Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights? Max Dumbbells, Bench Press?

Does planet fitness have free weigh

Does planet fitness have free weights and machines? Here I’ve described the planet fitness free weight, equipment, and workout briefly.

Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights

Planet Fitness is one of the most famous fitness clubs and in the USA and has many locations.

So read the article carefully for helpful information.

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Does Planet Fitness have Free Weights?

Planet Fitness offers its members the ultimate facilities that help them to be healthy and fit.

It offers free weights to the member who wishes to have weight training.

These are available in racks and let the fitness freaks enjoy the ultimate training sessions.

Along with free weights, members have access to machine weights.

It is their choice to pick up one and proceed with their workout sessions.

Free Weights vs Machines: Do You Really Need to Choose?

At a gym, you have access to both options of free weights and machine weights.

If you are worried about selecting the appropriate option from these two, you are struggling to fit.

It seems excellent progress you can make for a healthy life.

Before ending up with a decision of picking machine weights or free weights, you should know what these two offers.

Free weights are more about your posture understanding and muscle tension.

You cannot be free nor have any specifically directed posture.

You must know the correct posture to use these weights and get some trainer help as well.

Whereas machine weights offer you a little support. The machine helps you to have a perfect posture and pay a little less attention to body control.

It does not require specific help or attention. For the ultimate training, professionals suggest having a combination of both weights.

The Planet Fitness Myth and Why does Planet Fitness not have Free Weights?

There are numerous myths roam around about Planet Fitness, and one of them is the no-free weights.

It is not true that Planet Fitness does not have free weights at all.

However, most free weights are replaced by machine weights due to safety concerns.

Since for beginners, weight machines are easy to handle and less stressful, so, they can find them frequently in the gym area.

For the professionals and trained workout freaks, free weights are still on the counter.

What Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights Have?

Planet Fitness is the home for all exclusive gym equipment.

Planet Fitness Have Free Weights

It is loaded with all essential gym equipment, including cardio equipment, dumbbells, free weights, weight machines, fixed barbells, loose barbells, and plates.

You can find all essential and well-maintained gym equipment there.

It is a place where you can find every facility in hand. It does not because you face issues with the unavailability of the fitness equipment.

How is Planet Fitness Different and How Much is it to Workout at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is different from any regular gym you know ever.

It is a well-managed and highly equipped gym zone that offers you access to numerous workout options from cardio machines to weight machines, free weights, and much more.

It is a marketplace for fitness and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Workout at Planet fitness costs you different under different membership options.

The gym membership is divided into three categories, no-commitment per month membership, 12-month commitment, and all-club access – Black Card.

No monthly commitment membership costs you $20 as an initiation fee, $29 as an annual fee, and $15 as a monthly fee.

For the 12-month commitment, you need to pay $29 as an initiation fee, $29 as an Annual fee, and $10 as a monthly fee.

The All-club access black Card offers you to pay no initiation fee but an annual fee of $39 and a monthly fee of $19.

Try Lite Weight at Home Gym Before Going PF

However, focusing on some concerns related to newcomers, you could observe a little change.

Try lite weight workout at home to improve your strength to workout better at gym. You can have many portable gym equipment as I’ve listed below All in One Gym Equipment which will increase your physical appearance and your strength.

What Free Weights Are Not Available At Planet Fitness?

Usually, Planet Fitness offers free weight barbells and dumbbells as well.

There are numerous weight machine options available in there with a rack of dumbbells.

In the rack, you will find dumbbells up to 50 pounds.

It is rear to find the barbells or other heavyweight options available for newcomers at Planet Fitness.

What is the Maximum Weight at Planet Fitness?

At the gym, you have all the liberty to train anywhere you like as per preference.

What is the Maximum Weight at Planet Fitness?

There are no restrictions, and weights are available all the time.

However, once you have reached the ideal fitness routine and getting strong enough to handle it, the gym will cap the weight limit.

The maximum weight cap will be around 75 pounds for the expert trainees.

Benefits of Free Weights and Benefits of Exercise Machines?

Free weights come up with the significant advantage of letting you have proper posture and movement.

It is a little tricky and requires you to have specific trainer attention.

However, the results are excellent and worthy. Eventually, you will train in a posture that is close to your sports pattern.

On the other hand, exercise machines are safer to use for an average person.

People new at the gym and have no practice in the workout are unable to maintain posture with heavier weights.

Therefore, the weight machine helps them to have the right moments, posture, and strength training. It helps to have quick and in-time workout sessions.

Why do Bodybuilders and other Hardcore Weightlifters Dislike Planet Fitness?

When it comes to bodybuilders, Planet fitness is in controversies.

Extreme weight lifters are not welcome here. The gym does not consider grunting and dropping weight as a good sign.

The lighter weights and a cap for extreme weight limit restrict bodybuilders from being there.

It is a place for people new to the gym and looking for a healthy lifestyle.

It is a gym for people who want to drop body fat and have a good cardio game.

For a bodybuilder, it is not the appropriate place. 

What is the Bench Press, and Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have a Bench Press?

The bench press is an upper body weight training that helps to tone the upper body muscles.

It focuses on the shoulder, arms, and chest altogether. Along with fitness, it helps to strengthen the upper body muscles as well.

At Planet Fitness, you may not find the bench press in its conventional form.

It is because some franchise owners do not consider squat racks and bench press essential for fitness.

However, there are specific alternatives or modified formats available so you can follow your workout plan.

Smith Machine Bench Press vs Barbell Bench Press?

Franchise gyms today usually have a Smith machine Bench Press.

Machine Bench Press vs Barbell Bench Press

It is a machine-based bench press that comes with a bar and attached weights.

