Norton LifeLock: Login. Subscription, And Pricing Plans

Norton LifeLock: Login. Subscription, And Pricing Plans

Norton LifeLock is a unique combination of identity protection with device protection, guaranteeing identity theft protection. Other services include Norton Secure VPN, with the LifeLock Select plan.

Define Norton LifeLock

Define Norton LifeLock

Norton is not new in its online protection services serving in cyber protection for devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets. It is liked by millions of users worldwide and has been serving in the United States for years.

Previously Norton LifeLock was adopted by Symantec in 2017. Later in 2019, Symantec left Norton LifeLock and joined Broadcom Inc. Consequently, Norton and LifeLock became one company: NortonLifeLock Inc. Now this company has over 50 million users around the globe and it’s serving brilliantly in Cyber Safety.

This security is multifaceted safeguarding against cyber threats affecting devices and your online identity privacy. The plans offered by Norton LifeLock are diverse including identity theft protection, device security, online privacy tools, and other kinds of online protection for your home and family.

These features provide the following benefits to its users:

  1. Actively detect and take action against potential identity threats
  2. Optimize your devices against viruses and malware
  3. Protect your online activities through a VPN and password manager,
  4. Provide extended protection against cyber risks to important things like home titles, social media, financial accounts, etc.

Norton LifeLock takes every step to ensure the security of its users while they are online, helping them with user-friendly interface and reliable services and products.

How Can You Get Norton LifeLock?

You can get it in different ways like:

  1. By visiting the official website of Norton LifeLock and selecting a plan to get started
  2. By calling the customer support number of Norton LifeLock and asking their official representative for guidance and choosing a suitable plan.
  3. By purchasing it from any online store.
  4. Getting it as a part of your internet services provided by your internet service provider.

What Makes Norton LifeLock the Best Choice For Online Security?

What Makes Norton LifeLock the Best Choice For Online Security?

There are several unique features which makes Norton LifeLock stand prominent among other online security providing tools and apps, These features include:

1. Antivirus Software

With Norton LifeLock you get a unique combo of Norton 360 antivirus software with LifeLock identity theft protection. All your devices like your PC, phone, and  laptop stay safe from viruses, malware, and other online hacking tricks. It gives you regular alerts about the potential security threats coming to your devices.

2. Insurance Facility

With Norton LifeLock you get a premium feature of insurance. In case of identity theft, Norton LifeLock assures you a reimbursement of your stolen funds upto $1 million.

3. Money Back Assurance

This is another amazing feature of this app. It offers a 60 days money-back guarantee for annual membership if the user is not satisfied with its services.

4. User Friendly Interface

The dashboard is very easy to navigate and you can manage the security passwords of all your devices conveniently. You can check your credit score and use Norton Secure VPN to protect all your valuable data.

5. Multiple Plans

You get diverse plans suiting every family member for his specific needs. You can also avail a discount if you buy an annual plan.

Norton LifeLock and Norton 360: Are They Same?

These are both products and services offered by the same company Norton LifeLock. The chief purpose behind these services is to provide online security but there are some differences in both of them. 

Norton LifeLock is a broader term that includes various plans for user security and one of its plans includes a combination of Norton 360 antivirus software and Norton LifeLock identity theft protection. On the other hand, Norton 360 is a equipped product equipped with Norton 360 antivirus software and some of the features of Lifelock security.

What are Norton LifeLock Subscription Plans?

With Norton LifeLock. You get three types of plans for your security:

1. Standard Plan

This plan provides you with the following features of security:

  1. Dark Web monitoring
  2. Sending you alerts about social security number
  3. Stolen wallet protection
  4. One-bureau credit monitoring
  5. Diverting emails to get important financial information
  6. Identity restoration facility for US residents
  7. Legal help for stolen funds cases

2. The Advantage plan 

With this plan, you get the following features:

Monitoring of your personal information

  1. Dark web supervision
  2. Alerts on criminal activities
  3. Stolen wallet safety
  4. Data breach identification
  5. One bureau credit report
  6. Scanning fake IDs for social security number
  7. Stolen funds insurance

3. Ultimate Plans

This plan holds premium features along with other features of previous plans  like:

  1. Protection from fraudulent cash withdrawals and balance transfers
  2. Live member support
  3. Monitoring of file sharing
  4. Sending notifications about sex offender registry.

4. Family Plan

This plan included extended protection for your family members like your spouse and minor children at home. It works like parental control and provides safe surfing with extended monitoring of your kids’ online activities.

5. Norton 360 Plus LifeLock Plan

It includes all the primary features LifeLock’sck previous plans for extended duration. 

Norton LifeLock Login: What Are The Steps to Get Started

Norton LifeLock Login: What Are The Steps to Get Started

The steps below will help you log Norton LifeLock successfully:

  1. The first step is to connect with the Norton Weblink with the help of a browser o and open the Norton LifeLock official Login web page.
  2. To get started with a new Norton account, click on the Sign In option you will find in the upper right corner.
  3. From here select the option Make a Norton LifeLock account visible in the lower right corner.
  4. Here you will see another Norton account sign-up window.
  5. Write in your verified email address and follow the instructions.
  6. Now you have saved all your data at Norton Security. Connect with the internet and open the Norton LifeLock web page.
  7. You are all done.

Norton LifeLock Pricing Plans

Different plans cost you different prices:

Standard Plan 

It would cost you $8.99 monthly.

Select Plan 

It would cost you  $9.99 monthly.

Advantage Plan 

It would cost you $17.99 monthly.

Ultimate Plus

It would cost you $23.99 monthly.


  1. Safety from identity theft 
  2. VPN safety service
  3. Support for multiple devices
  4. Stolen funds reimbursement
  5. Legal support service
  6. User-friendly interface


  1. No free plans are available
  2. No backup for Macos


Norton LifeLock is the ultimate solution for all your online safety concerns. You get complete protection for your online identity, data stored in your devices, safe data sharing, and stolen funds reimbursement. Your devices and data are safe from cyber attacks and malware threats. The subscription plans are also suitable for your specific security needs and you can adjust the protection features for your whole family online security.


1.Can you use LifeLock safely?

Lifelock i  safe for multiple securitypurposess. There are some rumors about it but these are just groundless gossip.

2. How many people can use LifeLock at a time?

With the subscription to a family plan, two adult individuals and five children under the age of 18 can use it simultaneously. 

3.Is it possible to cancel LifeLock?

Yes, you can easily cancel your subscription by submitting a request or contacting customer service.

4.Which plan in Norton LifeLock includes dark web monitoring?

All the plans include the feature of dark web monitoring within Norton LifeLock. It scans the web for potential identity loss.

5. What is the money back guarantee of LifeLock?

You can have a60 days money-back guarantee on buying the annual plan of LifeLock. You can cancel and request a refund within this period if you are not satisfied with the services.

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