How to Text Someone who Blocked Your iPhone? (Secret Method)

How to Text Someone who Blocked Your iPhone? (Secret Method)
How to Text Someone who Blocked Your iPhone? (Secret Method)

Imagine if after a violent argument with a close friend or family member, you blocked them on your iPhone or they blocked you. Then, you searched the internet to find out if it was feasible to message a blocked conversation on an iPhone or if you could text someone you had blocked on an iPhone. If you’re seeking advice on the subject, here will provide you with a useful tutorial that will thoroughly address both of these queries. So let us begin. 

How to text someone who blocked your iPhone

No it is not possible. It is hard to go around an iMessage block since the program hides your email or contact details. As a result, your text is covertly deleted from the recipient's iPhone.

You cannot get around iMessage blocking because it takes place on the user’s end. On an iPhone, you may send a text to an individual who has banned you if you modify your caller ID. Follow the given instructions to do that:

  • Tap on the settings button on your iPhone.
  • Access iMessages.
  • Simply select “Send and Receive.”
  • Find and choose the “You may be contacted by iMessage at” option.
  • Your new email account will appear when you click “Add another email.”
  • Send an email to confirm as quickly as possible.
  • Following your new email address’s confirmation, click “Start New Conversations.”

How do you know if you have been blocked on your iPhone?

It’s advisable to first determine whether you’ve been blocked because you often aren’t told when someone blocks you, so do that before you even try to text a person who has blocked you on the iPhone. Here are several methods for determining whether you have been blocked on an iPhone:

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Your message is sent automatically.

Don’t worry, you are not blocked if you send somebody a text and they responded to it automatically. Only numbers that haven’t been blacklisted on a person’s iPhone can receive automated answers.

If, however, you do not receive an automatic answer, which often indicates that someone has activated the Do Not Disturb option, you should be worried.

Error “iMessage Not Delivered” Appearance

Under the text box, you can see if you’ve received an “iMessage Not Delivered” error.This indicates that someone has banned you. Activate SMS texting on your iPhone if this occurs. When that happens, your smartphone will attempt to send a text message using your cellular connection.

As an alternative to using iMessage, you might try and send the text directly again. If you are still unable to send texts, you have been banned.

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Can you send an iMessage to a blocked person?

You can send imessages to those who are blocked, yes. If you block someone, they can no longer call, text, or FaceTime you, but if they know your email address, they can still send you messages. 

When you ban someone on your iPhone, how are third-party applications impacted?

No, they aren’t, and because they are often unaffected, the individual may still contact you using third-party applications. As a result, in order to prevent them from contacting you through those communication channels, you must also ban someone on the third-party app.

A phantom text message is what is it.

A ghost text message is one for which you were charged even if you never got it. This may occur if your phone is switched off, out of range, or if the message is lost in transit when it is sent.

On my iPhone, how can I unblock someone?

  • To change your blocked contacts on your iPhone, go to Settings and then Phone. 
  • A banned number may be unblocked whenever you want to resume receiving calls, text messages, and alerts from it.
  • • You won’t be informed if you receive a call from a blocked number; it will just go to voicemail. You will need to unblock that caller to update this so that you can see the notification.
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Today’s technologically advanced society makes communication simpler than ever. However, by just tapping one or two keys, you may also prevent certain persons from contacting you via their iPhones. But now that you’ve read this article, you know a clever technique to get around it and still message them on your iPhone. Additionally, you are aware of the telltale signals that would let you know whether someone has blocked you on their iPhone. Thus, if your phone number is ever blocked, the solutions provided in this piece will help you resolve all of your messaging-related problems.

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