Modern Millionaires Review – Generating Leads Online

Modern Millionaires Review

Lead generation is the biggest challenge online businesses face.

Modern Millionaires Review

Best Millionaires Review for Generating Leads

Most websites have a conversion rate of 2%, which means 98 out of 100 visitors leave without buying or getting in touch with the business.

This is usually because they are unable to get targeted visitors. 

There are hundreds and thousands of local businesses that would pay happily for someone who can help them get more leads. 

And therein lies a business opportunity.

The Modern Millionaires course can help you cash in on this opportunity.

It is intended for people looking to start an online business without spending a lot.

The course was founded by two entrepreneurs, Abdul and Chance, but the biggest strength of a course is the community of students.

Because this is where you get the inspiration, motivation, and tips to go for your goals.

MM has a very active FB group with regular Zoom sessions and workshops for students. 

Modern Millionaires Vs. Online money making scams:

There is a negative connotation attached to the topic of “making money online”.

This is because some people have exploited the massive demand.

More and more people now search for online business opportunities and scammers try to take advantage of people who are just starting. 

This is also fueled by people using search terms like “XYZ scam” to see if a particular course is a scam or not.

You can find many blogs that share reviews of such courses or ways to make money online.

Instead of scrutinizing a course or training program, you need to look into the business idea.

And lead generation is a legit business idea.

Who needs to Sign up for the Course: 

The course can be of value for three types of people:

  1. Digital marketing professionals 
  2. Local business owners
  3. Online entrepreneurs 

Digital marketing professionals will learn the short and simple way of generating leads.

This will save them the trouble of trying to impress their clients with useless metrics like rankings, clicks, or traffic (because leads or sales are what their clients want.

Local business owners can learn and implement the process themselves instead of hiring SEO or Marketing consultants. 

There are helpful SEO resources like link building tools or keyword research platforms that enable you to get started on your own.

The biggest value comes from aspiring entrepreneurs. It is probably the simplest and the least risky way to start your first business venture.

You do not need to invest in buying inventory, hiring staff, or renting office space. 

What does the Course Cover?

You might have already guessed that the course covers “lead generation” in detail but that’s just one module.

You can probably learn the basics of lead generation without signing up for the course.

The actual value comes from the part that comes before and after that module. 

The first and third module of the course covers how you can turn your knowledge of “lead generation” into starting a lead flipping agency.

This is better than working as a lead generation or online marketing consultant because you don’t have to rely on just one business.

Instead, you can just generate leads and sell them to any of the businesses in your target market. 

Remember the 2% conversion rate we discussed at the start? The course will also teach how to capture and nurture leads so you can make the most of your advertising dollars. 

How Much does it Cost?

The course has a very low entry fee (i.e. $9) but that is meant to get the foot in the door.

This could very well have been free but a small fee is needed to keep the spam and time wasters out.

You can get a basic idea of the course by signing up but the upgrades will cost a lot more.

These upgrades will usually include custom-built tools but more on that later. 

What do you get?

The Modern Millionaires course is more than a set of training videos and text.

They have got their own tools that can make your life easy.

These tools can help you with everything from PPC campaigns, lead nurturing, to finding prospects and selling to them. 

If you have been working in the online business or marketing industry, you’d know that these tools can make a difference.

You will also get a streamlined process with templates that you can simply copy and use in your campaign.

All in all, the course can give you everything you need to start an online business.

Wrapping up:

Make no mistake. 

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme and not everybody who signs up will end up owning a six-figure or seven-figure business.

But any course that promises such results is probably a scam. 

The right training program or coach can only show you the way.

The results will depend on how much you can apply yourself.

A coach trains hundreds of students but only a few go on to become the medalists.

But even if you don’t manage to grow your business into a six-figure venture, you will learn enough to work as an online marketing consultant for online businesses.

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