Is Dying Light 1 Cross-Platform Xbox PS4? Answer & Solution

dying Light 1

Dying light is a horror video game, it was created by Techland and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This game was developed in Jan 2015. 

Most people are worried about whether this game that Is Dying light 1 is the cross platform or not. Because in today’s time everyone wants to play with their friends or for players. Gamers are also not just limited to the single hardware they play with. . A question arises what is cross-platform?

Cross Platform means software or application that works on different operating devices and systems. So, this article is all about this exciting and popular survival game. 

In today’s post, you will learn about dying light on a cross-platform or not! Keep reading to learn more. 

is dying light 1 cross-platform Xbox ps4

If you are wondering that Is dying light 1 is on a cross-platform, the answer is Yes. Dying light 1 is on cross-platform. If your friends are playing that game on play station 4 and you are on Xbox, then don’t worry dying light is a multiplayer game. 

 It is a Cross-play game and cross-multiplayer between PC, Xbox, and Playstation devices.

Although Techland, the game’s makers, has not provided much information on the new changes regarding dying light cross play, it is assumed that the new improvements will be incorporated into the game.

Is Dying Light Cross Platform PS4 and PS5

Fortunately yes, Dying light is cross-platform between Play station 4 and Play station 5. And if you playing a game on ps4 and ps5, it doesn’t matter who is against you, either the owner of the game or anyone. 

Instead of the native PS5 version, the PS5 gamers must be using the PS4 software.

How can I activate cross-play on Xbox one?              

In order to activate cross-play on Xbox one, you have to take some steps:

  • First, you need to log in to your MS account. MS means Microsoft account.
  • After logging into your account, you will see an option, titled” My Games and Apps”. 
  • Now select Xbox live from different options. 
  • Now open the Games menu and choose Xbox One Games. 
  • After that, Choose Cross-platform play from the options menu bar that was on the top right of the Window. 
  • A confirmation box will appear, Click on Yes to confirm this.
  • Good, you activate a cross play. 

When playing Dying Light, whether is better on a PS4 or Xbox?

It depends on your desire. Both consoles have pros and cons. But it is suggested that ps4 is the best option for playing Dying light because it has greater visuals and graphics. And Xbox is best when you want exclusive content. 

Does the PS5 support PS4 games? 

Yes PS5 supports PS4 games. Sony placed a high premium on backward compatibility. You can easily play games on play station 5 that exists on play station 4. It is also not at all difficult to accomplish. When you play such titles on PS5, as opposed to PS4, you’ll see the largest changes. However, most of the games I tried have experienced some performance enhancements.

Is Dying Light Cross generation?

Dying Light is a cross-generational game, yes. Games that span generations let users play with friends who use the same console but are from a different generation.

You can play dying light on not just ps4 also on ps5. You play together with your friends while the others use on ps5. 

Can Xbox gamers be added to PS4?

Yes, Xbox gamers are easily added to PS4. You can add with a third party app like Xlink or any other. It enables different devices to connect in multiplayer gaming. 

  • Or you can also add a friend with some steps:
  • Open the settings on Xbox one. 
  • Now select Friends on the settings. 
  • On Friends, Select Add friends option. 
  • Enter your friend’s tag and click OK to do this.
  • It is over. 

What distinguishes cross-platform from cross-play?

Crossplay and cross-platform are two concepts that are frequently mixed together. Games that enable crossplay allow users from several platforms to play together online in multiplayer. This is the fundamental distinction between crossplay and cross-platform games.

Will Dying Light 2 still be released?

A 2022 survival horror game called Dying Light 2 Stay Human was created and released by Techland. On February 4, 2022, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S received the sequel to Dying Light (2015).

In Dying Light, how do you join a cooperative?

You must initially be in the same region as your friend in order to play Dying Light cooperatively. Then, choose “Co-op” from the game’s main menu. You may then ask your friend to join your game from there.

can PS5 play games from a PS4?

Games from the PS4 will work on the PS5. However, it is unclear whether using the new console would result in any enhancements to the aesthetics or gameplay.

Is Xbox and PS4 cross-platform for Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 does not support crossplay, therefore if you own a PlayStation, you cannot play with players who have chosen an Xbox or a PC.


Hopefully, this blog post will answer your all queries related to Dying light a cross platform game. Yes, it is playable on Xbox, ps4, and multi-platforms. It is a multi player game as well. 

And if you have other queries related to this article, put your question in the comment box and please give us feedback. 

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