What is the Tap-to-Load Snapchat Prank? Here is a Guide

Tap-to-Load Snapchat
Tap-to-Load Snapchat

Numerous new features for messaging services have been introduced by Snapchat. The new “tap to view” feature is the most important improvement. Options for adding friends to the app have also been changed. Below, you’ll know about tap to view Snapchat pranks.

What is the Tap-to-Load Snapchat Prank?

We all like a good laugh. With the help of Snapchat, users are discovering a variety of methods to make their friends laugh. One of them is a tap-to-load prank, which has quickly become a new favorite.

According to HashtagHyena, the tap-to-load Snapchat prank involves sending your pals a false snap that they think can be downloaded automatically. But, the recipient will have trouble viewing the content if they attempt to download it. 

The sources explain that Snapchat requires auto-downloads for all of its snaps. But, a lot of individuals have complained about not being able to see received pictures. It is where the tap-to-load prank starts.

How To Prank Your Friends With ‘Tap To Load’ on Snapchat?

Have you ever attempted to open a snap by selecting “tap to load” despite having a poor internet connection? We all have experienced it. The internet is taking advantage of it by using it as

a prank. It’s a great method to irritate your loved ones.

The Snapchat loading screen prank is incredibly popular right now. With this new Snapchat feature, you may tease your loved ones. Take a single image with the words “tap

to view” and send them to your friends. It will confuse them and they attribute it to a slow internet connection. By sending them a few texts with this snap, you can raise their curiosity. 

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What Are Some Funny Ways to do the Snapchat Tap-to-Load prank?

Sending just one image with the message “tap to load” will make your pals wonder what you are up to. They might give it a few tries, but that would be all. It won’t add any

interest to the pranks. So, put your creative skills to use and amuse your pals by including a message with the image. The prank will become funnier in addition to becoming more credible.

Here are some suggestions for the tap-to-load Snapchat prank:

Add a Regularly Used Emoji With the Tap-to-Load Image

Add it as a text under the tap-to-load image if you and your friends frequently use a certain emoji. It will help give shape to your message.

You can use a heart emoji to make them think what you’re talking about.

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Add a Little Drama

We confide in our closest friends about everything from romantic inclinations to little-known secrets. They are interested in learning about every aspect of your life. With this bond as the backdrop, add some dramatic words with the tap-to-load image. For example, add text saying something like, “Look at this. You won’t believe what occurred today. Don’t let anyone know?”

Imagine having a text block like this and a picture that doesn’t load. Within a short while, your friend will phone you.

Add a Joke

You can even make the tap-to-load Snapchat prank plausible by including a joke. But make sure that the joke isn’t too embarrassing.

Check if They are Online

Always check to make sure that your friend is online before sending the photograph. Then text them to simply ask “hello, what’s up” or “are you online” in your message. When they respond, send the tap-to-load image. In this way, they will believe that you have sent them crucial information.

Fake an Emergency

Under the tap-to-load message, text your buddies a message of emergency. But don’t make it too alarming. You simply want to avoid giving your pal a panic attack while keeping them on their toes. Text them something negative like, “I did something horrible,” or “I have some unpleasant news.”

If you don’t handle this one properly, it might get a little out of hand. 

Ask About Their Opinions

The Tap-To-Load method can also be useful if you want to determine whether your friends notice your photos. Send a Snap of Tap-To-Load to your friends and ask them what they think.

You may text, “Hey, how’s this picture?” as an example. If they respond with anything like, “Oh gosh, you look gorgeous,” it is clear that they haven’t looked at your photograph and are reacting hastily. 

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37 different languages are supported by Snapchat.

When did Snapchat initially release?

Initially, Snapchat was launched on July 8, 2011.

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What are the different types of Snapchat filters?

More filters and effects are available on Snapchat than simply the color, overlay, geo, day of the week, sponsored, and Bitmoji ones. You can choose from enlarged filters, augmented reality filters, and custom geofilters.

What Aare Other Harmless Pranks To Try?

People can now easily prank others because of filters. Several social media users have been using the spider filter before the tap to load pranks. The filter in it gives the impression that a spider is crawling across your face. It appears at first that a genuine spider is traversing your face. Some people have even gone as far as hitting their faces because they believed the filter to be real.


After reading the article, now you know about the tap-to-load Snapchat prank. It is an excellent way to inject some pleasure into a dull day. Pranks are a fantastic way to annoy your friends and forge close relationships with them. You can’t call someone your buddy if you can’t laugh around with them. So, save the tap to load the image to your computer and fool your friend.

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