or getting a loan in their name if you get such of message – do not respond, click on any links, or send your personal information otherwise you will get scammed very easily.

To protect yourself from text instead of sending the details or clicking on the link you can search about the organization name and verify whether they are legitimate text mail subscribers or they are scammers whose main motive is to scam you.

Signs Text Mail Subscriber is a Scammer

Before you make any decision you need to learn to identify whether the subscriber is a scam or not, so here are some of the things that you can use to identify if the message is a scam.

Requires Personal Information 

As you have read many times banks always advise you to don’t share your personal details with any person and this same rule applies when you receive a text mail subscriber message asking you for your details.

Don’t fall into such kinds of traps and never share your personal information chances are mail subscriber is a scam you will get scammed by them.

Unusual Links 

Many times these text mail subscriber’s messages contain links that force you to take immediate action otherwise something bad will happen – if you get such kind of message never respond – they will take your data and scam you.

Unrealistic Offers

There are many people victims of such cases where the person (scammers) will send you unwanted text messages or call you to inform you that you have won the million dollar prize and you are the only one who won this among millions of people and it’s the most common cases that I have seen so far where people lose their intelligence and get into their trap.

Messages create FOMO (fear of missing out)

Creating FOMO for selling the product or services is the most common marketing technique that companies use, but nowadays scammers also utilize it.

If you see such messages then high possibilities are that these text message subscribers are scammers – some of the words that they use more often in their messages to create urgency are

  • Urgent,
  •  Update,
  •  ASAP
  • Click this link the right way

 If anything similar to these make sure to ignore it at any cost – there is a high possibility that it’s a scam.

How to Identify Text Mail Subscriber Number?

Before you learn about identifying the text mail subscriber it’s vital for you to first know how to identify the text mail subscriber and although it’s very difficult to identify who the text mail is.

But here are some of the ways that you use to identify a text mail subscriber’s number.  

Search on the web 

One of the first things that you can do to track a text mail subscriber is use a web search – what you can do is?

Go to Google and type the mail subscriber from which you have received the text messages and press enter now google will show you the result if any websites display that specific number.

You can check the identity of the text mail subscriber by going to their websites or social media accounts. Most of the time Google also reveals that the number is involved in fraudulent activities. 

Ask from others 

Another thing that you can do to identify the person behind the text mail is to simply ask the other people around you – By doing this you will identify whether they are also receiving such message or not.

If they know about that text mail subscriber texting number then it’s a good point to start tracking about such mail subscriber scams.

Use the tracking apps

Using the tracking apps is another good way to track these mail subscribers’ numbers and these apps have the data of thousands of phone numbers in their directories.

You can use these to identify the mail subscriber number who is texting & one of the popular tracking apps that you use is True Caller – It has a huge database of phone numbers which can help you know more about these scammers.

Use the Reverse Lookup Services

Sometimes these tracking apps will not provide you the exact name of the text mail subscriber and you use the internet reverse phone lookup services to check the sender names.

Message them back 

If the above solution is not providing you with the solution the other that you can do directly is – send a direct message to the person this way you will know about their intention behind messaging you but it can be risky especially when you have not found any information about the text number is the google search process.

How to Block a Text Mail Subscriber?

I can understand that getting these kinds of messages regularly can be very frustrating – so here are the steps that you use to block text mail subscribers and throw them out from your phone.

Let me first share the steps of blocking the text mail subscriber on the Android phone

  • Open your default text messaging app
  • Long-press the message from text mail subscriber
  • Tap Delete from the menu
  • Check the Also Block this Number box
  • Tap Move to Trash

If you are an iPhone or IOs user, here are the steps that you need to follow 

  • Open the Messages app on your phone.
  • Look for the “All Messages” category and tap on it.
  • Find and open the text message from the sender you want to block.
  • Click on the phone number of the sender.
  • Tap the “i” button (usually found in the top-right or bottom-right corner).
  • Choose “Block This Caller” from the options.
  • A pop-up menu will appear; press “Block” to confirm and block the sender.

