How to Organize Effective Work of Your SEO Team?

How to Organize Effective Work of Your SEO Team?

SEO optimization attracts many young professionals. This is really interesting. There is an opportunity to work on projects with various topics, improve your analytical skills.

You can also delve into the specifics of many business sectors. When it comes to working in an agency, each SEO is running several projects in parallel. So you definitely won’t be bored!

How to Organize Effective Work of Your SEO Team?

Modern labor market conditions provide the best conditions for both the novice and the experienced craftsman. As a result, it is much easier to begin your adventure now than previously. There are many life hacks, video reviews, tutorials and just information on thematic forums.

Even despite the availability of educational information, there are still many difficulties in the SEO profession today. They stand out mainly in the format of collaborative efficiency.

How to organize high-quality teamwork and what issues should you pay attention to first of all? More information on the topic and about the guest posting service see this here.

Monitoring of the Current Situation

When a team takes on a small project, everything is simple and straightforward. There is no need to prioritize for a long time, to define job responsibilities and functions.

A large Ecommerce project is a completely different story. More specialists are needed here, the situations are more confusing, the performer often faces chaos.

These obstacles are almost always associated not with technical difficulties, but with organizational factors.

Furthermore, a huge project has most likely already experienced several revisions, thus it is critical to investigate the situation on the client side as soon as possible:

• What work on the project was done before us? What tasks do in-house specialists perform?

• Which specialists are responsible for client-side SEO of the site? How to manage SEO?

• How should team interactions with service IT managers be organized?

• How to organize the work of both teams and ensure the fulfillment of the assigned terms of reference?

Remember that effective link building is of particular importance to SEO. In order to build an efficient SEO team, it is necessary to plan for any potential risks ahead of time.

To do this, you should undertake extensive project monitoring on the client side, as well as appropriately structure team interactions. It is also necessary to set transparent objectives.

Defining the Functional Responsibilities of each Team Member

Lengthy approvals are common on large projects. Even for tasks with a low priority, you have to communicate with 5-10 people so that no one misses something important.

This is beneficial in the context of developing communications. Because each team member clearly sees what is happening. On the other hand, the information space is clogged.

Employees may just be unable to respond to unintelligible information at times.

When tasks are “inflated” to the staff, recommendations for improving the project quickly dissolve in correspondence. They do not reach their logical conclusion. Working in this format is cumbersome and inefficient.

To know who is doing what, who needs to be contacted for clarification, it is worth organizing a timesheet of functional roles. Each member of the seo management team in 2022 will be assigned a specific functional responsibility.

In practice, this structure works great. When a customer submits a request to improve a website for real estate sales, you may instantly assess how many personnel are required to complete the technical project.

Typically, all job pieces are written to a single file. Then each participant chooses a task for himself and enters his data.

When scaling a project, in order to avoid confusion, the administrator can bind a team member to a new fragment of the ToR.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of specialists to monitor their tasks in a common file. You can read about how to do this correctly on the website

The division into roles makes the project easier to work with. You may also compute the number of specialists necessary.

Large SEO team in an organization allows you to complete tasks faster. This is a significant benefit in terms of timing. When there is a division by tasks and roles, it is easier to coordinate actions and find suitable solutions.

Organization of Teamwork

Dividing tasks by performer does not yet guarantee a positive result. You should focus on the interactions with the team on the client side in addition to organizing within the team.

Client-side staff frequently collaborate on projects alongside the offshore SEO team. As a result, the priority is most often determined by staff members.

Organization of teamwork

For example, first, you need to develop a new section of the site for new items. But the task of setting up contextual advertising goes on the back burner.

Such circumstances are common in large corporations and are referred to as “conflict of goals.” Despite the fact that there is one project, each target team has its own reporting form and tasks.

As a result, it turns out that when SEOs come to managers on current issues, the latter refer to the priority of their tasks.

Lengthy and tedious negotiations often start afterwards. SEO specialists point to their burning topics. For example, timing, client managers are guided by their own beliefs.

In any case, clarification will be required. It is better to talk about the organization of team coherence before starting work on a joint project.

As practice shows, in such situations it is not worthwhile to exert pressure or resort to harsh conclusions. You just need to correctly configure the SEO team structure of two teams and define their SEO role:

• Describe the priority of the task, considering the benefits to both teams. Along with the SEO tasks, the manager has tasks for programmers, content managers, copywriters.

It is important to talk about the advisability of SEO optimization. It is also necessary to explain the benefits for each development team in their segment.

• Division of complex tasks into fragments. The structure of the overall business task should be logical and understandable. The task blocks should be prioritized so that the important ones come first and the less important ones the second.

• Attracting the necessary software. In a multitasking environment, SEOs need to be as involved as possible in all stages of a technical assignment. It should take into account parallel processes. When it comes to developing a large Ecommerce project, you can use teamwork tools. For example, to interact with designers, it is relevant to use the Figma application. In it you can see the general priorities of the user interface.

It is also important to communicate with programmers in the same language. For this, there are cloud technologies, frameworks with remote access.

When a SEO specialist needs to view the features of software solutions, he will not have to jerk the programmer every time.

Having a common work environment makes it easier to achieve rapport and coherence. As practice shows, employees who are involved in the scale of the project are much more motivated.

Even in a complex structure of communications, the client and the team need comfort. After each meeting with the client, the SEO team can describe the achieved results and present them to the client.

Employees can also additionally conduct marketing in the corresponding department. It is important not to overload the client with details and create a convenient reporting format.

When the customer is informed and satisfied with the work of the SEO department, the team’s interest in the project, motivation and productivity increases.

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