WhatsApp Has Updated The Polls And Captions Features

Users of polls and captions on WhatsApp’s messaging platform will soon get access to additional capabilities. Users of WhatsApp now have access to three new polling updates and a new sharing option with captions. 

The first is the capacity to design single-vote polls. Only one vote may be cast per person in this novel polling method. If poll developers want to stop users from voting more than once, they must disable the “allow multiple answers” option.

The capability to search for polls in a chat window is another intriguing new feature that was introduced today. Finding a poll that you decide to respond to later is made simpler. Like the filtering options for images, videos, and links, WhatsApp now has a new feature that allows users to filter messages by poll. You can find the new filter by selecting Polls from the Search menu on the Chats screen.

The poll creators are the focus of the third and final poll update. Now, when someone votes, the poll’s creators will receive notifications. Additionally, with each notification they receive, poll creators can now view the total number of votes cast. 

Talking about the captions, WhatsApp announced that users could now exchange documents with captions. The users will also have new options to keep, delete, or completely rewrite captions when forwarding any media. It means that WhatsApp users can add captions when forwarding photos and videos.

Be patient if none of the newly announced capabilities appears for you immediately. WhatsApp says all new features will be available worldwide in the upcoming weeks.

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