Tips for Moving on a Budget

Tips for Moving on a Budget
Tips for Moving on a Budget

Moving across the state is expensive. Unless you are a born minimalist, cutting down on costs can be quite challenging, especially when you have a considerably small budget to work with. 

So, how do you transport yourself and your belongings to the new apartment without breaking the bank? How do you make sure you have comprehensive coverage while moving?

When it comes to relocating, whether short or long distance, the biggest item on your list that will take up so much money is hiring movers.

But, if you know what you need from shippers, you might successfully lower the cost of hiring shippers. 

In this article, you will find a handful of tricks to help you save money on the road. 

  1. Declutter wardrobe, throw out unnecessary items and sell some off

Our first tip on how to cut moving costs is to move only the items you need. 

The truth is that you won’t need every item in your house.

Most items must have been sitting in your wardrobe for years because they have no usefulness in your home.

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You should avoid taking them along because the more load you plan to transport, the more the quote you get increases. 

You might wonder how these budget truck moving tips help. It’s simple!

By letting go of some items you don’t need, you reduce the cargo you plan to ship and, subsequently, the price you have to pay for them.

You also significantly reduce the extra weight of your load and make unpacking the box easier and faster. 

So, how do you achieve this? Throw them out or sell them!

If you find that the item does not hold that much value, you can simply throw them out and then clutter your new house.

On the other hand, some will be too expensive to throw away. So, arrange a garage sale to make some cash before departure.

If you have some bulky and heavy furniture that won’t fit into the new house, consider storage options; otherwise, sell them and make some extra cash. 

  1. Get cheap or free packing supplies.

Most hardware stores will demand so much money for something as little as a bungee rope.

You need to find various means to get your packing and packaging materials at lower prices or even for free.

Boxes are one item you can find in any store for free.

Check through your workplace for printer boxes; they also serve the same purpose as cardboard boxes.

Alternatively, ask your family and friends to know whether they have any boxes lurking in the corner of the house.

If they don’t have any, visit a grocery or liquor store around your current apartment to see if they have any box they can offer you. 

  1. Only move during fall and winter.

Another hack on our tips for moving on a budget that you need to consider is to rule off the peak season.

The downside of relocating during the peak season is that it comes at a high price.

Shippers know that every person looking to relocate will want to do so when favorable climate conditions. So, they charge an exorbitant sum. 

You don’t have to be one of those who pays a hefty amount to change homes in the summer or spring.

Winter and fall are also good times to move regardless of the cold climate. You enjoy low-cost benefits on not just hiring shippers but also on rent.

Also, consider a middle-of-the-month departure date as shippers are in low demand at this time; hence they charge lesser rates. 

  1. Check and compare the prices of professional movers. 

Moving companies differ. Some will charge an exorbitant cost for their services and even request extra for van, gas, specialized services like transporting large pianos and even gas.

Check and compare the prices of professional movers. 

Before shopping for your transport company, you need to check and compare their cost.

Here, you want to abide by three rules, which require you to get shipping estimates from three different transporters.

Once they offer their estimates, check if every service you need is covered there. 

Check if the quote covers the cost of using a movers truck, gas, labor cost and fees for offering specialized services for your larger furniture.

Apart from this, you need to check if the quote has a section for insurance coverage in the event of damages, theft and other accidents that may occur while on the road.

Also, verify if their transport cost varies if you plan to depart during the peak season or on weekends. 

Once you have these questions, choose one that favors you the most, from the low cost of their services to the type of service they offer.

Chicago movers are some of the best shippers that offer these benefits.

  1. Utility planning

You will often find that when you pay for utility bills, they don’t often last to the expected end date.

A situation like this may not be the fault of the utility company. Sometimes, it may be because your internet and electrical appliances consume so much energy.

When this happens weeks before your departure date, you need to cut off your utilities and don’ transfer to your new place until you are sure of leaving in days.

Not doing so will increase your billing cycle, making it difficult to transfer your utilities without paying for the added energy used. 


Learning how to reduce moving costs and being a minimalist is never easy, especially with a tight budget.

When you find yourself in this situation, the only way to overcome it is to be creative and think out of the box.

You never can tell what strategy will help you get things for free and at cheap rates.

This way, you can easily minimize the dent placed on your finances. 

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