These are the steps that you can follow to block the text mail subscriber – and once you block it becomes impossible for them to reach your phone.

You can choose to block the contact from your phonebook if you have saved the number there and all you have to do is open the contacts or messaging app on your phone, click on the contact’s details icon, and then select the block option.

Track a text mail subscriber – Personal Method

Google the same number but in the inverted commas “Number” and see the results the chances are high that you will find the information about the number – may be from the website or any other social media and it will pull them up on top searches, and you can track them where that number is used.

How does Text Mail Service Work?

Text mail service redirects your phone calls to the applications like Google Voice or Text Now. You can’t answer these calls since they’re processed by utilizing your IP address. Marketing companies and large organizations use text mail subscribers for the promotion of their campaigns and offer. The reason is that they do not need a callback.

Signs a Text Message is a Scam

To avoid scammers, you should know how you can find them. There are two types of text messages Branded and non-branded messages. Many brands use this to do SMS or email marketing. If you receive branded text message or email on your device, it must show a name instead of their number. This is a message from any brand or a registered company from your government.

Branded Sms Message
Branded SMS Message

A company which is registered is verified that their promises are genuine and you can believe them. These brands don’t generate fake offers to scam people. But there are still chance that they do scam. If you receive text messages or email address from any random number, then there are chances that he is a scammer.

Scam Text Message

Non-branded one is the message from any random number. These messages are usually fake and scam because they aren’t verified, and their brand is not registered. Not all of them, but mostly you can say are scams. Because there are many text trick comes as a text discount nowadays. It would be best if you didn’t believe their offers and promises.

Scam Text Message
Scam Text Message

Essentially, if you’ll get a message saying that you’ve been overcharged for some services. We want to refund you all of your amounts if you provide your personal information; numerous text sender is scammer who usually use it. Sometimes you get a text message about some discount on some fantastic services if you provide your number or email.

Text Mail Subscriber Reverse Lookup

Mostly Text Mail Subscriber don’t use any mobile device or a landline they use the internet instead of. You may contact your network provider who was calling you to text mail subscriber reverse lookup. But in the situation where it comes up with the unknown or unavailable message, you can’t approach them.

Can you Find Out Who Called you From a Text Mail Subscription?

According to the Jerry Sorrell:

Can't answer how to find out who is sending you texts or calls as a result of a text mail subscription. I could as far as know how but my thought is that legit or spam, if you don't know the name of who is calling you or texting you, you are better off not taking a chance.

To be exact it is not possible to find out who called you from a text mail subscription. Whether by text or by phone call, if I get contacted by an unknown number, I treat them all as spam and delete and block them. I advise people to do the same. I trust texts even less than calls and unknown emails are bad news too.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you Find Out Who Called you From a Text Mail Subscription?

No, it’s not possible to find the who called you from a text mail subscription whether by text or by phone call, if I get contacted by an unknown number, I treat them all as spam and delete and block them – you can do that too.

What’s the difference Between Text Mail and Email?

Text mail are short and crisp message usually under 160 characters while mail is longer and contains a professional tone which is mostly for business communication purposes.

How Can I Find out Who Sent me a Text from a Text Mail Subscriber?

The easiest way to do this is to use Google search and try to see if this number is linked to any social media platform or the next thing that you use is number tracking apps.

Can You Get the Text Mail Subscriber Number?

Yes, you can get this number from your services provider you have to provide the data, and if it’s available you can get it but to be honest these text mail subscribers are mysterious things 

How do I Block a Text Mail Subscriber?

Open the text message app or phone you use to receive texts, find the message from the Text Mail subscriber you wish to block, press and hold the message until a menu appears, choose the “Block” or “Block Sender” option from the menu, and then follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the block

Wrapping Up

From the above post, one thing is very clear – all mail subscribers are not scams as companies are also utilizing these techniques – so whenever you receive such a message you have to check the signs of mail subscribers scams that I have mentioned in this post.

If you still have any questions or face any issues regarding the mail subscriber, please let us know in the comment section.

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