Why Is It Taking So Long For My Walmart Order To Process? Solved

Why Is It Taking So Long For My Walmart Order To Process
Why Is It Taking So Long For My Walmart Order To Process

You can buy thousands of products at Walmart both in-store and online. But one of the most annoying situations in shopping is when an order is being “processed.” You may want to know why order processing at Walmart takes a long time. Or can you do anything to minimize this time period? Here is the article for your guidance and help!

Why Is It Taking So Long For My Walmart Order To Process?

Due to stock limitations and late shipments that have not arrived at Walmart yet, orders from Walmart are stuck in the “processing” stages. Walmart fulfillment centers cannot send an order before the stock is received. Therefore, orders placed through the retailer sometimes take longer to complete than usual.

Why Does My Walmart Order Still Say Processing?

If your Walmart order still says processing, then it may currently consider a “back order.” These orders contain items that aren’t in stock at the retailer. Instead of canceling the order, Walmart normally waits for the new stock to arrive.

Unfortunately, this happens with all big e-commerce stores. It is because if the supplier’s shipments do not arrive on time, it surely affects the delivery and stock levels.

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What Is The Processing Time For An Order At Walmart?

Once an order has arrived at a store or fulfillment center, Walmart may need 2 to 4 hours to complete it. The order will go to the “shipping” stage once the processing is complete. 

If the item is not available at the stocking site of Walmart, your order may get delayed for a few days. Some Walmart customers have experienced a 2- to 10-day lag to shift from “processing” stage to the “shipping” stage. But this is uncommon. If there are significant delays, the management at Walmart will get in touch with you.

Walmart Order Never Arrived

Is There Anything I Can Do To Fix This?

Since Walmart will be waiting on suppliers, buyers are powerless to speed up the “processing” phase of the order. However, you can change your mind, get a refund, and buy the item somewhere else.

Alternatively, you can call Walmart Customer Service at 1-800-925-6278 if you cannot cancel your order and ask for a discount or store credit as compensation for the inconvenience. Customers have occasionally earned $20 off their entire transaction while calling.

How Can I Track My Online Order From Walmart?

You need to open the same Walmart account that you used to place the order to track your order online. Then choose “track orders” by clicking its symbol. The order number will be required. You can copy order number from your Walmart order confirmation email. 

How long does it take to complete an online order?

Usually, it takes 3 to 8 days to complete the online order. You can check where your delivery is and whether there will be any delays to the projected arrival date by utilizing the tracking system.

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What does order in progress mean?

Typically, “in progress” indicates that your order is out from our point of sale system but it has not yet been ready for shipping. You’ll receive an email notification when your package is shipped. 


Several factors can cause the processing of a Walmart order to be delayed. Backorders or a shortage of stock are typically the primary causes. Walmart will either cancel your order if it is too far away or wait till the next shipment of supplies arrives.

Using your Walmart account, you may track your order online. You can also call or email stores for more detailed guidance about your order.

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