What Is Walmart’s Press And Hold Feature in 2022? (Press & Hold Problems)

Walmart's Press And Hold Feature
Walmart's Press And Hold Feature

People enjoy shopping at Walmart because the big-box retailer carries all the top things, including premium goods like gaming consoles and other limited-edition electronics.

Press and Hold is a function that Walmart added to some of the most exclusive products. But if you’ve tried Press and Hold and it didn’t work, you might be wondering if others have experienced the same issue. This article is all about your queries related to this topic.

Walmart’s Press And Hold Feature In 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart Press and Hold feature has been added to some product pages to stop bots from consuming all of the stock. The Press and Hold button appears to be a reliable security precaution. However, several consumers claim that the Press and Hold button doesn't function as it should.

What Is The Walmart Press And Hold Feature?

Customers must use Walmart’s Press and Hold button to check out next-generation gaming consoles. The limited edition Xbox series and the PlayStation 5 are two products that use the Press and Hold feature. This option is available on Walmart mobile app and website. 

Does Walmart’s Press And Hold Button Work?

On paper, Walmart’s Press and Hold button appears to be a sensible design choice. But it does not work correctly when consumers try to use it. Customers complain that even after pressing and holding the button down, the Walmart website still repeatedly redirects them to the product page. A few consumers have also mentioned that they were able to add an item to their online shopping cart, but they were subsequently unable to complete the transaction.

However, some users of the Press and Hold feature were successful. Overall, it appears like Press and Hold button is not suitable for Walmart’s website.

Is it Possible for You To Remove The Press And Hold Button?

No, you cannot remove the Press and Hold button on the Walmart website or mobile app. Customers note that using the Walmart mobile app is the best option for pressing the Press and Hold button. Suppose, the Walmart app's Press and Hold button displays a bar.

You should fill that bar completely to indicate where you can stop. However, issues still arise even when users use the Press and Hold button to add a product to their shopping cart successfully.

According to the consumer feedback, you may say that the Press and Hold button operates at random.

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Does Walmart Display The Press And Hold Button For All Online Products?

The Press and Hold button is not present on every product that Walmart sells online. Instead, due to the intense demand for the PlayStation 5 and limited-edition Xbox releases, Walmart only makes use of the functionality for these products. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned that a Press and Hold button would stop your order if you wish to buy daily things like paper towels or clothing online from Walmart.

Can You Buy Other Products Online Through Walmart.com?

Fortunately, you can buy all in-store items via Walmart’s website or mobile app. Walmart offers you online shopping for clothing, groceries, cleaning supplies, and other items. You also have the option of having your Walmart order delivered to your home or made available for pickup. In either case, purchasing online will save you time because you won’t have to stand in long checkout lines or browse endless aisles.

Can You Track Walmart Deliveries?

Walmart allows you to track delivery. Here is the step-by-step procedure to track your order:

  • Open the Walmart mobile app or website.
  • Choose “Account”
  • Choose “Purchase History.”
  • To track a shipment, scroll to that order and select “Track Shipment.”

What is The Reason Behind Walmart Press And Hold Feature?

To stop consumers from using robots to pre-order expensive products like the PlayStation 5, Walmart have the Press and Hold button. Walmart wants to make sure that a human being, not a machine, is placing the order. Sometimes people build bots to look for new inventory of expensive things like the PlayStation 5. By adopting the Press and Hold button, Walmart hopes to level the playing field and reduce unfair advantages.

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How to Solve Walmart Captcha Error Loops

Solve Walmart Captcha Error Loops
Customers find the Walmart "press and hold" error loop unpleasant since it prevents them from starting or completing their transactions. Even though Walmart is most likely to blame for this issue, there may be some solutions you can try.

Restart Your Browser

The first step in resolving the “press and hold” problem loop on Walmart’s official website is to restart your browser. Depending on your web browser, you need to clear the cache and then restart the program. You won’t lose any open tabs if you restart your browser. You can follow these steps if you use Google Chrome:

  1. Type chrome:/restart into the address bar.
  2. Press Enter button or Return to start the command.
  3. Your previous tabs will remain open as Google Chrome restarts itself.
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Disable Chrome Ad Blocker

If you use Google Chrome, disable any ad-blocking plugins. It might stop the “press and hold” error loop. This approach has been successfully applied by many people. But, it is not always the case. Some users of browsers other than Chrome and those without ad-blocking plugins have continued to experience the problem loop. It might be worth a try to disable any ad-blocking plugins you’re using to see if that fixes the problem.

Wait for Walmart

The “press and hold” error loop is not always your fault. You need to wait for Walmart management to resolve the issue. The issue is most likely the result of heavy traffic, and Walmart will take care of any network problems on their end. 

If you’re still having problems, call Walmart customer service at (800) 925-6278 or your internet service provider.

Can you call Walmart to hold an item

No. You can place an online order. Then press the store pickup option while checking out. When your order is prepared, you’ll get a text.

Will Walmart Restock The Gaming Consoles?

Walmart works hard to replenish its inventory of popular items, such as the newest gaming consoles. But, both in-store and online inventory of the most recent edition game consoles is limited. So, customers must wait till Walmart replenishes the items.

Does Walmart Have Restock Alerts?

Fortunately, Walmart offers a tool called Walmart Stock Alerts on its website and mobile application. It enables you to subscribe to updates via an email address.
When the item you desire is back in stock, Walmart will notify you once you sign up. Unfortunately, stock alerts are not available for every item that Walmart sells.

On the product page, there will be a button if Walmart Stock Alerts are available for that particular item. Restock alerts are typically not permitted by Walmart for items that are in great demand. Restock alerts are only accessible for online purchases. It is not for in-store purchases. However, you may make sure you obtain all your preferred products by using Walmart Stock Alerts.


To stop individuals from employing bots to buy in-demand goods, Walmart uses the Press and Hold button. Unfortunately, a lot of consumers have noticed issues with the Press and Hold button since it doesn’t function as it should.

Customers observe that using the Walmart app increases your chances of completing your transaction, even though you cannot avoid the Press and Hold button.

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