What does Orange Light on PS4 Mean? (+Other Indicators)

Orange Light on PS4
Orange Light on PS4

Play station is the video game console that was developed by Sony Entertainment. On ps4 controller, different lights are indicating different functions. Are you worried about the orange light blinks on Play Station 4? 

That is frustrating. But it shows that something wrong with your controller. 

In today’s blog post, you will learn what orange light means that was blinking continuously. So let’s jump to our topic. 

what does orange light on ps4 mean?

The orange light on ps4 means that your controller is not truly connected or it might be in rest mode. Rest mode means that you are not in gaming mode, some tasks are completed in the background. Some causes may be the reason for the orange light:

  1. Firstly, the ps4 controller is not properly connected to your device.
  2. The ports where the controller is connected are dusty.
  3. The PS4 controller may be lighting orange because the controller batteries are broken.
  4. An out-of-date software.
  5. Check the USB cable, it might be damaged. 
  6. It also indicated a hardware or software issue or maybe battery problems. 
  7. The orange light on the PS controller might potentially be caused by firmware problems.
  8. You can see an orange light if a button on the PS4 controller isn’t working properly.

How to Fix Play station 4 orange light?

In general, connectivity and charging problems might be the cause of an orange light that blinks on the controller. So there are some fixes if you didn’t want this orange light. Now come with me. 

Restarting your console

It is one of the most fundamental troubleshooting techniques that will help you to resolve any software-related issue that might be the cause of a blinking orange light. 

In order to do this, first simply shut down your play station 4 controller. Then disconnect it from the power supply. Now after a few times, plug it again into the power supply. Now Switch on the ps console to see that your issue is solved. 

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Start your controller again:

It is also the fix for orange light. First, try to restart your controller. In order to do this, Press and hold down the button of your controller for some seconds. Now your controller is shut down. After that, press the button again to switch on the controller. Verify the problem has been resolved. 

Check ps4 Controller’s Battery: 

if your play station 4 blinks orange light, it might be of a dead battery. Now first connect your ps console to a charging cable to charge the dead battery. After charging it, then your issue may be solved. 

Check Your USB Socket: 

If your play station 4 blinks orange light, it might be of the destroyed USB port. In order to check this, You can use another USB port and connect it to your controller. After that, again the same problem arises, then try connecting your controller to another USB port. 

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Initialize Your PS4 Fully

It is the easy fix for your ps4 controller problem when it blinks orange light. You can reinstall the play station. It is one of the best troubleshooting techniques ever. Now your console is brand new, and everything is starting from scratch. 

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Rebuild the database:

To fix the PS4 controller’s orange blinking, rebuild the database.

If the orange PS4 controller light is still turning and blinking after some time, You may organize the data on your PS4 and tidy up the hard drive with the Rebuild Database tool.

So let’s repair the PS4 controller’s orange glow.

  • To link the controller with the DUALSHOCK 4(DS4), plug in the USB cord and press the PS button on the controller.
  • To start the computer in Safe Mode, hold down the power button till you receive the second beep.
  • Go to option number five and choose “Rebuild Database” at this point.
  • Your PS4 orange light PC issue will be resolved when you wait for the process to be finished.

Disconnect the controller from any other devices

The PS4 controller’s orange light can blink if you use it with another device Like you can use it on another computer or mobile phone. This is a result of the controller’s connection attempts with those devices. Remove the controller from all other electronics and attempt to attach it to the PS4 to resolve the issue.

How do you exit Safe Mode on your PlayStation 4?

If you want to exit safe mode on ps4 then here is the answer for you. Hold down the power button for a few seconds, until your device will be off. When your device gets off, turn on it again. Now you exit from safe mode on ps4. Another method is that first go to the settings of your device. Now choose power in settings. Click on Turn off ps4 on different options. Again hold down the power button, your device is off, and turn back it again. 

How to Check whether Your PlayStation 4 Controller Is Charging Correctly?

It is an easy method to check whether your ps4 controller is charging properly. You can look at the flashing lights on your PS4 controller. When your controller glows red, it is charging properly; however, if it glows white, it either has a low battery or you haven’t plugged it in properly.

Another method to check the charging status of your play station 4 controller is, Hold and press the PS button for a while. Now see on the bottom left of your home screen. Here your controller charging status will display. 

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When my PS4 won’t power on, what does it mean?

Your PS4 could not be turned on for several reasons. There might be an issue with the power supply, for example. The motherboard may be the source of the issue, which is another possibility. Your PS4 may need to be repaired if you have tried all the troubleshooting techniques and it still won’t switch on.


From the above information, you will easily know about the orange light that was continuously blinking on your controller. And all the fixes are explained above, you may try any of the following to resolve your issue. 

Hope so this article helps you in every stage of your controller’s problem. If you have any of query about them, feel free to ask them in below comment box. Thanks. 

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