How to Hide Pon on iPhone? (IOS 16.1)

How to Hide Pon on iPhone
How to Hide Pon on iPhone

 Nothing is more frustrating than a crowd of apps displaying on your home screen. On iPhone, hiding Pons iPhone is not a very difficult task. It saves up space on your mobile screen by hiding applications. Pon may be deleted or its icon can be hidden under the general app settings on the iPhone. 

In today’s blog post, you will learn how to hide pon on iPhone. There are several ways to hide pons on iPhone. So let us begin with our topic.

How to hide pon on iPhone

If you want to hide pons on your iPhone, follow the following steps:

  • First, go to the app library on your mobile phone.
  • On the right side of your home screen, you will see several sections.
  • One section you see is titled Show hidden apps. 
  • From this area, hide certain applications that cover the entire screen.
  • Put as many applications in this folder as you want. 
  • If you see an app library on search results, you may either remove it or move it to another place. 

How to hide pons on iPhone 14?

Hiding pons on iPhone 14 is a little bit challenging. In order to hide pons on iPhone 14, follow the following steps:

Go to the settings of your iPhone. Select the Make hidden sections in the settings. Click on Done. This is the best way to hide apps. If you want to reverse your changes and bring back your pages. the simple press has done.

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How can I locate iPhone apps that are hidden?

If you find hidden apps then simply look for settings on your iPhone. In settings, go to General options. Now click on Restrictions on your phone. Enter your passcode to view hidden applications. A list of applications is displayed on the screen. It is under the Allowed content. Tap on the App, then turn it on and off to make it visible to you. 

On an iPhone, can a folder be locked?

Yes, you can lock a folder on your iPhone. First, open the folder which you wish to lock. At the bottom of the toolbar, Select the “Share” option. Next, choose the Add Password button from the list of choices. Now enter the password and again enter for confirmation. 

Your folder is now locked it can be opened only when you enter a password. 

How can my status bar icon be hidden?

You can easily hide your status bar icon by doing a few steps. Utilizing software like StatusBar+, which enables you to hide the status bar icons for particular programs, is one option. You can also use another launcher, such as Nova Launcher to completely hide the status bar.

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Which iPhone app hider is the best?

 These are the Top Best iPhone App Hiders

  • Dialer Apex Apex Launcher,
  • Nova Launcher,
  • Vault – AppHider,
  • Secret Photo Vault,
  • Vault-Hide Photos & Videos,
  • Private Photo Vault, 
  • Locker: Hide Photos,
  • Hide Apps, 
  • Safe Lock,

Can Photos Be Locked On An iPhone?

There are different options for locking pictures on your iPhone. First, you can use a Notes app. Enter the app, and suggest a lock for this. It is the best app for locking pictures and videos. If your iPhone has Touch Id and Face Id, you can link with this app to unlock them with any of these features.

Additionally, you may make password-protected notes and then transfer them after you’re done back to the Camera Roll.

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How do you text covertly?

There are a few methods for texting covertly. Using a messaging program like WhatsApp or Signal is one option. Utilizing a VPN is another option. Utilizing an app that does not track your phone calls or messages is a third option.

Is there a hidden folder on iPhone?

Click on the Photos app. Now scroll to the Albums tab. Look to locate the Hidden album under Utilities as you scroll. To view your albums on an iPad, you might first need to hit the sidebar symbol in the top-left corner.

On my iPhone, how can I discover hidden files?

  • Open Photos, then select the Albums tab.
  • Scroll down and choose Utilities, then enter the Hidden button. 
  • You may unlock your Hidden album using Face ID or Touch ID.
  • To unhide a photo or video, tap on it.
  • After selecting More, select Unhide.
  • Now congo, your hidden photos are here. 


If you are having difficulty navigating on the home screen then the above information is very helpful to hide apps on your home screen. There are two options for that. Either you can use an app hider folder or use an app library locker. From this, you can easily hide apps on your iPhone. 

Hope so this article is best for answering queries related to hiding apps on your iPhone. 

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