How to Share Battery on iPhone 2022? (Truth & Myth)

How to Share Battery on iPhone
How to Share Battery on iPhone

Balance Of power or Wireless reverse charging is a significant development on many smartphone devices, with the potential for more complex advancements. Apple is the leading producer of high-end mobile devices, and despite appearing to be more costly than those of its competitors, its products nonetheless provide exceptional value. So, “How to share a battery on iPhone?” is still one of the key questions that people have. Even so, does the iPhone allow wireless reverse charging? If you’re looking for guidance on the matter, this guide will demonstrate how to share the battery on a phone and explain if doing so is even practical. So let us begin.

How to share battery on iPhone

It is now possible to share the power of one iPhone with some others thanks to the just-released iOS 14.

Users of iOS should navigate to Settings>Battery and move on to the “Share My Battery” option. Once activated, other users can see the other iPhone’s battery level. If the sharing choice is selected, battery % can be shared in real-time. Because not all iPhones will be able to share the same battery, the battery-sharing function won’t be beneficial for everyone.

You may share the battery of your second iPhone with the help of wireless charging. Your iPhone and the other’s iPhone are linked together using a charging cord to make it work. By doing this, the battery life of both devices may be shared. Apple is anticipated to use wireless charging technology similar to those used by Samsung, Huawei, and LG. However, make sure you are aware of any safety precautions and adhere to your device’s instructions before sharing your battery.

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How Does the Power Sharing Function on Phones Work?

An electromagnetic induction phenomenon occurs when a current goes through a loop of wire and toward another coil. Mobile phones may charge another phone using their battery with the Power Sharing function without the need for cables or adapters. Simply connect your device with short battery life to a phone with more battery life, and the battery will switch over automatically. Charge Bluetooth gadgets, wearables, and mobile phones with the Power Sharing function.

How Can I Use Another iPhone To Charge My iPhone 11?

There are various ways to charge your iPhone 11 using another iPhone. Cable or a wireless charging pad. The new function that lets you use an iPhone to charge other phones is known as reverse wireless charging. Comparable to utilizing a USB Lighting connection is this technique. When you take the iPhone on the charger, make sure the screen is facing up. After that, center the second iPhone on the wireless charger

Can phones wirelessly share batteries?

Yes, it can share wirelessly batteries. Cellphones and other devices with similar capabilities are only made by Samsung. By utilizing this feature, you may share a phone’s battery with the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, and other compatible devices.

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Can the iPhone 11 share your battery?

You may use your iPhone 11’s battery with another device. Toggle the Share Power button by going to Settings > Battery. To aid increase its own battery life, your iPhone 11 will be able to consume a portion of your battery.

Can your battery use AirDrop?

Yes! A battery is just AirDroppable. Simply keep the battery down until the AirDrop option appears. The recipient will receive the batteries immediately after you choose them.

How Can I Share the Battery on My iPhone 11, 12, or 13?

The battery for an ios 11, 12, or 13 cannot be shared. Only a few more Samsung and Huawei phones now have the PowerShare or wirelessly reverse charging function, however, Apple may eventually provide it for its top products.

How long does the battery in an iPhone last?

Recognize the causes of phone battery deterioration. A lithium-ion iPhone battery generally lasts up to 500 cycle life, or around two years, before deteriorating to 80% of its original capacity. Once you’ve depleted your battery’s capacity by 100%, you’ve finished a charging cycle.

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The useful feature that allows iPhones to share a battery is often disregarded, but in some cases, it may be very useful. We hope you finally understand how to share an iPhone’s battery. Good Luck.

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