What Is The Kohl’s Dress Code 2022? (Jean, Shoes & More)

What Is The Kohl’s Dress Code
What Is The Kohl’s Dress Code

In March 2021, Kohl’s altered its dress code policy. It wants to give its staff a clean-cut and professional appearance. So what can employees wear while working for Kohl’s? Keep reading to know!

What Is The Kohl’s Dress Code

Employees at Kohl's are permitted to wear any dark-colored shirts dresses and tops. Additionally, employees of Kohl's are permitted to wear black or blue denim, beige jeans, capris or skirts, and casual or sporty footwear.

Do they offer any kind of Uniform at Kohl’s?

Kohl’s does not give its staff a uniform. But they must wear a Kohl’s badge and lanyard. Their dress code is “business casual.” Some people refer to it as uniform.

Can Kohl’s staff members wear Ripped Jeans?

Kohl’s prohibits excessively casual jeans. As mentioned earlier, the dress code at Kohl’s is business casual, you cannot wear frayed/distressed, torn, and ripped jeans.

Which Kinds Of Shoes Can Kohl’s Employees Wear?

Employees of Kohl’s are permitted to wear comfortable, supportive shoes that allow for all-day walking. This includes tennis shoes, fashionable shoes with open heels (such as clogs), and any other footwear the store manager deems appropriate.

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What Are Kohl’s Dress Code Requirements for Pant and Skirt Length?

The length of pants and skirts must meet a certain requirement to follow the business casual dress code. 

Here are the specifications that prevent staff from being distracted by their clothing and enable them to function comfortably and safely:

  • The minimum length of a dress is 2 inches from your knees.
  • Skirt length must not be less than 2 inches from your knees.
  • Capris must not fall below the mid-calf.

What Sorts of Shirts Are Permitted For Kohl’s Employees To Wear?

Employees of Kohl’s may currently wear solid-colored, collarless t-shirts and blouses. No shirts with designs, slogans, or patterns are permitted. All fabric should be a solid shade of either grey, dark blue, or black. Hoodies are not allowed.

At Kohl’s, are tattoos permitted?

Employees at Kohl’s are permitted to have tattoos so long as they are judged acceptable for public display. Tattoos that portray nudity, violence, or profanity must be hidden.

For advice on how to proceed, speak with your specific store manager if you have a tattoo on your face or neck that cannot be covered up.

Can Employees at Kohl’s Wear Leggings?

Fortunately, Kohl’s employees are permitted to wear leggings. But they must adhere to a few guidelines. The leggings must be made of black or blue denim. Since they might be a little see-through, you can wear them with long shirts.

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Can You Have Colored Hair At Kohl’s?

Unnaturally colored hair is permissible at Kohl’s as long as you have styled them professionally.

Are Hats Allowed at Kohl’s?

Unfortunately, Kohl’s employees are not allowed to wear hats inside the store. Although it doesn’t happen often, there is an exception if the employee is operating a company truck. The rule is the same for the sweater hoods.

Can You Wear Jewelry or Get Facial Piercings at Kohl’s?

One facial piercing is allowed for Kohl’s employees. But they have no limitations on ear piercings.

Since they do not place any limitations on necklaces, bracelets, or other jewelry, their employees are free to dress however they choose while still adhering to the dress code.

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Does Kohl’s permit paint or artificial nails?

Employees at Kohl’s are permitted to have painted or artificial nails. But they do emphasize that the paint can crack and the nails can break off depending on the section you work in. They do not advocate it for all employees.

Does the dress code for employees at Kohl’s Sephora different?

The Sephora counter staff at Kohl’s follow a somewhat different dress code. It is as follows:

  • Dark-colored shirts (preferably black)
  • Either black denim or black dress pants
  • Black athletic or casual shoes
  • Lanyard and badge from Kohl’s

The dress code may vary slightly at some shop locations in Colorado, California, Illinois, Malibu, and Oregon.

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Is There A Time When Kohl’s Relaxes The Dress Code For Special Occasions?

Currently, Kohl's restricts all employees to follow the dress code. The way people dress for events like Pink Shirt Day, Earth Day, and the holiday season may differ by store, while some locations of certain retailers permit more latitude concerning their dress codes.

What Is The Kohl’s Uniform?

Black shirts or t-shirts and any color of pants, including jeans, are part of uniforms at Kohl’s. You can dress professionally in anything like a black shirt, formal pants, and black shoes. 

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How to dress up for Kohl’s Interview?

During the interview process, you won’t be required to adhere to the in-store dress code. You only need to dress properly. Aim to look professional by avoiding low-cut, distressed, and closed-toed footwear. The standard is business casual. It is OK to wear dress shirts with slacks, dress skirts, collared shirts, and modest or conservative blouses.

Is there a similar dress code across all stores?

The business casual dress code’s general rules are the same for all stores, regardless of location. However, the specifications may change based on the store management. On certain special occasions, certain retailers might permit employees to dress informally, while other establishments would not.


There is a business casual dress code at Kohl’s. Staff members are permitted to wear dresses, knit sweaters/tops, and black collarless t-shirts as tops. They can wear black or dark blue denim, beige jeans, capris, or skirts for their bottoms. As long as they are a solid dark color and worn with a shirt that conceals your bottom, leggings are also OK. None of the clothing items may have patterns or graphics on them. Face piercings, tattoos (no profanity, graphic imagery, or nudity), and colored hair are all fine. Although it varies from store to store, Kohl’s Sephora employees can be required to adhere to a different dress code.

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