6 Best-Proven Online Vector Converters Alternative (Free)

6 Best-Proven Online Vector Converters Alternative (Free)

Well, no matter whatever the reason behind your art-related work, vector graphic play an crucial role for your all design aspects.

 6 Best-Proven Online Vector Converters Alternative (Free)

Even thanks to online version of PNG to SVG converter that takes couple of clicks for exporting png as a quality vector SVG image file.

Did You Know!

A vector graphic file format is majorly designed by using curves, lines, rectangles, and certain shapes. You can even find that vector files most probably used in 2D and 3D artwork environments.

Even from the open-source of theonlineconverter.com you get best PNG to SVG converter that lets you convert one or more PNGs to vector SVGs according to different illustration presets like (black and white, grayscale, and high-color).

Online Convert

This handy source works best for all types of conversion requirements. And, when it comes raster files to vector graphics required, it lets you proceed with multiple file formats.

Even if PNG to SVG conversions is your preferences, then it’s best PNG to SVG converter lets you proceed with particular file conversion type.

It allows you to directly work with file conversions from the browser, also you can be able to add both local and cloud files into this program.

This source loaded with certain settings option that assists you to change the size, color, pixel, speckles, threshold, black and white threshold, and DPI.

You can now even save png as an SVG vector graphic file with high-quality colors by using simple to use free PNG to SVG converter online.

You can be able to save conversion settings if you want to transform files with similar settings and parameters.

Why to Use:

  • Provides you with the option to add files from multiple sources.
  • It lets you to choose file parameters and settings.


This site is indicated as the one of the best vector tool alternatives since it is loaded with best and free version of vector image file converters.

Even it loaded with high quality PNG to SVG converter to proceed your particular conversion according to certain illustration presets.

The most appealing reason to account this handy tool is that every raster to vector file conversion preserves the original file quality without any quality distortion.

Moreover, theonlineconverter lets you proceed with batch conversion at a great extent of level within fraction of seconds.

Why to Use:

  • Supports instant batch conversions
  • Simple to use and loaded with quick interface
  • Cloud-based conversions
  • Secure file conversion (converted and uploaded files deleted permanently from server after conversions)


If your artwork preference involves conversion from images to a wide array of vector formats, it is indicated as the simplest and fastest source.

You can fetch best PNG to free SVG converter from this source that lets you work directly from the browser.

Also, this vector utility allows you to add files from the system, URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive account within fraction of seconds.

You can only allow to add a maximum of 5 files within 300MB simultaneously into this converter. The upside is that you can easily download files from the main interface of this program.

Why to Use:

  • Vector converter loaded with simple and user-friendly interface.
  • You can be able to add files from multiple sources.


Account with this handy online tool that lets you process local and online files within no time.

Also, you could choose to convert the uploaded files to a wide range of vector graphic files such as SVG, EF, PDF and certain others.


One thing to remember is that the converted vector file is black and white. And if you want to attain high-color converted SVG files, then try online PNG to SVG converter that is listed in second number of the list.

Why to Use:

  • Assists you in adding local and online files.
  • The upside is that the multiple output formats supported.


As the name depicted that this PNG to SVG converter work best to turn JPG or PNG files to vector SVG images within fraction of seconds.

The upside about this utility is that it allows you to choose colors, simplify, and palette options. The generated vector file from this PNG to SVG converter can be easily downloaded form the program interface.

Also, this handy vector tool comes with a feature of file previewing, you can check both original and converted file as well.

Why to Use:

  • Simple (UI) user-interface.
  • Preview of the original and processed file at the interface.

Rapid Resizer

If your concern involves only black and white vector file conversions, then Rapid Resizer is always works best for you.

And, you have to seek for another PNG to SVG converter in order to convert PNG to high color presets SVG vector file.

All you need to add the file into the Rapid Resizer, once uploaded, you ought to choose from Outline or Centerline option to trace the file.

Also, you could move the slider right now and choose how sharp the image according to your preference. Remember that multiple vector file types are supported and even can be selected corresponding to your needs.

Why to Use:

  • Provides you with the option to choose Centerline or Outline as tracing.
  • It allows you to select the sharpness.

Well, use any one of the above discussed online vector alternative tools that swiftly convert regular raster files into vector graphics.

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