In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most popular websites among students, which is “” And why is no longer in service.


What is Textsheet? was a site utilized by numerous students all over the world; it helped them discover answers to their queries.

The site gets massive prominence in students and instructors in a short timeframe. The site gives all the answers to students for nothing. That was the main reason why it’s so popular.

The site worked through API innovation. In simple words, when a student comes to the to discover answers, he enters his question in the search bar, and sends the inquiry to Chegg answers. Furthermore, utilizing the content, they give answers to the student through their site.

The shutdown of the caused numerous students to cripple. You may be thinking that, well, if it’s so popular then why that website is no longer in service?

Why is Textsheet Not Working?

The answer is because of Chegg. Chegg sent a DMCA notice to because of copyright issues.

Due to the DMCA copyright rules text sheet needed to stop its administration. offered answers for students utilizing API innovation; it gives responses by using Chegg API. Chegg is likewise an elective that offers online practice papers. Students recorded the URL of Chegg API at whatever point they looked for answers.

You may be thinking that what should we do now?

Don,t worry about that many alternative websites work like, and I will tell you what those websites are.

Are There Alternatives for Textsheet?

For students forgot about on the stagger, there is as yet a silver covering toward the finish of this sudden shutdown.

Because of each developing reach of online training suppliers on the web, there are numerous options that students can goto. In this article, I will tell you the top 8 websites that you can utilize as an alternative to

Best 8 Websites Like Textsheet:

1. Chegg


The best Textsheet alternative is Chegg itself. Text sheet used to utilize Chegg API to scratch the site for questions and their answers. Chegg is an American instructive stage that helped the secondary school and understudies in their scholastics, schoolwork help, and numerous other academic fields.

Chegg requests some enrollment expense that is utilized as the expense for all the administrations. The students would then lease books for studies, get free questions, and schoolwork help.

2. Slader


In Slader, you will discover an answer bit by bit, making it simple for students. It shows arrangements with numerous explanations. Slader offers responses from a vast number of course readings of various subjects. US students are more recognizable to Slader as this site is a lot of famous there.

It will offer you answers by just filtering the standardized identification of your coursebook, or you can likewise type the title of your reading material. After this, you will find applicable solutions to your issues.

Slader is entirely free yet has advertisements in it. On the off chance that you wish to utilize it promotion free, at that point, you can buy in at $1.99.

3. Coursehero


Course Hero is an educational platform, much the same as Chegg. Based on Redwood City, California. It has similar administrations as Chegg. It offers study materials and other instructive offices, such as book leasing and question papers.

Here you can quickly discover answers to your queries by merely writing your school’s name, subject, and you likewise have channels for course, clarifications, and questions.

4. Paperhelp


Paperhelp is helping understudies since 2008. It is another excellent option for It has been more comfortable with those students who are consistently needing to consider and comprehending papers.

This site is for any and each student regardless of which student you are. It will likewise assist you with composing research papers irrespective of whether you are a secondary school understudy or doing a Ph. D.

You can likewise arrange the exploration papers of yours in printed copy at your place. It will charge you per document from $10 to $24.

5. Crazyforstudy


Crazyforstudy is insane for students. It is the best arrangement Platform to get online Textbook arrangements manual, Assignment help, Homework Help, Test Bank Solutions manual, Question Answer Solutions Manual.

Crazyforstudy offers reading material arrangement manuals of mainstream books in each field of study. Discover master coaches for schoolwork help on the web and task help.

6. Studylib


Studylib is an excellent alternative. not just empowers you free downloading and storing the records, yet you can likewise share them with your companions without any problem.

This site covers everything of generally all subjects. Yet it additionally has an extraordinary component of an elective landing page where you will discover trending documents to make your pursuit simple.

When you join Studylib, you can add records and even papers to your account without any problem.

7. SparkNotes


SparkNotes is a website where you can go to when you’re confuzzled. They assist you with getting books, compose papers, and study for tests. They are clear and brief; however, SparkNotes never forget about significant information.

You can likewise purchase course readings and test papers from here. SAT understudies utilize this site for a government standardized test.

8. Quizlet


Students who use Quizlet as an alternative to is of 50 million of every 130 nations, and it has more than 300 million investigation material for tasks and numerous subjects.

The extraordinary element given by Quizlet is that you can record significance that will help you more in learning.

Quizlet has flashcards on its site for individuals who are comfortable in learning utilizing flashcards.

Final Words About Textsheet Alternatives

As is down permanently and you can’t utilize it any longer, we must locate the ideal swap. Thus, these were the 8 Best Textsheet alternatives that students and different instructors can use in 2020. Various stages offer various administrations. You have to utilize them in like manner.

If you think about some more comparative alternatives, told me in the comments underneath. I trust this post encourages you enough. If you are a student then you may like online proofreading tools to improve writing.