Most Useful Websites for Cryptocurrency in 2023

Most useful websites for cryptocurrency in 2022

Investors need to be aware of up-to-date information about cryptocurrency and be the first to know the news in the industry.

To stay afloat with various industry events, it is important to be notified on some of the industry’s top news websites.

Indeed, everyone has already heard about cryptocurrencies, but it seems that everything has already been saying about them.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of questions that are not so easy for beginners to understand.

How to start trading crypto? What trading strategy to choose? What should be the starting investment amount? Where and how to buy digital coins profitably and safely? How do minimize risks and maximize profits? In today’s post, we share resources where you can get answers to all these questions.

And not only these. Everything about cryptocurrency from scratch: most useful websites for cryptocurrency and useful links for beginners – in our material.


CryptoDiffer is the leading cryptocurrency news site. The company was founded in 2013 and remains the largest news site in terms of the number of visitors per day.

The site registers more than 10 million users every month. The history of the new site is connected with the Digital Currency Group, a Blockchain investment group.

The news platform has a separate office from the parent company.

On this site, you can find out the price of the coin and the volume of trade in dollar terms and bitcoins, see the price movement chart, and see the sites where the coin is traded.

Wondering what is bitcoin? Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency, a virtual currency designed to act as money and a form of payment outside the control of any one person

The rating of cryptocurrency exchanges will be indispensable to finding the site with the largest volumes (important for traders).

Also, this resource can become a test for the authenticity of exchange sites – it publishes links only to official pages.


This is one of the best cryptocurrency research sites. ChainBroker is best known for accurate news, information, exchanges, PR, blockchain events, cryptocurrencies, and other things related to the decentralized world.

The website is constantly updated with the latest news and educational content about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In addition, the site provides information intended for newcomers to the field of cryptocurrency.

Speaking about buying coins before an important event, it is worth noting that it is worth buying no later than three to four weeks in advance since the price usually reaches its maximum a week before the event.

On the forum, you can read about cryptocurrency wallets, and look through posts about the development of new altcoins and coin solutions. is an independent database not affiliated with any project or company. This service does not constitute investment or financial advice. regularly publishes useful information and news related to cryptocurrency.

Up-to-date information is suitable for beginners and professional traders. It is one of the most respected resources in the industry.

They do not take a commission for their rating and invest in projects with a high rating themselves.

Their telegram group is very useful, in which there is a live discussion of projects and the results of the team’s voting are reflected. also hosts informative interviews.

GoDaddy (Coin. market)

The editors of the site provide news about the cryptocurrency industry and distributed ledger technologies.

Its owners are a media company from Seattle, founded in 2017. Even though Coin.

The market is a fairly young project, over the past few years, it has gained recognition in the industry.

In addition to cryptocurrency news, the site contains a wide range of information about ICOs, cryptocurrency ratings, and events.

Everything is presented clearly and intuitively, so even a beginner can figure it out. Coin. the market is without a doubt one of the top 10 crypto sites.

The portal offers up-to-date prices for thousands of coins, which can help you make an informed decision and develop a successful strategy for buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

But I would recommend using Coin. The market for this. 


Santiment is one of the world’s most popular price tracking websites in the fast-growing cryptocurrency market.

The mission of the portal is to make cryptocurrency more accessible to users.

On the site, you can find super accurate and objective information about all popular projects and assets.

Thanks to the information received, the reader can draw reasonable conclusions.

The portal maintains a telegram channel about investing in cryptocurrencies and trading.

On the channel, moderators regularly share authoritative opinions with subscribers about the changes taking place in the crypto industry.

Extensive experience allows the authors to predict the consequences of certain decisions of regulators.


The world of cryptocurrencies is changing more often than you can imagine.

To keep abreast of the latest news, you need to regularly read information resources.

However, the information on the sites is not always useful and truthful.

To keep abreast of current events, it is better to pay attention to the most useful websites for cryptocurrency.

You will not only be able to read useful information in a convenient format. All the most important news will be displayed on the main screen.

This is an ideal solution for beginners and already experienced crypto investors.

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