How to Calibrate PS4 Controller Joystick? Video Guide

PS4 Controller Joystick
PS4 Controller Joystick

PlayStation 4 is one of the best controllers developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was introduced in 2015. It is also called Dual Shock 4. And as Compared to many other controllers on the market, it offers a lot of fantastic features at a reduced price.

 If you are a gamer of a play station and you are facing different problems among their controls. So don’t worry this is a great place for you. 

In today blog’s post, you will learn about how to calibrate ps4 controller joystick. And how you fix the drifting Joystick of ps4 controller. Keep reading to learn more. 

How to calibrate ps4 controller joystick

If you want to calibrate your play station 4 controller, follow the following steps:

  • First, you can check that your controller is turned on and second you check that controller is connected to your computer.
  • Now In the director of your game, A folder named ps controller opens it. 
  • In the ps controller folder, there is a file called calibration. cfg. Launch a text editor and open the file. 
  • Now set the X-axis and Y-axis in the joystick section, Because they must match the values of the controller. 
  • After that follow the screen instructions, save the document, and exit it. 

Another method to calibrate play station 4 controller.

  • L3 and R3 buttons are pressed and held approximately for 30 seconds.
  • Now Release both buttons after 30 secs.
  • Then rotate the analog sticks five times. 
  • Then again turn both these sticks in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • After that, Press and hold the L3 and R3 buttons again for 30 seconds. 
  • After 30 seconds, release both buttons and it’s all. 
  • Now your controller should be properly adjusted. 

PS4 Controller Drift: Possible Causes

  • The possible causes of PS4 controller are as follows:
  • The Analogue stick needs cleaning.
  • Maybe your analog stick is broken or damaged. 
  • The analog stick may have dirty sensors.
  • And if you determine the problem which affects the working of the PS controller, you may take remedial action to resolve it. 

How is a joystick can be tested?

Test 1:

 Move a joystick around and press the buttons to test it. When you move the joystick, the buttons should react if the joystick is functioning properly.

Test 2: 

 Next, Locate the middle of the joystick’s range of motion and press the button that corresponds to that spot to calibrate the joystick.

How to reset a play station 4 controller?

  • First, Shut off Play station 4. 
  • Then Locate the little hole next to the left shoulder button by turning over the DualShock 4 controller.
  • Now DualShock 4 controller displays a reset hole. 
  • Push the button that is located in this hole and fold a paper clip and insert it into this hole. 
  • Hold this button for only 5 to 7 seconds. 
  • After that, a USB cable is connected to the ps 4 controllers. 
  • A DualShock 4 controller that clearly displays the reset hole. 
  • Wait for the ps4 to start up after turning it on. 

Clean the joysticks

It is conceivable that joysticks are dirty or dusty or maybe anything around them which may be the cause of no working of joysticks. Please check this, and clean the surface of the joysticks with a soft cloth. And after that cleaning, it is again dirty then, divide them into some parts and then clean it again with a dry microfiber cloth. 

Unplug the PlayStation 4 controller

Unplug the ps 4 controller, it is very simple and easy. On the Function screen, you can choose a power icon. After tapping on it Select Turn off PS4. And if Turn off PS4 does not appear then tap on the power options. Now hold down the button for at least seven seconds till when you hear a system beeps twice. When it is done, you will see a screen black and the power indicator is showing white.

In order to sign in to the ps4 press the play station button that is on the controller. When it is linked there is a blue light blinking on the controller. 

How do I test my PS4 controller without the console?

To test your play station 4 controller, you have to observe it on your computer screen. First press the button on your game controller. When you hit on a button, you may see something on a screen it is a reaction to what you press on the controller. Like you may see a circle that blinks on or off when you long-press the Left and right buttons simultaneously. 

What does a controller calibration accomplish?

The process of adjusting a controller to ensure that its output perfectly matches its enter is known as calibration. This is crucial for tasks like controlling a robot or stabilizing a product. it is a little difference in the controller’s output might result in serious issues.

How do I correct the drift in my controller without opening it?

Controller drift is a problem that many PS4 controllers have. When this happens, the controller responds to your inputs in an unpredictable or erroneous manner.

You might try calibrating your controller to correct controller drift. This entails tweaking the controller’s axes and buttons so that it reacts to your motions more precisely. Opening your controller could help you fix it. In order to do this, the screws holding the controller together must be removed, and the axes and buttons within the control must be adjusted.

Does cleaning the PS4 make it run better?

NO, cleaning the controller has a not a great effect on it running. To maintain the fan functioning effectively and preserve your system from overheating or, worse, shutting down under extreme stress, it’s crucial to open up your PS4 and clean it. You need to regularly clean your PS4 if you want it to operate at its best.

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Calibrating play station 4 controller is not a difficult task. Hopefully, the above information regarding How to calibrate ps4 controller joystick is useful for you. If you have any other queries related to this article, put them in the comments box. Thanks.

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