Why Do People Unfollow Someone On Instagram

Why Do People Unfollow Someone On Instagram

When people unfollow you on Instagram, it is like a mini break-up. People can unfollow you for several reasons, but once you know the why, you can find an Instagram growth service as a solution to stop losing followers. It is a little hurtful when a friend stop following you. Yet it is weird to reach out to find out the reason. It may be a social media purge, and they are going through something, or it was an accident. Everyone wants to gain Instagram followers, there are only two options either you buy Instagram followers or do the grunt work and increase them organically. So, if you are losing masses, something is wrong. Below are reasons why people unfollow you on Instagram. 

Lack of engagement 

The lack of engagement is a common reason people unfollow you on Instagram. Plus, why be on the platform if you are not sharing, engaging, and exchanging as it should be. Instagram has both lurkers and engagers. Lurkers only enjoy what others post, can rarely comment or like, and sometimes people are lurkers.

Engagers are different. They like the posts, comment, and reply to people’s stories. It is harsh for someone to unfollow you because you are a lurker, but remember, followers and likes are part of the vanity metric people find as a status symbol. 

Posts are too Personal

Posts are too Personal

What type of content do you post on social media? Is it too personal? It may be the reason people are unfollowing. Remember, your Instagram followers are your family, closest friends, colleagues, and people you do not know. For your closest friends, they are your inner circle, and you want them there for your highs and lows. But for colleagues and other people, when you post more than five posts about your relationship issues, they will unfollow you. These people do not care much about your personal life, for they do not know you personally. 

Posting too Much

Posting too much is also known as spam. Similarly, you can consider this as posting low-quality content, or it may seem so, for it is too much and unnecessary to your followers. If you provide value, people will follow you. If you no longer do, they will unfollow you. Hence, the problem is not posting too much. But it is if the frequency of posting matches the quality of the content. 

Followers have changed interests

Followers have changed interests

People change their interests often in random things, not only on Instagram. More so, if your account is a themed account or business. For instance, you may have an Instagram page you share pictures of puppies. Let’s say you gained a follower because they love looking at pictures of puppies. Years later, they may change interest in puppies and no longer want to see them, so they unfollow your account. In such a case, you did nothing wrong, and your followers just had a change of interest. For you were posting engaging content of high quality. 

Fishing for compliments 

If you are always fishing for compliments. People will start to unfollow you. For instance, someone looking for followers can do so in captions. They will post a selfie photo with the caption “I’m not as beautiful,” and they look lovely. Such attention-seeking patterns to fish for compliments will only cost you, followers. It will gain you comments to assure your beauty a few times. But if you constantly post such posts, people will unfollow you. 

Low-quality content 

What is more vital in posting quality content or posting more content? This is an ongoing debate, but posting quality content is often, although it can be demanding. Since Instagram is not a full-time job, choose how to go about it in delivering high-quality content. High-quality content is engaging as it tells a story through a caption image or both. High-quality content captures your attention, and you will want to see more of it, so there is no reason to unfollow. 

To sum up, the above are reasons people can unfollow you on Instagram. Whether your account is for fun or business, no one wants to lose followers on Instagram.

Thus, check the content, posts, and quality of work you put out to your followers. Also, listen to your followers, others tell you when there is an issue, and before they unfollow, there is a warning sign of some sort. Have a look on: How to Get More Followers on Tumblr, 21+ Snapchat Private Story Name Ideas, Famous Snapchat Story Games to Play, The Best Social Media Images Size and Highest Snap Score & Longest Snap Streaks.

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