It allows a straight upward and downward motion. By reducing the chance of bad posture and accident, keeps the training smooth and stress-free.

On the other hand, the Barbell bench press is the conventional gym equipment used for strength training.

It allows the trainee to handle the free weights that can be lightweight or heavy as per choice using a barbell.

It gives a good range of motion to train well using the power bench.

Does Planet Fitness have Free Benches?

The Fitness center does not have any kind of squat racks and bench presses because the planet fitness owner says that two-moment is unnecessary to get a good fitness level.

The most important thing is that if you are familiar with the gym machine, you can quickly figure out which kind of machine or equipment they are offering in the fitness center.

Moreover, visit the planet fitness center and ask your desired question to a staff member.

Staff members are amiable and will give you the correct answer.

Does Planet Fitness have Barbells and Planet Fitness Dumbbells Max?

Planet fitness has a smith machine with pre-loaded weight.

Also, planet fitness does have dumbells with weights up to 75 pounds.

Planet Fitness does not provide an actual bunch setup.

Planet Fitness provides their customer several machines such as treadmills, weights, ellipticals, equipment, etc.

As I mentioned above that for the heavy workout, they have a smith machine.

At planet fitness, you can do several exercises such as arm, stretching, and leg with the help of free weight and machines provided by the club.

You must have to follow planet fitness rules. The club has an alarm called “Lunk Alarm” click on the link to get information.

Bench Press Alternatives at Planet Fitness?

Along with the fact that the gym does not have some training equipment like squat racks or bench press, Planet Fitness’s alternatives are famous.

The place offers you ultimate alternatives that help keep on training with more safety.

Every gym location has smith machines as an alternative to barbells.

It is the closest option that helps you cranks out deadlifts, squats, calf raises, and bench press as well.

Frequently Asked Question about “Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights“

Deciding Between Free Weights vs Machines?

At the beginning of your fitness journey, it is the most critical question and decision to take.

Picking up machines or free weights requires you to have a deep thought.

If you are a beginner and getting used to the gym environment, you should go with the machines.

It is safe and lets you work out even without a trainer. But, to be more strength-oriented, get yourself a trainer and start with free weights.

Complacency is not Non-judgment and Non-judgment means?

Non-judgment refers to something you take for granted. Complacency or satisfaction is not something that you should take for granted.

It starts with having your workout plan and selection of weight to the ultimate training.

Not necessarily, you will get satisfaction with heavy dumbbells or extreme workouts, but with consistency.

Sometimes just disciplined training makes you satisfied, not the muscular body.

judgment free zone and its mean

Does Planet Fitness have Heavy Enough Weights for a Serious Lifter?

There is no doubt that Planet Fitness has high-quality equipment, but for serious lifters, it might not have enough weights.

People who love heavy workouts may feel disappointed to be at this fitness club.

People chose the club fitness as per their personal preference and selection of weight.

Can I Deadlift at Planet Fitness and How Heavy Are The Dumbbells At Planet Fitness?

You will not find a conventional deadlift machine at the gym location.

As an alternative, there is Smith Machine that helps you in performing a deadlift.

So, yes, you can eventually do a deadlift there.

Since the place is not famous for extreme weights, you can find the heaviest dumbbell here is 60 pounds.

It is the ultimate option, and there will be nothing more than that.

Does Any Planet Fitness Have Free Weights, and Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weight Bench?

At some of the gym franchises, you will be able to get the free weights but with lighter weight.

These are not heavyweights like other gyms around the corner.

Moreover, you will not find any free weight bench there as well.

There are only machines you can use with automated weight options to train.

It makes Planet fitness a place to train on your own most of the time.

Does Planet Fitness Have Squat Racks, and Does Planet Fitness Have Barbells?

No, Planet Fitness does not have Squat racks or Barbells.

The gym does not offer you to have the free weights or free weight training as well.

The gym equipment like power racks and dumbbell bench press is nowhere to be found here.

However, the alternatives to these options are always there for fitness lovers, along with cardio machines to meet the fitness requirements.

What Exercises are not Allowed at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness does not allow its members no matter with classic membership or Black Card membership, to perform some exercises.

You cannot do overhead press, T-rows, deadlifts, bench press, or use any kind of free weights.

Even it is not allowed to bring any personal equipment in the gym.

They do not support the idea of grunting or slamming weights on the floor.

What Exercises are not Allowed at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness Weights Fake or are Planet fitness Weights Real?

There are numerous confusions about the Planet fitness weights being fake or real.

The free weights available at the gym are real but have a weight limit.

You cannot find the extreme free weights there.

Whereas, at the machine weights, you can find out numerous options in weights for the training.

How much does a Smith Machine Bar Weigh in Pounds?

All planet fitness location has a smith machine, and its bar weight is around 45 lbs.

Without a smith machine, the planet fitness club is nothing because most planet fitness customer uses it daily.

Can you wear just a Sports Bra at Planet Fitness?

To maintain the gym environment, The gym has a dress code that members have to follow.

Females cannot wear sports bar as their only top.

Wearing a tank top or any random T-shirt is mandatory. Moreover, the overall gym kit should not be too revealing.

can you wear just a sport bra at planet fitness

Conclusion – Does Planet Fitness Have Free weights?

There are numerous concerns that people have in the context of free weights at planet fitness.

There is no doubt it is an affordable fitness center with the idea of personal training.

Following the concern of personal training, there is not much free weight available at the gym.

You will find a lot of cardio machines and weight machines.

Planet Fitness’s policy does not allow having free weights as it makes equipment maintenance difficult.

Moreover, not all overweight people can use free weights accurately.

They have posture issues and might be able to hurt themselves.

Therefore, the gym does not offer these extensive weights but cardio equipment that everyone can use on their own and have better fitness. 

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