What does the Orange Light Mean on Instax mini 11? Ultimate Guide

Orange Light Mean on Instax mini 11
Orange Light Mean on Instax mini 11

Instax mini 11 is a new instant portable camera and also a new version of Instax mini 9. It is the invention of Fujifilm and is also sold by Fujifilm. Instax mini 11 is very smaller and lighter. It has curved edges and a modern look. You may be a wonder to hear that it is very easy to carry even in your handbag. It has two power batteries. It is the most frequently asked question or also a complaint from customers that an orange light blinks on Instax mini 11, what does it mean? And how this issue is resolved? This is a great place for you. So now let us jump to our topic.

What does the orange light mean on Instax mini 11? 

 When you own a camera you may see an orange light blinking continuously. The orange light blinks on Instax mini 11 means that your camera’s battery is ready to change. It is a battery indicator light. When your battery is changed means replaced, this orange light is automatically turned off. 

Some Fixes for Instax mini orange light

Film Instax Jam Another typical issue with Instax Mini 11 cameras is Instax Film Jam. You could occasionally discover the cartridge trapped within the film casing even with brand-new batteries.

Do not force the Instant film out of this situation. Replace your batteries rather, politely, and softly. You should do this while your camera’s lens button is still down. so that you may remove the blocked film with ease.

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Instax Mini 11 Reset:

This will reset your Instax mini 11, to fix the orange light. 

  • 1. Make sure the Instax mini is totally off before starting to reset. 
  • 2. Next, open the camera’s battery box, which is on the side.
  • 3. Please hold and press the picture button for a maximum of 5 seconds once the camera’s side compartment has been opened.
  • 4. Reinstall the battery door and box cover on your camera, then switch it back on.
  • 5. Next, snap a test shot to make sure the camera is operating correctly. You will receive complete proof that everything is functioning normally after doing this.

How to change the battery in Instax mini 11?

  • In order to change your battery on Instax mini 11, you have to take a few steps:
  • First, when your battery is dead, it automatically turns off, verify whether it turns off or not. 
  • Then remove its back cover. After removing, change the batteries and check them. 
  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds till the camera is on. 
  • Now, The orange light turns off and now you take pictures easily. 
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How can I tell if my Instax is broken?

If your camera is not working properly then you notice an orange light blink on your Instax mini. In order to fix it, it is necessary to replace the battery and disassemble the camera. 

A light that blinks green, indicates that your camera is working correctly. But your image is not displayed correctly on the screen and some other functions can’t exist. 

If the Instax mini blinks light red, it simply means that an issue with the camera. This may mean that lens of your camera is dusty and something is blocking the camera from taking a picture. 

How can you fix a Polaroid light that is blinking?

A Polaroid light that is blinking can be fixed in a number of ways. If the light is on the camera, you can try removing and replacing the light. 

You might try unscrewing and reinstalling the film cartridges if the light is on. You also replace the battery even if the light is blinking on the camera itself. 

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 Advantages of using Instax Mini 11 cameras and its drawbacks

One of the newest cameras on the market is the Instax Mini 11. It is a popular and instant-featured camera. This light that blinks on taking pictures is very helpful for documenting memories and memorable occasions. Instax mini is in a cool and chunky design. It is powered by AA batteries. It could be a fantastic alternative for individuals who appreciate taking images in various colors because some people believe the hue to be more attractive while photography than other colors.

Some people complain that its battery timing is very low for tourists. Because one battery is last over 2 to 3 hours. 

How to Use the Instax Mini 11 for Closeup Photos

 To take closeup photos on your Instax mini 11, your camera is turned out into selfie mode. Click on the lens barrel till selfie mode appears on your screen. It is in the text. Now when you take close-ups your photos are sharp.  Use the Selfie Mode when you are 0.3 to 0.5 meters away from the subject of your shot.

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Can the flash be turned off on an Instax Mini 11?

On an Instax Mini 11, the flash may be turned off by following the steps. Press and hold the shutter button firmly until the camera whistles three times to do. Next, let go of the button. Now your flash is off. 

Top six cameras in 2022

  • Instax mini 11.
  • Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic from Fujifilm.
  • Instax Wide 300 from Fujifilm.
  • Instax Square SQ6 by Fujifilm.
  • Instant Wide Lomo.
  • Now Polaroid.
  • Smile Instant Print Camera by Kodak.

Is the Instax Mini 11 phone compatible?

Yes, the Instax Mini 11 can establish a Bluetooth connection with a phone.


I hope this article has assisted you in identifying the issue that was causing your Mini 11’s orange light to blink. If you have tried all of the fixes explained above without success, you will definitely need to return it to the shop or website where you originally purchased it. If the camera is still under warranty, they will frequently provide you with a replacement. Please feel free to ask us any further questions in the comments section below or on our Facebook page. . We would be happy to assist you!

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