Is Mako Island a Real Place in Australia? (Truth & Myth)

Mako Island a Real Place in Australia

The island name mako island is the location in H20. It is approximately 50 km off the Gold Coast, Queensland, and Australia. Most questions arise about the island that is located in Australia. Mako There is a big population of sea turtles and Mako sharks, some of which are unique to this region.

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Is mako island a real place in Australia

No, it is not a true statement. Mako Island does not exist in Australia. It is found in the sea off Queensland, Australia’s coast. 

 No people are living on that island. This is the island just for people who are nature lovers.

Can you visit Mako Island?

Yes, you can visit Mako Island. It is situated between New Zealand and Tasmania. You can only go with the help of helicopters and boats, there is no highway going to this island. 

The Mako Mermaids—are they real?

Some residents believe that Mako mermaids are real. But there is no scientific evidence for that. Mako mermaid is a little island that is situated in the Hunter River. It is about 220 kilometers far from north of Sydney. 

Do you swim on Mako Island?

No, you cannot swim on Mako Island. It is called a home of different animals like dolphins and hungry sharks. Currently, there is no way to swim on this island. You can just be reached by boat and helicopter. This island is just for debate and an interesting place for nature lovers. 

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How does one become a mermaid?

 There are some answers to this query. Some people say that you take water from the river and drink it. While others insist that you take a bath on a specific night from moonlight. Some people say that you take a mystical shell and wear it like a necklace. But there is no set method for becoming a mermaid. 

Is Mako Island’s moon pool exist?

Yes, the moon pool exists on Mako Island. It is a place with many natural attractions for tourists. While some people say that it is not a real place it is just the imagination of writers. A moon pool, on the other hand, is a sizable aperture in a ship’s deck or hull that enables its crew and guests to enter the water below for swimming, diving, or boating activities.

Where is the home of Emma Gilbert?

 Emma Gilbert’s House can be found not far from Marine. It is a large, ultra-modern home. The swimming pool is also in the back of the home and was first known in the season 1 episode “Moon Spell.” In Emma’s House, several scenes have been played out.

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Cleo Sertori: Is she in the mermaid family?

It is the main character in Australian TV shows. H2O: Just Add Water who turned mermaid is Cleo Sertori. On a trip to Mako Island Cleo learned that she has amazing abilities with Emma Gilbert and Rikki Chadwick. She also played the role of an actress in Phoebe Tonkin. 

Where are the Mako Mermaids located?

It is located on the Gold Coast of Australia. 

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What abilities do mermaids have?

Mermaids have different types of abilities including mind reading, invisibility, controlling nature, shape-shifting, and many more. You may wonder to hear that mermaids’ magical powers break the rule of physics in the way that they control elements.


Many people think that Mako Island is just a writer’s think or a marketing term used by a Japanese company. If you searching for a real answer don’t worry this article answers your all queries that are fluttering in your mind. Please let me know in the comments if you have any other questions related to Mako Island. Good Luck.

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